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Since its arrival in the Multiverse, Tarai has been thrust into the middle of the war. Contested by both sides, its people are beset by chaos and death. But, hardy as they are, they carry on. Few amongst them are notable for their prowess in battle, the vast majority simply wishing to continue their existence as they have always done.

The people of Tarai are ruled by tradition before anything else. By tradition, it is the individual who holds the Throne Room in the Palace who rules over the rest of the nation, and extorts tax and tribute from the rest of the nation. The ruler is advised by a council composed of the heads of the six major Noble Families, and it is the ruler who represents Tarai to the rest of the world, deciding their relationships and official standing. The king also takes advice from the Archmagi Covenant, who are the most learned wizards in the land, studying the ways of magic which keep Tarai working.

Technology is little known and little understood at the present time, viewed as even more suspicious than magic to the general populace. Magic is more accepted, but still a cause of suspicion to the majority of the population.

Tarai is notable for its production of raw magic, gold, silver, 'Red Wood' from the Red Forest, and cabbages. Many, many cabbages.

The 8th of June is a cause for mass celebration in Tarai, remembered as the day that the Gods formed the world from nothingness, and rose it up above all others. Religion is a generally disorganized affair, composed of traditions passed down through various families rather than any preset notions. Nobody, now, is certain why the 8th of June is remembered so clearly. The official name for the celebration is the Creator Festival.

The weather is generally moderate, though unsuitable for many crops. As a result, wine is little known in Tarai. The alcoholic speciality of Tarai is an acidic drink called Idoi, made from cabbages. Mead and ale, however, is the popular drink of the lower classes. Most food is simple, bland, and, to most tastes… unpleasant.

Tarai is also notable due to the utter lack of any naturally occuring Warpgates in the nation proper. The closest being a few miles offshore of Dispa, the lawless port which borders the Great Ocean. Getting to Tarai often necessitates a long journey, unless this warpgate and Dispa is captured. Travel within the nation can be somewhat time consuming, therefore. Especially as the roads do not stand up to most tracked vehicles.

This page will also serve to house information about notable NPCs, the logs of events in Tarai, and eventually, the continuing history of each of the areas!

The History of Tarai

The Archmagi Covenant


The Fall of the Archmagi Covenant

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