Superior Defender Gundam Force-1

The year is 0093WC, the timeline 'Worlds Century'. For ten years now, the various worlds that make up this pocket of reality have been in conflict with one another- all of them organised simultaneously and left to run their course by the dark forces of Axis Zeon. Mobile Citizens of all stripes regardless of how they originated, on their different worlds, defend and work together with- or against- humankind, and the SDF (Super Dimensional Federation) struggles to hold down a dozen wars on a dozen worlds and colonies. All the while, while the light of heroes' soul drives shines in the darkness, General Zeong waits for his carcass to be rebuilt from Gundanium so he might crush all his foes.

Note: This is an adaptation of the theme Superior Defender Gundam Force, forgoing its light-hearted tone for a thematic that more closely follows the original Gundam shows. It is a serious, often harsh war setting that blends both the serious nature of the original themes with the super-deformed robots and plot of the original.

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