Taro Daisho
Daisho_taro1.png Taro_3-4b1.PNG
Vital Information
Gender Male
Species Android
Source AD3
Faction Confederacy
Rank Ally / Bishop Engineer of SHODAN
Function Military Engineer/Strategist
Groups —-
Other Information
Age (Appearance) Mid-Twenties
Age (Actual) 17
Still Aging? N/A (Mechanical Lifeform)
Height 5 ft. 4 in. (162 cm)
Weight 160 lbs. (72 kilos)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black-gray
"If life is a game, then there are rules by which it must be played. Those who consistently break those rules seal their own fates."

General Information

Profile: There's always been something a bit odd about Taro. Originally constructed during Dal'cia's Robot War, he was subsequently reprogrammed by that universe's Forte and again by SHODAN to serve their respective needs. In spite of all this tinkering, he has remained remarkably sane, though his line of thinking can be difficult to follow. His original engineering matrix has never been removed, but his more recent masters saw fit to reshape him as a military commander. Equally at home in both fields, he often blends the two together with surprisingly good results. He builds structures of steel and of strategy around himself, his schemes dictated by rules that at times are incomprehensible to others. He can be endlessly patient in waiting for his long-term plans to bear fruit, yet can revel in the moment of completing an immediate objective. Although he has played both sides of the board on his own world, this time he feels compelled to pledge his allegiance to the Confederacy.


The being now known as Taro was not always known as such. His original designation is Ahren Simulation Program version 4.2, an artificial autonomous unit created by Ahren, an insane, tyrannical warlord dragon bent on conquering Dal'cia and enslaving its populace.




  • SHODAN - His Designated Master of several years. While he has no choice but to obey her, he is not her yes-man and will 'creatively interpret' her orders when he disagrees with them. That said, this iteration has treated him better than her other-dimensional counterpart, and the rewards she's given him have shaped him into a more willing servant. He's also grateful for his 'resurrection', and while he has no illusions whatsoever about her self-proclaimed divinity, he's been giving more attention to his religious duties than he did before.
  • No. 9 - What's going on here, exactly? Taro is as pretty and sophisticated as Nine is ugly and unrefined, yet the two of them appear to have struck up a friendship. It seems to involve tea.
  • Wire/Rewire/Wireless - His former pupil/protégé, who couldn't stand Taro's lack of free will and in spite of all warnings tried to remove his enslavement programming. This act led them both down a bloody path of betrayal, revenge, and destruction that ended only when Wireless was finally slain. Whatever took place at their final meeting he refuses to talk about, but it seems to have deeply disturbed him. Taro still hasn't forgiven him, and reminders of once friend is enough to provoke his temper.
  • Staren - Staren has the unfortunate status of 'former friend of Wireless' and therefore a target of Taro's ire.
  • Kenshiro - It's no surprise that someone would hold a grudge against Taro for all of the things he's done to the Union. Unfortunately for Taro, that someone happens to be the Fist of the North Star. He's developing a strong dislike of the man, though he both respects his ability and grudgingly admires his tenacity.

Additional Details

  • Medals Received: Bureaucratic Heart (for the "liberation" of Neo Arcadia-00001), Medal of Shalaanesh, Crescent of New Washington (for Operation Doomsday), Heart of the Engineer, Cross of Acquisitions.
  • Achievements Unlocked: Lunch, Old Fart, Schizo Tech, I Hate My Job, Gun Rat, Plotting For Hurt, He's Dead Jim, Divided By Zero, He Was Never The Same Afterward.
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