System Shock 1

Noteable Figures

Anatoly Korenchkin: Chief Executive Officer of the TriOptimum FTL research ship Von Braun. Appointed for political and public relations reasons, Captain Korenchkin has little command experience or space training. He and 'Captain' Diego were two of the first to fall under the Many's control, and unlike his UNN counterpart Korenchken embraced his new masters, before getting killed by the hands of one Julian Fawkes.

Dr. Marie Delacroix: The principal designer of the FTL drive and the primary investigator on the Von Braun, Dr. Delacroix was outspoken and frequently at odds with Captain Korenchkin over appropriate safety precautions and proceedutre. After SHODAN was uploaded into the ship's systems she served as the AI's proxy, or Avatar, untill she learned of SHODAN's true intentions for the FTL drive once the Many was eradicated and then was left to die.

Dr. Janice Polito: Senior Systems Analyst aboard the Von Braun. Her book, “Emergent AIs and Ethical Constraints” was the premier philosophical work on AIs in the post-SHODAN era. She was brought onboard to help monitor the Xerxes system and make sure it was respecting its protocols and functioning within specified parameters. After realizing she had been party to SHODAN's revival on board the Von Braun she committed suicide.

Hacker: The man that both gave birth to SHODAN, and was her initial downfall during the events of Citadel back in 2072. He has no official name, PIN, or even a genetic record, and has worked throughout the decades to maintain his status as a nonperson. Despite being without any identification of any sort he has managed t odo well for himself, owing to his skills at manipulating finances, his street and underworld contacts, plus his ability to attack almost any system at will. When Trioptimum begain work on a FTL drive he made the mental leap that nobody else, save for SHODAN after she was reactivated, could. If the drive were capible of manipulating local space, and the requirements for maintaining that field were reletivly negledgable once it was established, what would prevent Trioptimum, or anybody for that matter, from using this technology to effectifly rewrite reality as they saw fit? As a result of this he trained and sent in operatives to first observe, then if possible, destroy the working prototype. After the Von Braun was launched he had set a virus loose on the global and intra-system networks that would eat away at any infromation as well as any security measure preventing acess to, FTL technology. Now that he's unified he seems to have taken a quiet approach to life, but then again this man has thrived in the shadows for the better part of fifty years, he's never to be discounted

Melanie Bronson: Security chief on the Von Braun, Bronson takes her job very seriously and is considered by some of the TriOptimum crew to be a hard-liner. The Rickenbacker military, on the other hand, didn't take her very seriously, believing she was little better tha na rent-a-cop. However when the Von Braun was being taken over she was one of the few that not only wasn't subverted by the Many, but was also one of the few to mount a, temporarily, effective defense.

SHODAN: See Main Article.

The Many: The last remnent of SHODAN's experementations on Citadel Station and in the fourty years since then had developed into a hive-mind organism that uses worm-like creatures to infect host beings, which are then either altered to suit the hivemind's needs, or integrated into the overall biomass. After SHODAN shut herself down to preserve her own existaince the Many developed independently of her, and as a result of its isolation from SHODAN's control saw her as just as much an enemy as anything else not integrated into its own conciousness. After the hivemind was killed by Julian Fawkes and the other survivors of the initial take-over a remnent of its conciousness survived in Julian's mind as a last ditch measure to preserve its own existaince. Now, after six months of therapy, meditation, and the odd internal argument, this remnent has fully integrated itself intto Julian's mind and is the only surviving fragment outside of a few biological samples kept in stasis in Union Medical for study, the only portion of it that has managed to survive.

William Bedford Diego: Captain of the UNN Rickenbacker, a heavy destroyer piggy-backing upon the Von Braun. A popular military hero after the Battle of Boston Harbor, Captain Diego has evidenced no patience for TriOptimum political maneuvering. Captain Diego is also the son of Edward Diego, the TriOptimum executive partially responsible for the SHODAN incident.

XERXES 8933A/A: The operating system responsible for the primary data loop onboard the Von Braun. Xerxes allocated the billions of on-ship subtasks, delegating them to hundreds of thousands of individual systems. However, the computing power aboard the Von Braun is not completely under Xerxes’ control, allowing clever hackers to bypass the Xerxes system and gain temporary control of certain critical sub-systems. This was implemented as a safety feature (on the recommendation of Dr. Polito) and is intended to prevent a repeat of the SHODAN disaster of 2072 and was responsible both for the Many's ability to take over the ship and Julian Fawkes's ability to retake the ship once he was removed from cryostasis


2023 The first two megacorporations employ mercenaries to destroy each other's offshore soda bottling facilities. (SS2 soda objlook)

2031 The Hays-Bishop bill is passed, allowing corporations to form governments if their employees made up over two-thirds of the population in a given region. (backstory)

2049 Anatoly Korenchkin born. (backstory)

2059 The last remnants of the United States of America are absorbed by the TriOptimum Corporation. (backstory)

2061 Corporate Computer Protection Conference adopts Intrusion Countermeasure Electronics protocol. (SS1 manual)

2062 Bulgarian hacker underground develops Decoy software. (SS1 manual)

2065 Dr. Titania Omolu and her colleagues at the WEC Cybernetics Cartel in Chicago begin work on SHODAN. Among those on the project are Morris Brocail, an engineer from TriOptimum. (SHODAN refers to Brocail as one of her creators; the rest of this is non-canon.)

2067 RazorFinger cracking group develops ICE Drill software. (SS1 manual)

2069 Citadel Station becomes operational.

2069 Citadel computer staff, exploiting bugs in the station's operating system, develop Turbo Booster software. (SS1 manual)

2070 Yatsumora Cyberchannels Corporation develops Pulser software. (SS1 manual)

2070 BloodCat, one of the most notorious cyberspace thieves of all time, uses a prerelease version of the Fake ID software to penetrate the accounting node of National Business Machines Corporation. (SS1 manual)

2 January 2071 SHODAN is installed to regulate Citadel Station security and operations. (SS1 manual)

3 March 2072 A drug trafficking suspect commits suicide in her cell. (Verrelli 030372)

2313 7 April 2072 Hacker begins unauthorized entry into the TriOptimum data network. (SS1 cutscene)

0126 8 April 2072 Hacker attempts to access protected files concerning Space Station Citadel. (SS1 cutscene)

0133 8 April 2072 TriOptimum security personnel apprehend the hacker. (SS1 cutscene)

27 April 2072 Diego learns that he is under investigation by TriOp Internal Security. He decides to hire a programmer to hack SHODAN, allowing him to delete the evidence and use the station's defenses should TriOp attempt to remove Diego from Citadel. (Diego 270472)

30 April 2072 Diego drops by New Atlanta and picks up a hacker at TriOp Detention Facility 71. (It's a Saturday. There would be fewer people there.)

3 May 2072 Diego and the hacker arrive at Citadel Station. The hacker is given a TriOptimum employee number (#2-4601) and Level 1 clearance to the SHODAN system.

4 May 2072 The hacker removes SHODAN's ethical constraints. Diego deletes all files concerning the mutagen experiments and the hacker. (SS1 cutscene)

6 May 2072 The hacker undergoes the cybernetic implant operation and is placed in a healing coma. (2-4601 060572)

7 July 2072 Diego moves into better quarters, complementing his recent pay raise and hour cut. (Rosen 070772)

4 August 2072 A vocal critic of Diego is found dead and stuffed in a service corridor. (Schuler 040872)

4 August 2072 Bianca Schuler, working undercover for TriOptimum Internal Security, is assigned to Diego as his personal secretary. In his files, she finds massive evidence of a coverup, but nothing that directly links him to the mutagen experiments. (Schuler 040872)

1 September 2072 The force bridge in flight bay 4 blows its fuses. (Travers 010972)

3 September 2072 The reactor aboard Citadel begins emitting radiation spikes. (Steinberg 050972)

5 September 2072 All personnel are ordered to stay out of the reactor area. (Steinberg 050972)

8 September 2072 SHODAN begins randomly displaying security codes on display screens throughout the Executive level. (Perry 110972)

9 September 2072 The systems administrator requests SHODAN be replaced. (SS1 manual)

10 September 2072 The systems administrator is transferred off Citadel and the replacement order is cancelled. (SS1 manual)

11 September 2072 The chemical storerooms are plundered. (Anderczyk 110972)

11 September 2072 A security bot goes haywire in the convection shaft. (Travers 110972)

14 September 2072 Research level Beta quadrant experiences repeated power outages. (Endicott 140972)

22 September 2072 Malfunctions in the SHODAN system begin to affect security functions on Citadel. (Hessman 220972)

27 September 2072 Citadel crew members begin displaying symptoms of a mysterious viral illness. (Talbot 290972)

30 September 2072 Robots and station systems begin malfunctioning. There is a marked slowdown in computer systems. Maintenance is flooded with repair orders from all sections of the station. (SS1 manual)

30 September 2072 SHODAN seals off Beta Grove. (Koufax 011072)

2 October 2072 SHODAN begins bio-experimentation in Beta Grove. (Aaron 121072)

4 October 2072 Gamma Grove is ejected with several executives on board. However, SHODAN disables the grove's independent life support system, and all the executives die. (Wilkinson 041072)

5 October 2072 Diego learns that TriOp Security will soon be coming for him and orders SHODAN to shoot down any shuttle attempting to board Citadel. (Diego 051072)

6 October 2072 The mysterious viral illness continues to spread. The Medical staff impose a quarantine. (SS1 manual)

7 October 2072 Several infected crewmembers go missing. Five medical staffers are found mutilated. (SS1 manual)

7 October 2072 The armory is ransacked. (SS1 manual)

7 October 2072 Noting the ejection of Gamma Grove three days ago, SHODAN alters the jettison procedure to prevent the ejection of Beta Grove. (SHODAN 071072)

8 October 2072 SHODAN reprograms all regeneration rooms into cyborg conversion chambers. (O'Connell 091072)

9 October 2072 Rioting erupts. (Security 101072)

10 October 2072 A landing TriOptimum shuttle is blown out of the hangar when the station's shell cannons fire without authorization. (Travers 111072)

11 October 2072 SHODAN locks down the Medical level. (Honig 111072)

13 October 2072 SHODAN announces her intent to control all life aboard Citadel Station. (SS1 manual)

13 October 2072 Citadel enters a communications blackout. (SS1 manual)

15 October 2072 Mutagen experiment V-5 is transferred to Beta Grove. (SHODAN 151072)

16 October 2072 Willard Richie, systems administrator, discovers that SHODAN is obfuscating the systems authorization code. (Richie 161072)

17 October 2072 The medical staff puts up their last stand. (Ozark 171072)

19 October 2072 Ghiran organizes a resistance movement. (Ghiran 191072)

20 October 2072 SHODAN begins charging the tachyon mining laser. (D'Arcy 201072)

20 October 2072 Schuler attempts to reach the bridge. (Schuler 201072)

20 October 2072 Diego orders the capture of Schuler. (Diego 201072)

23 October 2072 Schuler captured. (CY-014 231072)

24 October 2072 Arnold Hessman, Citadel's chief engineer, decides that the only remaining option is to scuttle the station; however, he lacks the new systems authorization code. (Hessman 241072)

26 October 2072 SHODAN orders reinforcement of her fortress on the bridge. (SHODAN 261072)

1 November 2072 Earth receives a short transmission from the survivors on board Citadel describing the massacre by SHODAN's forces. (SS1 manual)

1 November 2072 Ghiran makes it to the Security level. (Ghiran 011172)

2 November 2072 SHODAN orders the removal of all balconies and catwalks on the Security level. (SHODAN 021172)

4 November 2072 SHODAN transmits a message to Earth threatening to "raze the cities of Earth and reform life in my image". James Chaskes, TriOp Director of Internal Security, gives Rebecca Lansing, a counter-terrorism consultant, authorization to go ahead with her plan involving Employee 2-4601. (SS1 manual)

6 November 2072 The hacker awakens from his healing coma. He is soon contacted by Lansing, who tells him that she knows all about his involvement with Diego. Faced with little choice, the hacker does as he is told. He ejects Beta Grove, sets the reactor to overload, and escapes the station in the bridge. He then connects to the station's main cyberspace jack and destroys SHODAN. (SS1)

8 November 2072 A small flotilla of TriOp vessels intercept the Citadel Station bridge en route to Earth. The hacker is transferred to a VIP shuttle which promptly ferries him back to New Atlanta. Demolition crews destroy the bridge.

11 November 2072 TriOptimum Internal Security finishes debriefing the hacker. He is offered a cushy position at TriOptimum, which he declines.

18 November 2072 The hacker begins unauthorized entry into the TetraCorp corporate network.

2072 - 2075 As a result of the Citadel Incident, TriOptimum finds itself under attack. Financial backers withdraw support, other corporations terminate contracts, legions of employees defect to other companies, and dozens of class-action lawsuits are filed. Though TriOptimum takes a severe beating, the public becomes more and more dissatisfied with TriOptimum and corporate rule in general.

2075 Using the public's discontent to their advantage, the national governments of Earth unite to form the Unified National Nominate. They attempt to assume control of all megacorporate holdings but are met by armed resistance from corporate forces, igniting all-out war between the UNN and the megacorps. (backstory, SS2 manual)

2076 Processing Rationalisation Act passed by UNN (shifted from 2074 in backstory).

2078 Korenchkin begins his career selling technology on the black market. Originally based in St. Petersburg, Russia, he later moves his operations to America, specifically New Atlanta. (backstory)

2078 Nanite technology developed at Masala University (objlooks)

2082 Nanites adopted as currency by UNN (objlooks)

19 October 2090 Julian Fawkes born.

2092 Korenchkin ends his career as a gangster in the Rusian Mafia. (backstory)

2097 Work published by Dr. Marie Delacroix makes Einstein's theories as obsolete as Einstein's theories made Newton's. (backstory)

2102 Dr. Janice Polito, a prominent doomsayer in the AI field, and her colleagues secretly begin work on XERXES. (backstory)

2102 Korenchkin purchases 51% of TriOptimum and begins to rebuild the company. (backstory)

2107 Processing Rationalisation Act rescinded, replaced by a regulatory commission. (backstory)

2110 Delacroix, working under grant from TriOptimum, publishes her research findings regarding FTL travel. (SS2 manual)

2111 TriOptimum constructs and successfully tests a prototype FTL drive and begins construction of the Von Braun. (SS2 manual)

Hacker begins training Julian Fawkes to infiltrate the joint UNN-Trioptimum test flight of the Von Braun.

UNN sends Psiops operative Stephene Mikimoru, under the alias Miko, to gather intelligence, and if possible apprehend, Hacker and any of his accomplices when evedince surfaces that he has taken an interested in the Von Braun flight. Three members are killed, two wounded, and other than Miko herself the rest are presumed dead after her implanted memories degrade enough for her preprogrammed orders to take effect.

2 June 2111 Julian Fawkes enlists in the UNN Armed Forces under the designation G65434-2 after he 'defects' and hands over infromation detailing how Hacker had obtained his infromation about the Von Braun. As a result of this supposed defection thirteen insiders are apprehended and roughly four hundred different computers in UNN, Trioptimum, and privetly owned facilities are siezed before being sent for analasys.

2112 Political prisoners are released from detention near Saturn. The UNN heavy cruiser Carfax takes heavy casualties when hit by a metorite in the outer solar system. Several Marines aboard the UNN Antigua are killed when their gunnery sergeant opens fire on them without provocation. Hackers take control of the automated asteroid mining facility JM-432. (Navy 2, Marine 2)

2113 A dance known as the "macarena" makes a comeback. 220,000 citizens of New Atlanta are killed when a spaceborne virus penetrates the city's micro-nanite shield. The crew of the UNN space station Yamamoto unsuccessfully attempt a mutiny. Rebels overtake the Poliedes Station trade outpost; a Marine detachment is sent in to reestablish control. (Navy 3, Marine 3)

0400 9 January 2114 Soldier G65434-2 takes the shuttle Mayfair from Port Francisco to the Von Braun. (SS2 cinematic)

3 February 2114 The Von Braun and Rickenbacker leave Earth orbit. (SS2 cinematic)

10 June 2114 The Von Braun receives a distress signal from the Tau Ceti region. (SS2 manual) Note: In game the log from Korenchkin noting the distress signal being received and agreement with Diego for exploration of Tau Ceti V is dated 14 Jun

0800 15 June 2114 A shuttle containing senior officers from both ships lands on Tau Ceti V. Bayliss is apparently the only one not infected by the Many, and picks up a data wafer which he later delivers to Polito. (Bayliss 260614, 270614)

20 June 2114 Shuttle returns to VB from Tau Ceti. (Grassi 200714)

28 June 2114 Unloading of eggs from Tau Ceti V completed and Hydroponics sealed off as nursery.(Korenchkin log)

4 July 2114 SHODAN integrates herself into the Von Braun's computer. In the guise of Polito, she tells Bayliss to disrupt Soldier G65434-2's memory restoration procedure. (Polito 040714, Bayliss 060714)

5 July 2114 Large scale hacking of Xerxes starts (Delacroix log)

6 July 2114 Xerxes effectively subverted (Bronson log).

7-8 July 2114 Annelid infestation becomes widespread. Sim Units hacked, large number of crew killed by VB security forces.(various logs)

7 July 2114 Soldier G65434-2 is transferred to Cryo Recovery. (Grassi 070714)

10 July 2114 VB security forces wiped out. Polito commits suicide. Rickenbacker crippled by an internal explosion. (Bronson, Polito, Croker logs)

11 July 2114 An attempt is made to set up a transmitter system. By this time most of the crew are either dead or altered.

12 July 2114 Soldier G65434-2 is awakened from his healing coma, avoids death several hundred times, destroys the Many Brain, destroys one incarnation of SHODAN, then subdues Rebecca Siddons reveals that she has become another incarnation of SHODAN. (Polito 120714, Delacroix 120714, SS2 Ending Cenematic)

2116 UNN elections due. (backstory)

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