Suigintou (Retired)

General Information


Full Name: Suigintou, Mercury Lampe
Faction: Union
Rank: A-Ally
Function: First Doll
Group: Heaven or Hell
Title: Mercury Lampe
Series: Rozen Maiden
Species: Living Doll

"I've already discovered what it is to be Alice. But as a service to you, I'll let you find out the hard way."

Profile: Suigintou, titled Mercury Lampe, is a living doll and the first of the Rozen Maidens. Created by the dollmaker Rozen, she, like all dolls made by him, loves this man as her "Father". For much of her life, she was determined to prove herself, and in doing so, achieve the literal definition of being Alice. Her love for Father was her main drive in this. An early betrayal in her life made her slow to trust, and it was 200 years before she ever took a medium. This slowly started to warm her cold heart, but did not stop her ambitions. When she Unified, she sought out a new medium, Psyber. Through him, she grew as a person, slowly and steadily building her confidence and overcoming faults. Eventually, he made her realize just what it is to be Alice - and that she's already achieved the basic concept. She still loves Father, and her rather less-than-fond sentiments for her sisters are unchanged, but she has made a great personal achievement.

Vital Statistics

Age: Roughly 200
Gender: Female
Height: About 3 feet
Weight: Not much!
Note: She's mostly constructed of porcelain with balljoints, though she is notably missing her stomach section. She has no pulse. Though she is capable of both breathing and eating, she has no real need to do either. Any food she ingests is presumably converted entirely into energy, which is then absorbed by her Rosa Mystica.


Note: These are pretty much lifted from Suigintou's +powers, but reworded and reorganized some.

Not Your Average Doll! - Suigintou is rather sturdily constructed. She's not unbreakable by any means - a hard enough impact will create cracks, a gunshot or forceful stab will leave a hole - but it takes a very heavy blow to truly shatter anything. She understandably tries to avoid direct blows, or failing that, absorb them with her wings. Her lack of a stomach section (hidden by clothing) provides protection from attacks aimed there.

Willpower - Suigintou possesses tremendous willpower. Aside from this making her rather stubborn, it means she can and has done things other dolls can't: the full use of her abilities without a medium, keeping her separate halves together, and even moving without a Rosa Mystica (though such a feat is unlikely to be repeated).

Wings - Black, ragged, and variable in size, her wings are the main visual distinction between her and the other dolls. They can quickly grow, shrink, and reshape on a whim. They're fairly flexible, capable of wrapping around Suigintou to act as a cocoon-like shield, or more notable taking on the shape of dragon heads.

Feathers - A weapon in and of themselves, her feathers can perform a variety of tasks. First and foremost is altering from their usual soft state to razor-sharp. Like that, she may fire them like darts in seemingly infinite numbers, use them as teeth for the faux dragon heads, or use them as a protective covering for her wings. They can be used as restraints, and also formed into a very real sword. Once, a few feathers lodged themselves into another doll's winding hole, rendering her utterly immobile.

Flight - Of course she can fly! Just like all the other Rozen Maidens, she can levitate around as she pleases, and move at rather impressive speeds. She's the only doll who seems to use this ability on an everyday basis, however.

Rosa Mystica - Similar to a soul, a Rosa Mystica is what provides a Rozen Maiden with life. They play a vital role in the Alice Game, for whichever Rozen Maiden possesses all the other dolls' Rosa Mysticas will become Alice. Should Suigintou be defeated in battle, her Rosa Mystica will be ejected from her body, rendering her immobile and lifeless. The Rosa Mystica can then be taken by another doll - which would give that doll Suigintou's memories and abilities - or returned to her body, so that she may resume her usual existence.

  • A Rosa Mystica, once removed from a doll's body, appears somewhat like a glowing, prismatic rose surrounded by rings of light. It's vaguely similar to old orbit models of atoms.
  • When Suigintou first received her Rosa Mystica, her wings appeared, and she gained an artificial spirit and an N-Field.

Mei Mei - Like all other Rozen Maidens, Suigintou posesses an artificial spirit, appearing in the form of a marble-sized ball of light. Suigintou's, named Mei Mei, is light purple. Mei Mei can fly through the air, appears when called, assists Suigintou in battle, and can apparently understand her orders. Mei Mei can also transmit Suigintou's voice to other dolls, and Suigintou can be "told" information from it in turn. It can be taken by or given to other Rozen Maidens.

N-Field - All Rozen Maidens have an N-Field, essentially an area reflecting the disposition of the associated doll, and generally acting as an area for fighting. It can be accessed through items possessing "fragments of life", such as mirrors, large puddles, computer screens, and the like. Fighting in an N-Field grants the associated doll a "homefield advantage" of sorts. Should Suigintou lose her Rosa Mystica, her N-Field will completely fade from existence.

  • Originally, Suigintou's N-Field appeared as a village full of crumbling stone buildings and broken dolls, with a gray sky. Very dreary and depressing. In recent times, however, it has changed. The buildings (still simple in design) are no longer broken, plants grow here and there, and the sky changes according to her mood. The dolls, still with their faults, seem to be better taken care of. Plus, there are crows that stare at people!

Transportation - Suigintou can also use items with "fragments of life" for transportation. She can go through one and appear out of another, though the destinations are limited to those in places where her "sister" dolls are located. This can be blocked by powerful shielding or spells, and of course depends on OOC consent.

Puppetry - As if controlling a marionette without the strings, Suigintou can make normal dolls and plushies move or even fight. This doesn't grant the controlled doll any particular powers. It can move and use associated props - for example, a doll using its parasol like a staff. Suigintou also has a preference for damaged or broken dolls, mirroring her own incomplete state.

Blue Flames - Generally used as a last resort, Suigintou can summon damaging blue flames. They're very hot, as fire of that color tends to be.

Medium - Suigintou can bond with a human (or other suitable being), thus making that person her medium. She protects this person, and in return is allowed the use of that person's power. The strength of their bond increases the strength of her abilities, but should she use too much power, her medium can become quite weak. When the bond is formed, a ring is transfered to the medium's finger; should she use too much power, the ring may disappear temporarily. Suigintou can also break the bond and take back her ring, should she so desire.

  • Suigintou's current medium is Psyber, whom she is highly protective of. She has only had one medium before him.


Black Dress - This is Suigintou's original outfit, a high quality and very well tailored black dress made for her by Rozen, her creator. It affords no offensive or defensive capabilities, but she wouldn't get rid of it for anything. She does have other outfits, mostly made for her by Psyber, but this is her first and favorite.

Chain Mail - Light weight chain mail created by Kyton, which she tends to wear under her clothing during battles. It was a Christmas gift.

Guns - Suigintou has two guns, a Beretta and an HK USP Tactical. They haven't been scaled down, so they're harder for her to wield than they would be for a person of 'normal' size, but she manages. She received the Beretta relatively shortly after Psyber became her medium, and the second gun was another Christmas gift. Both, of course, were given to her by Psyber.

Crowbar - A fully functional crowbar, scaled down to her size. A Christmas gift from Doctor Gordon Freeman.


Note: May add this in later.


Note: May add this in later.

Other Information

Alice Game

Despite being called a 'game', this is more a battle-oriented competition to become Alice, she who is "more sublime than any flower, purer than any gem, and without a touch of impurity" - in other words, the perfect girl. Originally, Rozen attempted to create the perfect girl as he made the Rozen Maidens, but each attempt failed. The Alice Game was thusly set up. The idea is that the dolls fight each other using their natural abilities, and in doing so, take the others' Rosa Mysticas. When a doll attains all seven (six from the other dolls, one original to herself), she will become Alice. Long after their creation, Rozen revealed that there is another way to become Alice, but this was only told to two people (Shinku and Jun, her medium at the time), and the exact process was never described.


Suigintou recently discovered what it is to be Alice, and considers herself as having attained the conceptual definition. She is not the literal Alice she had dreamed of becoming for much of her life, but this is certainly a big step for her. At present, she feels no need to engage in the Alice Game - she's satisfied with existing as she is, and any more literal attempts to be Alice have been put off until she feels a need to have more than she does now.

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