Tenchi-Muyo!: Ryo-Ohki-1

The tale is an old one, though not often told. Three Goddesses of immense power once began to argue. They wanted to know whether there were could be a greater being than themselves. One said no, but such a being could be nurtured into existence. One said no, but such a being could only be created through pain and sorrow. One nowever, said yes, and that they would only need to find it.

The sister who believed she could nurture such a being into existence turned herself into a tree and chose a planet to begin upon. The sister who believed she could force a greater being into existence remained in her dimension and chose a place to begin, creating a technological paradise for herself. And the sister who believed the entity was already there turned herself into a mortal, sealing her power within three gems, and went to find this entity.

Times changed, eons passed. And then a young boy named Tenchi Masaki was born on a pitiful little mudball called Earth, in a backwater galaxy. Unbeknownst to him, his breeding, from far back, had been carefully planned. Not by one of the three goddesses. But by his grandfather, who was much older than he appeared. The truth came out finally, when the villain Kagato came to Earth — Tenchi was the Crown Prince of the alien planet Jurai, and his grandfather was Yosho, the former prince. Kagato was defeated, and Tenchi had no choice but to embrace his destiny.

With Azusa no longer on the throne, there was nothing left but for Tenchi to take the throne, much to the chagrin of many. And now, just as Jurai has settled in for Tenchi's reign, hoping it will be peaceful, an "old friend" comes back….

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