Teta (originally "Tater")
Vital Information
Gender Female
Species Saiyan
Source Dragonball Z-1
Faction Confederacy
Rank A-Ally
Function Arena Fighter
Groups None
Other Information
Age (Appearance) 20
Age (Actual) 20
Still Aging? Yes
Height 5'10" tall
Weight 188 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
"There's nothing outside of fighting: not even death."


Tater is a member of the infamous extraterrestial humanoid species known as "saiyans". Much like the rest of her nearly-extinct people, she is a warrior by nature. Her passion is combat, her home is the battlefield, and her life is crushing opponent after opponent. She innately possesses the ability to fight — instincts guiding her in this pursuit even without special training. However, her experience in the universe in general is minimal due to being raised from early childhood as part of the "stable" of gladiator-style warrior-slaves in a massive interstellar arena, run by a member of the same alien species as the dreaded Frieza. With no purpose but to fight, Tater does not know friendship or isolation. She does not desire closeness but she has never felt alone due to being one among many female warriors once held prisoner as live-in blood-sport entertainment. She's free to roam the Multiverse now… But for all that means to her, Tater might as well still be shackled and waiting for her next match.


Ki: Tater has been trained since birth to utilize the spiritual energy known as Ki that is present in nearly all living things. Tater is able to use her Ki to achieve effects that are not ordinarily possible if she were relying purely on her physical capabilities and combat skills. She can use her Ki to fly; enhance her physical strength, speed, and durability; propel pure Ki projectiles from her body in various forms; and potentially other special techniques and abilities that require the use of Ki. Tater has recently developed the ability to sense Ki, enabling her to roughly gauge the overall power of her opponents in relation to her own, to sense and identify the presence of people she knows well, and so on. It is possible to fool this sense by concealing one's true power, by not being someone who uses Ki, and by various other means. (Techniques are listed in +info)

Recovery Factor: Tater gains an increase to her physical abilities and overall Ki output when she recovers from serious injuries. The more severe the wounds, the bigger the increase. If she comes close to death and then recovers, the power increase is even larger than it would be otherwise. It should be noted that the increase to her abilities is merely overall effectiveness or output. She does not gain the skill, control, or refinement to properly use her new power without appropriate training.

Oozaru Form (Normal): Saiyans have the ability to transform into a gigantic monkey-like creature called an Oozaru when they see a full moon or certain substitutes. This transformation is possible as long as they have their tails intact. As an Oozaru, Tater has increased strength and durability, and she can retain conscious control while transformed — something many saiyans can not do. Firing a potent Ki beam from her mouth becomes a natural ability in this state as well, and thus does not drain her own Ki reserves as long as she remains transformed. (Armor Mode: PL 32)

Oozaru Form (Gold): Tater has inherited the immense, uncontrollable power of her ancient Super Saiyan ancestor. However, she can only become a Super Saiyan while already transformed into an Oozaru. Further, this "Golden Oozaru" state is only possible if she sees a true full moon, not a substitute. When Tater is transformed into a Golden Oozaru, the already-formidable strength, durability, and over-all power of this gigantic body are multiplied hundreds of times — until she is in real danger of destroying everything around her if not stopped. She is more resistant to injury (though not immune by any means) in this state, but she has no self-control whatsoever and only another Auric is generally likely to defeat her. If she is rendered unconscious or her tail is removed while in this transformed state (the tail removal requiring consent), she will immediately revert to her much-smaller normal form. Seriously injuring her but leaving her conscious will simply cause her to slip back into a "normal" Oozaru state, which she CAN consciously control. NOTE: This Aura Flare can only be used once every two months, due to the strain on Tater's body. (Aura Flare: PL 31 —> PL 33)


Ignorance: Tater is new not just to the Multiverse, but also her own universe, and even life beyond fighting. Her experiences thus far have not adequately prepared her. She can't read or write, she can't count any higher than "3", she can't operate a vehicle, history is unknown to her, and she doesn't know the cultures or customs of any species — even her own. Don't even get started on geography. She is easy to bluff in regard to these things as long as one does not incite her temper, and she has great difficulty managing on her own.

Pride: Tater takes great pride in her abilities. Not only can this make Tater overconfident, it also means that being defeated or failing her own expectations of herself will lead to her nearly obssessively pursuing a rematch or attempting to make up for her failing.

Rampage: When transformed into a Golden Oozaru, Tater loses all control and awareness beyond the instinctive level and perhaps a few latent emotional impressions of people or things important to her. These people and things are not necessarily going to be safe just because Tater recognizes them, and are more likely to be attacked due the overwhelming destructive urges. She is a danger to everyone, and usually will be unable to differentiate between friends, foes, allies, enemies, threats, or non-threats.

Saiyan Appetite: A saiyan body uses up calories at a nearly unbelievable rate to support its own Ki generation, the training that tends to take place to improve the saiyan's power, and all the many fights saiyans are in the habit of getting into. Eating literally hundreds of times a saiyan's own weight in food is not uncommon. If deprived of sustenance, Tater's fighting capabilities are extremely reduced and she may even become too weak to fight at all.

Saiyan Tail: A saiyan's tail, when squeezed, sends intense pain and weakness through his or her body — a crippling amount that makes the body unresponsive for much except perhaps pleading for mercy.





Tater is tallish, about 5'10". She has medium-length black hair, with one lengthy spike concealing her right eye. She is clearly fit, with musculature matching an athlete rather than a body builder. However, her build indicates quite clearly that she is not only physically strong but also a woman, with curves appropriate to her gender. Her skin is toned somewhere between 'dark' and 'tan'. Though she mostly looks human, Tater has one trait that sticks out as distinctly not-human: A monkey like, brown-furred tail extending from the base of her spine. Tater's expression is frequently one of cool contempt, but when she gets mad, her face changes dramatically. She tends to reveal sharpened canine teeth when she smiles or snarls at people.

Tater's usual outfit is an armored vest with a low neckline, a pair of pauldrons on her shoulders, and armor plates hanging down about her waist. A lot of skin is left exposed, but Tater seems comfortable with this lesser protection. All of the armor is either purple or dark-purple. Tight, black sleeves from bicep to wrist on both arms, and a pair of purple boots complete her attire, though she also tends to keep a purple-lensed scouter either on the left side of her face or hanging from her waist armor.


Dragonball Z-1

Raditz - TBD

Dragonball Z-3

Serori - TBD

Parasite Eve II-1

No. 9 - TBD

False Positive-1

Alya - TBD

Sword Art Online-1

Kirito - TBD

Equipment And Stuff

Armor - TBD
Scouter - TBD
Space Pod - TBD



Ki Techniques

Absolute Body Wave: Absolute Body Wave essentially takes on three different forms, all of which are based around enormous amounts of Ki being released from the entire body. Depending on the type of attack, the Level of the Attack may vary from 3 to 5. This technique can only be used in Golden Oozaru form.

Continuous Energy Bullet: This technique (also known as "Renzoku Kikou Dan") is a combination of many energy waves fired at a very rapid rate. It is effective for quick, widespread, and massive amounts of damage, but it is very draining on Tater's Ki level. This Attack ranges in strength from Level 2 to Level 3.

Final Flash: Originally invented by Vegeta, Final Flash charges two powerful spheres of Ki seperately — one in each hand — then puts them together and fires one giant combined sphere. Incomplete presently. Level 4 Attack.

Final Ray: Final Ray is a makeshift solution to the fact that Tater can't handle the Final Flash at full power. She fires a single sphere that 'rides' on the wave of a Ki beam from one hand instead of combining two spheres into one larger one. Level 3 Attack.

Flight: The flying technique (aka "Bukujutsu") allows Tater to manipulate her Ki energy so that she can levitate or fly.

Golden Cannon: An immensely enhanced "Mouth Beam" such as can be fired while in Oozaru form. The coloration of this one is gold, and the innate power is far beyond the normal version. It can only be used while in Golden Oozaru form. Level 3 Attack.

Golden Flash: A version of the Golden Cannon that is fired repeatedly and rapidly. Can only be used in her Golden Oozaru form. Level 4 Attack.

Mouth Beam: Tater can use this beam of pure Ki, fired from her mouth, in Oozaru form only. It is repeatable and does not generally cost Ki despite its intensity. It is a natural ability while transformed. Level 2 Attack.

Planet Coring Sphere: Tater is still developing this technique. It is based off the "Death Ball" that she saw Lord Snowe use in the past, but she lacks sufficient knowledge of that specific technique to complete her own at this point in time. It is still fairly powerful, but it is unstable and hard to wield properly. Level 4 Attack.

Zero Tolerance: A large sphere of silver Ki is charged that is so dense that it can't even be properly thrown or launched and has to be rolled along the ground. When it hits something of sufficient mass or gets close enough to the enemy, it detonates a huge column of radiant force. This is a Level 5 Attack.

Physical Techniques

Feral: Feral is not so much a technique as a state of altered consciousness in which Tater reverts to a very savage, hyper-aggressive, and primitive near-berserker state and fights accordingly. Even if she takes severe damage or suffers excrutiating pain, she continues to fight until she either snaps out of it or is knocked out.

Future Shock: Future Shock focuses a large amount of Ki into the user's body for the purposes of enhancing speed and reaction time. This is beyond the level of just an After-Image Attack, as it uses energy on par with what would ordinarily be put into a Ki attack — but for the body instead. This is a Level 3 Attack.

Kiai: A kiai is simply a forceful shout used during martial arts exercises ordinarily. A powerful enough warrior, however, can use a combination of Ki-enhancement and sheer lung-strength to produce a shout so strong the sonic waves can hurl a nearby opponent away or even possibly block a Ki attack by disrupting it before it strikes. This is a Level 1 Attack.

Omni-Fists: Tater uses her Ki to accelerate her punches until she is hitting one single spot as many as hundreds of thousands of times in only a few seconds at most. This attacks ranges in strength from Level 2 to Level 4.

Shiyouken: This technique allows Tater to temporarily grow two additional arms through the use of Ki, one from each shoulder blade, to double her offensive potential. Level 2 Attack.

Zanzoken: The Zanzoken or "After-Image Technique" allows Tater to seemingly blur, flicker, or vanish to the eyes of those not trained in spotting high-speed movement. It is essentially a Ki-charged dash of such high speed that it can resemble teleportation.


Theme Songs

Tater In The Arena… And Beyond:
The World Calling by There For Tommorow

Golden Oozaru Theme:
Kill 'Em All by Audiomachine

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