Super Robot Wars Advance-1

Super Robot Wars Advance-1: The world of SRWA is not a perfect one by far. The world has been united, but is far from peaceful. The Earth Federation rules over the planet with an iron fist, holding a tournament once every 4 years to choose it's leading nation in what is known as the Gundam Fights. But the reality is that the Gundam fights are a sham. Winners are pre-selected before the tournament even begins and backroom dealings are the normal. Fighters or Nations who disagree with the way things run are supressed or even destroyed by the Federation's two enforcer units, known as the Beowulves and the Shadow Mirrors. The Shadow Mirrors was lead by a man by the name of Vindel Mauser, while the Beowulves were lead by (and named after) a man of unfathomable strength known as Beowulf.

In this world of political dystopia, Vindel Mauser became jaded and sick of the rampant corruption and the constant suppression of civilians. Leading the Shadow Mirrors into rebellion against the Federation, he believe that the only way for the world to return to how it truly should be is to tear down the foundations of the Federation and topple their rule to usher in a world of total war. He do not believe in peace, because he has seen what peace can lead to. With the Shadow Mirrors at his side, he fought valiantly against the Federation.

But then something went wrong.

Beowulf, the Federation's greatest champion and the single greatest threat the Shadow Mirrors knew… changed. With ruthless efficiency, he destroyed the rest of his unit and turned on his masters, killing them in a surprise attack. Then he went on the warpath with an army of strange, plant-like creatures at his command slaughtering all in his way. His strength was nearly unrivaled, and both the Federation and the Shadow Mirrors buckled under his assault. On the eve of the Shadow Mirror's destruction, what forces remained decided to utilize a dimensional teleporter to escape to another world very much like their own, but infinitely different.

Instead, they were pulled into the Multiverse.

Here, the Shadow Mirrors have resolved to make their ideal world a reality. Meanwhile, a single man finds himself amongst strangers with no memories of who he is or where he came from. His name is Axel Almer, and he is haunted by a single name and the dread of what he might discover of himself and his past.

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