Tales of Vesperia-1

The world of Terca Lumireis is a world filled with dangerous creatures, monsters and the like which are constantly roaming the surface. The people of the world stay in the cities, for the most part, hidden behind powerful Barriers powered by artifacts known as Blastia. Other Blastia perform other functions, from purifying water, to providing light, to allowing people to do amazing things in battle. This dangerous world relies on large Guilds to allow different cities to communicate, along with Knights and other powerful agents of the various nations.

All of these Blastia are based upon ancient Blastia Cores, the leftovers of a long lost civilization which fell long ago. The secret of making these cores is no longer known, so there is a large market for Guilds and researchers to excavate ancient, dangerous ruins to find more cores. It is a world of magic and wonder, yet with the lingering question of why that powerful old civilization fell, if they could create such wonders.

That question has now been answered. Thanks to the efforts of one man, a creature known as the Adephagos has begun to seep into the world, casting a shadow over the entire land. It is a constant, looming reminder of the price one pays for the abuse of magic in the world, one that threatens to destroy civilization. Unless someone stops it first.

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