Tai Lung

General Information

Full Name: Tai Lung
Faction: Confederacy
Rank: A - Ally
Function: Ultimate Kung-Fu Warrior
Series: Kung Fu Panda-1
Species: Anthropomorphic Snow Leopard

"I do not want your sympathies… I want my rightful destiny!"

Profile: Tai Lung was the first student and adopted son of Master Shifu, and possibly his strongest due to innate talent in both power and cunning. His skill at Kung-Fu and natural fighting instincts are matched only by his intense pride and near obsession with greater power, believing he was destined to be the next Dragon Warrior. Denied the Dragon Scroll and the secrets it held, his spirit turned cold and bitter with hatred and revenge. Tai Lung still believes -he- is the rightful heir to the title of Dragon Warrior, and is determined to continue growing stronger in the arts of warfare until he can take it and his revenge by force. A formidable lethal combatant, Tai Lung is strong, fast, and the master of Leopard Style Kung-Fu, using aggressiveness and counter-attacks to turn foes' strengths upon them and control the flow of battle around him. Additionally he knows techniques, such as the devastating Nerve Strike, that were not taught to even the mighty Furious Five. A fast, cunning and powerful predatory fighter, Tai Lung's arrogance is equally great, and breaking his determined pride can cause him to succumb to the seething anger and hatred buried within him, hindering his skills and clouding his judgement.

Vital Statistics

Age: Mid-Fourties (Not that you can tell by looking at him)
Gender: Male
Height: Tall and Imposing
Weight: Stout and Muscular
Eyes: Golden, seem to turn Blood Red-Orange when enraged

Additional Details

  • Tai Lung is a terrifyingly cruel and unrelenting fighter, who will stop at nothing to achieve what he believes to be his rightful destiny. Imperial China fears him, and for good reason. Twice he has rampaged through the Valley Of Peace, it took a prison made *specifically* to hold him to do so temporarily, and he nearly killed his own former master and adoptive fatherly figure in pursuit of what he felt should be his. Emotional scars of bitterness and betrayal run deep, but they only fuel his drive for revenge and lust for power farther and farther.


  • Having allied himself with Lord Shen, Tai Lung has access to his growing army and resources … He just prefers to do most things 'hands on' for himself, unless it's beneath his 'ultimate warrior' status. Those blacksmiths and medieval engineers do build some good challenging training equipment, though.


  • Leopard's Paw Gauntlet - An armored, spiked knuckle gauntlet made for Tai Lung by Lord Shen's blacksmiths, worn on his right arm as a weapon when he needs to fight foes that mere punching and blocking won't suffice against. May wear a spiked shoulder guard for blocking with it. (inspired from the video game)

Skills and Abilities

  • Leopard Style Kung-Fu - A style of Kung-Fu that focuses as much on speed and cunning as it does strength, aggressively pressuring foes and countering their techniques until a opening presents itself to strike a devastating blow. The blend of aspects allows Tai Lung to control the seemingly chaotic flow of battle in his favor, dominating foes, turning attacks back on their source and using the environment to his advantage in addition to his swift, powerful physical capacity and feline agility.
  • Kung-Fu Knowledge - Tai Lung was the first student to master all 1000 Scrolls of Kung-Fu, Grand Master Oogway's writings on both the physical and spiritual teachings of Kung-Fu, and is thoroughly familiar with the main styles, sects, and techniques regardless if he actually utilizes them or not. This dedicated study is part of what allows him to so effectively counter fighting styles with his own, utilize weapons found in battle or taken from foes, and why he has difficulty dealing with unfamiliar and especially unorthodox fighting methods.
  • Natural Fighter - Tai Lung has an innate talent for combat and learning aspects related to it quickly. It is how he grasped the art of fighting at such a young age, was the first to master the 1000 Scrolls of Kung-Fu, and to this day continues to seek out to strongest foes to hone his skills and become more powerful. He has an uncanny knack for the combat arts, driven by his lust for power and revenge, capable of performing at levels beyond physical endurance and thresholds of pain. Tai Lung readily utilizes other advantages of his species in battle, such as sharp claws and fangs, powerful legs and natural jumping and climbing ability.
  • Nerve Strike - Tai Lung has learned techniques that Master Shifu, after his betrayal, refrains from teaching anyone else. Not even the Furious Five. The art of nerve strikes — hitting specific pressure points in the body to disrupt nerves, muscles, and the chi energy within every living being to devastating effect — is one of them. A precision strike to the right spot can be debilitating as well as painful. Though Tai Lung is just as likely to use it to leave his victim weakened and terrified but alive so they can spread fear of his reputation farther.
  • Intimidation - Sometimes a dark stare and a flash of fangs can do more demoralizing damage than any physical strike could. Formidable physique combined with a fierce, condescending demeanor and piercing gaze, topped off with the reputation he already has? It's enough to make even experienced warriors take pause and consider if they really want to face him. Tai Lung has decided if the world won't respect him as a great warrior, he will make it -fear- him as the monster they see him as.

Other Information

  • While powerful, paralyzing and potentially lethal should he choose, Tai Lung's pressure point attacks are useless against a victim lacking nerves or muscles, or heavy enough armor to deflect the nerve strike. Their effectiveness is diminished against 'natural' defenses against them (such as layers of panda fat) or physiology Tai Lung is not familiar with.


Tai Lung is a legendary warrior.. and a legendary monster. Raised by Master Shifu as his own child as well as student, promised great things and a great destiny, evident even in the name he gave his adopted son (Tai Lung translates to 'Great Dragon'). But Master Oogway saw the darkness growing in the leopard's pride and desire for power, and denied him the Dragon Scroll and the right to the destiny of the Dragon Warrior. Anger boiled over into bitterness and betrayal when his master and surrogate father said nothing to object, or to try and console his devoted follower, and Tai Lung rampaged across the Valley of Peace in a furious terror before finally storming the temple, and knocked unconscious by an elaborate nerve strike technique by Oogway when Shifu could not strike down one he still saw as a beloved son.
For twenty years Tai Lung was imprisoned in Chorh-Gom, built by the Anvil of Heaven rhino army SPECIFICALLY to contain him, until he finally escaped. Tai Lung decimated the forces of Vachir in the process, followed eventually by dominating even the Furious Five in combat, terrorizing across the valley once more, and facing down his former master/father in a throwdown of legendary porportions.
And then came the Panda. And despite his best efforts Tai Lung was detered by the seemingly clumsy Po, only to learn his precious trophy was a blank hoax. Blinded by rage he lashed out with none of the cunning he had displayed before, and was soundly defeated by the Dragon Warrior, and an elusive hold that was Shifu's best kept secret… yet THE Fat Panda had figured it out for himself.
But Tai Lung was not as dead as everyone though. Slinking away into the shadows of myth and legend, for over a year he isolated himself away in the mountains to meditate and retrain. Now he's back, more powerful than ever… and with new, powerful allies as well…

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