General Information


Full Name: Subaru Nakajima
Faction: Union
Rank: 3 - Senior Ally
Function: Front Attacker
Series: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha
Species: Combat Cyborg/Sentoukijin
Group: Mobile Section Six
Title: Stars 3 (Rank: Striker)

Quote: "You've tried your best, that's great. It's okay now. I'll take you straight to a safe place."

Profile: One of the two Combat Cyborg prototypes (nicknamed Type Zero), SUBARU NAKAJIMA was adopted along with her sister Ginga by high-ranked officer Genya and his wife Quint, at the time one of the ace mages of the Time-Space Administration Bureau. Her adoptive mother was killed in a follow-up incident years later. At age eleven, Subaru was saved by Nanoha's timely intervention, motivating her to join the TSAB and walk in both her mother's and Nanoha's footsteps, which is where she met her best friend and partner, Teana Lanster. Thorough the Jail Scaglietti Incident, Subaru was faced with many tough calls and challenges, including having to fight against her brainwashed sister. She was promoted afterward and would replace Nanoha on the field until they transfer to the Multiverse. A brash if not overly cheerful and impulsive girl, Subaru is an easygoing girl who develops close bonds with friends easily and hates seeing people in harm's way. Unlike most mages from Mid-Childa, Subaru uses Belkan magic. In battle, she mostly relies on the right-handed Revolver Knuckle and her Intelligent Device, Mach Caliber, which transforms into a high-tech pair of rollerblades.

Vital Statistics

Subaru Wounded

Age: 16 (Still Aging)
Gender: Female
Height: 156cm
Weight: 49kg
Birthday: August 21
Eyes: Emerald Green/Amber Yellow
Hair: Lavender Blue
Mage Rank: AA
ID #: JMB047321-046559872
Body Composition: Biomechanical matter; behaves mostly like organic compounds (grows/regrows, bleeds/coagulates, squishy/soft, generates body fluids including tears, blood and everything else regular humans have) but looks mechanical (lets out electric sparks when deep wounds are left open, visible wiring and metal exoskeleton, limbs can be fully replaced without trouble).

Powers & Equipment

The Sentoukijin Symbol

SENTOUKIJIN: Subaru is a biological machine which perfectly emulates the human body, including aging. She sports better senses than most humans. She also has the ability to switch into her Combat Cyborg (Sentoukijin) Mode: in this state, her eyes change to a bright amber color and her ability to use magic is diminished whereas her physical capabilites are amplified. Since this mode was designed to kill, Subaru is likely to go berserk if she uses it. (PL 32-34->35)

OSCILLATING BREAKER: Only available in her CC-Mode, this is Subaru's true Inherent Skill (IS). It is a strike especially lethal against machines. It is so powerful that she cannot use it without her Revolver Knuckle to protect her own hand. Upon striking it releases an EMP. (CONSENT-BASED: Although Oscillating Breaker will almost always be represented as an epic-level attack, those who consent to it can have lasting, see even permanent damage inflicted.)

Wing Road in Action

WING ROAD: Subaru's second IS which is also integrated into Mach Caliber. It creates a road of cyan energy from Subaru's feet to wherever she wants to go. The roads can be sustained for up to five minutes and anyone is free to use them; to makes things even more interesting, they generate their own gravity, allowing vertical travel with ease. The roads can easily be used to create literal mazes. (SIGNATURE MOVE INFO: Slight defense boost when used, accuracy decreased for one turn if hit by it.)

Belkan Symbol & Cartridge System in Action + Divine Buster

BELKAN MAGIC: Belkan magic is generally thought to be more powerful than Mid-Childan magic but takes a bigger toll on the body. Any powerful spell causes the runic symbol of Belka to appear under Subaru, a rotating triangle overflowing with runes. Being able to use magic means that Subaru can communicate telepathically. As with all other TSAB mages who aren't the Wolkenritter, Subaru employs Modern/Neo Belkan magic, not the traditional variant. Her particular branch of magic is known as:
SHOOTING ARTS: Taught to her by her sister and her mother, these various skills and powers compress magic into the user's fists for various uses. (Divine Buster, Revolver Shoot, Revolver Cannon, etc.)
VERY IMPORTANT: Belkan Magic is unable to cause physical wounds unless poorly controlled no matter how badly someone is hit by it.


BARRIER JACKET: Subaru has the ability to henshin into her standard battle outfit which is magically woven to be infinitely more sturdy than normal clothes. It is loaded with several magic-amplifying gems. It possesses several different modes, all of which can be accessed instantly. (PL32-34)
GEAR EXCELION: Subaru's Full Drive. It requires two cartridges to activate. In this mode, bright blue wings of energy spread from her skates. It also allows access to the Axel Charge System (ACS) which is a mode of assault specifically made to break through barriers. (PL 32-34->35)

Mach Caliber (Skates) and Revolver Knuckle (Right Handed)

REVOLVER KNUCKLE: Subaru's primary weapon, the right-handed Revolver Knuckle is a large and bulky mechanical glove which covers her entire forearm and hand in black metal. It is equipped with the Belkan Cartridge Loading System, which is in this case a revolver cylinder contained in the glove loaded with six cartridges, each one containing compressed magical energies. The two gear-like rings on the wrist can spin to create more force. Subaru also has the left-handed Revolver Knuckle for her use, this one white rather than black, until Ginga needs it again. The Revolver Knuckles are Armed Devices and therefore sport no AI. The right-handed glove is tuned specifically for defensive use while the left-handed glove is tuned for offensive use.

Blitz Caliber (Pendant) and Revolver Knuckle (Left Handed)

MACH CALIBER: Subaru's Intelligent Device; outside battle, she (because she has a female personality) is a large cyan crystal which resembles a G-Stone. She is fully sentient, expressing herself in a strange botched English which Subaru deciphers easily. During battle, Mach Caliber takes the form of rollerblades. She also stores the data for the Revolver Knuckles and Barrier Jacket, allowing Subaru to summon and dismiss them at will. Mach Caliber is part of the latest generation of Intelligent Devices and is capable of absorbing other Devices into her own systems.
BLITZ CALIBER: As with Ginga's Revolver Knuckle, Subaru currently has her Intelligent Device as well. Blitz Caliber is a deep purple color rather than cyan.

Major NPCs

Mach Caliber in Standby Mode (Pendant)

Mach Caliber: Subaru's Intelligent Device, fully sentient and capable of speech. Although she has little to say when radio chatters are concerned, she's almost permanently with Subaru and you can expect her to have her share to say in most situations, especially during combat, where she announces attacks, cartridge loads and mode changes on top of acting like a spotter for the team. Her text will typically be in capitalized bright cyan ANSI to distinguish her. Mach Caliber is outspoken and confident and she detests melodramatic situations; like Subaru she would rather focus on the positive than keep talking about the negative and she never, ever gives up easily. Since Mach Caliber is part of a new generation of Devices, she can absorb other Devices into herself, altering their color to match Subaru's black and blue color scheme, which is why Ginga's Revolver Knuckle will turn black and blue if it's used without Blitz Caliber to control it.

Blitz Caliber: Ginga's Intelligent Device (left in Subaru's care every now and then), she is a more responsible and militaristic figure, far less personal than Mach Caliber but still quite outspoken. She is Mach Caliber's partner in crime when comes the time to mock Subaru or design new armor modes. Its text is in deep magenta/purple ANSI, and like Mach Caliber, it can absorb other Devices into its systems, matching them with the white and purple color scheme instead of black and blue.

Minor NPCs

Mister Hats: A Slowpoke that fell on Subaru's head during a trip she, Vita and Teana took alongside Seth and Lance down into the Pokemon-6 world's Area 51. It's not combat-capable, or at least it doesn't express the want to fight, and neither is it psychically linked to Subaru. It likes wearing hats and monocles, but it also likes being a hat. It sleeps a lot. It is seemingly male, or so its name would imply. It's VERY lazy.

Skills and Abilities


Autoprotection: Mach Caliber's (and Blitz Caliber's) automated defenses.

  • Protection: Mach Caliber's default autoprotection, it consists of a thick cyan dome of magic that completely wraps around Subaru for a few seconds, dampening any attacks that strike it.
  • Protection Powered: As with Protection but localized; it consumes more energy but dampens attacks with far more ease.
  • Fire Protection: As with Protection but specifically tuned up against flames.
  • Shell Protection: As with Protection but specifically tuned up against live ammo.
  • Chant Protection: As with Protection but specifically tuned up against incantations.
  • Defenser: Blitz Caliber's default autoprotection, it is identical to Protection but purple instead.
  • Defenser Plus: Blitz Caliber's version of Protection Powered, identical but purple.
  • Barrier Burst: Available to both Devices, it detonates the currently active shield(s) and acts as an attack.
Subaru using Tri-Shield.

Barriers/Shields: Defensive spells.

  • The Basics: These spells come in several varieties, and most aren't worth mention or even a name, as all they are is forming up a wall of magic to block an attack. Shields are better at deflecting attacks whereas barriers are better at dampening the incoming hits. Only particularily notable skills are listed below.
  • Active Guard: Not so much a barrier or shield so much as a forced slow down, this spell creates friction around the target to the point where even air can considerably slow them down.
  • Holding Net: Ideal when used along with Active Guard, Holding Net creates as its name implies a net of magic to catch people harmlessly.
  • Tri-Shield: A beefed up shield spell that can easily shield a large area and several people at once; used properly it can even knock some attacks back at their sender.
  • Reflect/Protect Wall: As spell not unlike Tri-Shield but tuned up to absorb hits and then launch the entire shield back at the attacker.
  • Sealing: Default sealing mode/shot present in most Devices, it allows for quick magical binds to disable most forms of weaponry (usually guns and the like) temporarily or until the binds are taken off. Unlike Nanoha's and Fate's, Subaru's is not fit to seal magical beasts or Lost Logia/Relics.

Modern Belkan Magic/Shooting Arts: Modern Belkan Magic is a direct evolution, or succession, to the Ancient Belkan Style of Old Belka, which ceased existing thousands of years ago. Since the basis of the Time-Space Administration Bureau, and most of its recruitment, comes from Mid-Childa and -is- on Mid-Childan, it is the rarer style of magic among the Bureau, but that doesn't mean they aren't equipped to train people in its use. Belkan Magic is heavily focused on hand to hand combat using bladed or blunt weaponry compared to the Mid-Childan style's use of staves and guns. Shooting Arts are a branch of Belkan Magic.

  • The Basics: Belkan Magic allows the user to channel mana, magical energy, or whatever you want to call it, directly into their limbs or into objects, weapons or projectiles, and then release it into explosive, usually well-directed bursts. It can be used to enhance one's strength or speed, but also to fire more conventional 'pew pew lasers' around. Shooting Arts, despite the name, aren't so focused on 'shooting' so much as they exploit the ability to enhance the user's statistics by fueling the magic into, say, fists or feet and then delivering blows.
  • Divine Shoot: A simplified version of Nanoha's same spell, Subaru can use it to fire a single thought-guided magical projectile.
  • Revolver Shoot: A (visual) homage to Guy's Broken Phantom, the user gathers up a regular sphere of energy and then punches forward, shooting it along with a bubble of compressed air around it. This spell used to consume a cartridge but no longer does as Mach Caliber processes the magic.
  • Revolver Cannon: The poster-move for Belkan magic, it consumes one cartridge. The entire burst of magic from it along with some from Subaru herself is pumped into her right fist and significantly increases her strength for one punch.
  • Axel Fist: An homage to Nanoha's Axel Shooter, this spell creates a volley of fist-shaped magical projectiles and launches them at the enemies. Consumes one cartridge.
  • Divine Buster: An homage to Nanoha's own Divine Buster. Consumes two cartridges. Whereas Nanoha's is a long-range extremely big magical laser beam, Subaru's is a short-range extremely extremely big shotgun laser beam. More devastating up close, less effective in ranged combat. It consists in gathering up an intense amount of magical force into a small blue orb and punching it, releasing the energy into a directed beam.
  • ACS Drive Divine Buster: This move can only be used in Gear Excelion when the ACS Drive is on standby. It executes like a regular Divine Buster, except that it is preceeded by a single punch. This punch is meant to collide with the enemy's forcefield, aura or barrier and rage against it; up to four extra cartridges can be used from there on to power the Divine Buster and unleash it INSIDE the barrier if it isn't outright shattered.
  • Starlight Moon Break/Excelion Kick: A kick-released variant of the Divine Buster, originally worked on by Subaru alone, it is no different from the regular move except that the build-up of energy (and the release) is directed and fired from one of her foot in a flying drop-kick. When Ryotaro executed it as a Rider Kick, he called it Excelion Kick and Subaru liked that enough to officially name the move that. Consumes two cartridges.
  • Hell and Heaven: Originally developed by Subaru as the Double Divine Buster, usable (safely) only when she's wearing both Revolver Knuckles. She was since taught the proper chant for the move by Guy Shishioh himself and thus renamed the move to Hell and Heaven. Since the two Revolver Knuckles are tuned for different purposes (the right defense and the left offense), trying to gather up two extremely huge lumps of energy such as Divine Busters in both at once is dangerous; it's the proper usage of this energy and its catastrophic release that makes Hell and Heaven such a devastating move. Using it without the proper care or protection though can result in internal damage. Consumes four cartridges.
  • Revolver Hell and Heaven: Just like Guy made Hammer Hell and Heaven (also known as Goldion Hammer) to safely use Hell and Heaven without the strain it put on his body, Subaru followed suit and made an alternative for herself. The attack is a two-phase strike, the first striking a magical energy stake through the target and the second pulling it out, either exposing their defenses or outright pulling our their core or heart (for robots only). A regular Divine Buster is then applied to said exposed defenses. Consumes four cartridges.
  • Set Off/Put On: An homage to Tendou Souji's Cast Off and Put On moves (and also intelligent use of the Reactor Purge and Barrier Burst spells). Consumes one cartridge (for Put On only). For Set Off, Subaru detonates her current Barrier Jacket, unleashing magical debris across the battlefield. Put On generates a new Barrier Jacket.
  • Excelion Set Off: Pushing the homage further, this time for Hyper Cast Off and Fate's own use of Barrier Burst and then Sonic Form. Subaru detonates her currently worn Barrier Jacket. If this is already done, or once it is done, it deploys Gear Excelion's energy wings from her forearms and skates alike, activating her so-called Sonic Drive, a more speedy and less durable variant of Gear Excelion.

Integrated Skills: A brand of newly developed, technological reverse-engineered magic which is pre-programmed in certain Combat Cyborgs; it is rare for two cyborgs to share the same IS and even rarer for a single cyborg to have two as they are derived from both programming and DNA, not to mention that they are usually made to fit the specific purpose of the cyborg. Subaru and Ginga are double exceptions to these rules, having two identical Integrated Skills. Wing Road is integrated in their Devices, however, so that they don't have to spend their own energy using it.

  • Wing Road
  • Oscillating Breaker

Barrier Jacket Modes:

  • Barrier Jacket
  • Sacred Mode
  • Gear Second
  • Full Drive: Gear Excelion
  • Sonic Drive
  • Twin Calibers
  • OTHER: Disaster Relief Uniform

Other Skills: Random abilities that fit in no other categories.

  • Absorb Grip: An ability integrated in Mach Caliber (and possibly Blitz Caliber), Absorb Grip simply uses some magical energy to create a binding force that allows the user to skate on any surface, even vertical ones like walls. Although slippery surfaces are harder to use for this, they're not impossible to navigate.
  • Flash Move: Originally a Mid-Childan spell, used most often by Nanoha, it has been widely adapted for use by almost all TSAB mages, either as Flash Move or Sonic Move. The differences are merely cosmetic, Flash Move creating more light and Sonic Move having an electrical feel to it. This spell speeds the user's body up several times over to the point where their form is barely visible as anything but a blur of colored light; in this form, the user sees the world around them as slowed down, allowing them to quickly act to dodge attacks, block hits or deliver flurries of blows in under a second. Of course it could also be used just to travel around really fast.
  • Reactor Purge: The spell that fuels Subaru's homage to Cast Off (Set Off) and Hyper Cast Off (Excelion Set Off), Reactor Purge is an originally Mid-Childan spell created by Nanoha which detonates the outer layer of a worn Barrier Jacket or Knight Armor, pelting all surrounding enemies with the released magic. A mage who rids themself of their armor using this method is generally faster and more powerful as they don't need to sustain their armor, but obviously much less durable.

Nakajima Family

From Left to Right, Top to Bottom: Dieci, Nove, Genya, Subaru, Cinque, Ginga, Wendi

Ginga Nakajima: Subaru's older sister (by two years), Ginga is possibly the person Subaru treasures the most in this world other than Teana. Although both are now AA-rank mages, it was not always the case, as for a long time Ginga was the prodigy of the family. Like Subaru, Ginga is a Type-Zero Combat Cyborg whose body was created by cloning Quint; as such she is a Nakajima by blood as well, even if their part in the family is only via adoption. Ginga was always the braver child (and may very well still be), acting cool and professional where Subaru is still very childish.

Genya Nakajima: Adoptive father of Subaru and Ginga, husband to Quint, and later the adoptive father of Cinque, Nove, Dieci and Wendi. He is an extremely intelligent and devoted high-ranked military officer within the Time-Space Administration Bureau but above all he is a loving father. The death of his wife has left a hole that he fills by spending more time in his office, but he is still always present when his daughters need him.

Quint Nakajima: The Ace who served as the base for Subaru and Ginga, incidently the same woman who adopted them by pure coincidence. She was a master of the Modern Belkan style, namely Shooting Arts, and fought using the twin Revolver Knuckles and rollerblades like her daughters do. She was killed in action by invisible Gadget Drones and the Combat Cyborg Cinque years before the events of StrikerS. The Revolver Knuckles that Subaru and Ginga use were once Quint's and their rollerskates Devices are based off the same design Quint used but with the upgraded software that Raising Heart has developed over the years.

Surrogate Family: Cinque, Nove, Dieci and Wendi: The once-misguided servants of Jail Scaglietti, these Combat Cyborgs had no idea what life was like outside of the madman's fortress and accepted the offer to go through a reformation program to integrate them in society after the Scaglietti Incident had settled. Genya Nakajima then adopted the four of them, all too happy to give them a chance at living a normal life, aided by Subaru and Ginga to help reform the girls. They now serve the TSAB in the same line of duty that most other mages perform, that being Search and Rescue.


Ginga, Quint and Subaru

Subaru and Ginga were both created to be two things; on one hand they were effective clones of a powerful mage known as Quint Nakajima, looking somewhat like her and sharing most of her magical abilities as well as her skills using the Revolver Knuckles. They were also the prototypes for the Combat Cyborg Type 0 (Zero), which would later come to be known as the Numbers under the orders of Jail Scaglietti. Their body, despite being primarily made of cybernetics, also shared several biological components, such as DNA setups identical to that of Quint, blood, organs and the ability to grow like normal humans, though at what rate exactly is hard to say; being only prototypes, neither Ginga nor Subaru are capable of pregnancy, a notable feature of the Numbers and an important part of Scaglietti's plan.

Before they could be activated and put into duty by the facilities of the time, the complex was assaulted and destroyed by the Space-Time Administration Bureau, led by Genya Nakajima and his wife Quint. The two found the inactive cyborgs in the laboratories and decided to adopt them rather than let them be destroyed or be put to cruel military use. After settling in and accepting this, Subaru and Ginga were all too happy to call Genya and Quint their parents without any questioning; to them, they were undoubtedly their biological parents. Thanks to their magical affinities, Quint took the two under her tutelage, teaching them basic magics and mage combat methods, namely using her Revolver Knuckles; since she only had one pair, though, the two had to share them, but thankfully Ginga was left-handed and Subaru right-handed, so it was no issue.

Nanoha Saving Subaru

Some time after their adoption, however, Quint was assassinated while running an investigation on the Combat Cyborg experiments. This motivated Ginga to push her training even further whereas it distanced Subaru from the whole fighting thing.

Four years prior to the events of StrikerS, Ginga and Subaru were at the Mid-Childan airport when an immense fire broke out, separating the sisters in different directions. It's in this massive fire that both Ginga and Subaru almost lost their lives trying to save one another; while Ginga was rescued by Fate, Subaru was saved by Nanoha. This heroic act left a deep impression on Subaru, who now knew what she wanted to do.

Subaru and Teana About to Take the B-Rank Exam

"The person I admire is the person who saved my life. It's my dream to become as strong as that person, who I look up to, who I dream about, and who I aim to be like."

Both Subaru and Ginga were enrolled into the TSAB's Armed Forces due to their resemblance to Quint, their natural talents with magic, and their already-acquired skills with the Revolver Knuckles. Ginga, being two years older than Subaru, rose significantly faster in ranks, reaching the status of AA-ranked mage quicker than Subaru could even reach B-rank. During Subaru's training to achieve this, she met Teana Lanster, with whom she became excessively close friends; there are even those who'd say they could have been lovers, had circumstances been different. (Truth be told StrikerS is a walking pit of lesbian subtext, so I'm leaving most of that out.)

Since both Teana and Subaru were using unusual weapons, they became not only good friends but amazingly competent partners, developing their own dual-techniques over the years. Teana being a marksman and Subaru being a brawler made them a very efficient team, but their reliance on one another slowed them down significantly compared to other students.

Subaru Going Berserk After Seeing Ginga Beaten to Near-Death

At age 15, Subaru attempted to pass the B-rank trial along with Teana, since both were eager to be promoted from C-rank. Although they performed spectacularly well early on, Teana was injured due to Subaru's brashness when she let her guard down, and it went downhill from there, with the two having to be saved by their instructors when Subaru carried Teana at excessive speeds and almost crashed at the finish, having no planned means to stop her course.

Despite this failure, they were moved to the Sixth Mobile Division, a division directly under the supervision of Nanoha, who would personally train Subaru, Teana, and two new arrivals at the Bureau, Erio and Caro. From there, they trained every single day to become stronger and strived to match their commanders in spirit and power. That's when she was given her Intelligent Device, the Mach Caliber, to completely upgrade her weapon systems and skates, matching her sister's.

Subaru and Ginga Fighting

Things started getting hectic when Jail Scaglietti made his Numbers and his other strike forces known, attempting to overtake the Bureau and all of the worlds under its jurisdiction. Fights became more and more frequent, with Subaru's limiters being removed one by one as she progressed, until the fateful day her sister was captured by the enemy before her very eyes, forcing the last of her limiters off in a fit of berserk anger. Despite this she was unable to retrieve Ginga, and would be made to face off against her brainwashed sister later on while the other mages focused on the other Numbers and Scaglietti himself.

In the final moments of the fight, Subaru managed to free Ginga from Scaglietti's control and obtained her sister's Revolver Knuckle and the Blitz Caliber. Using the complete pair of gloves, along with Teana, she managed to break successive holes into the enemy's flagship's thick armor, freeing the other mages from its insides before the ship was destroyed. With the war won from there, Subaru happily returned to the Bureau, letting the dust settle while life slowly returned to normal. Several of the Combat Cyborgs were successfully reformed with Subaru and Ginga's help, some of which were even adopted by Subaru's father.

Subaru (wearing both Revolver Knuckles) and Teana Saving Nanoha and Hayate (notice how god damn thick the wall Subaru punched through is :o) Inside the Collpasing Saint's Cradle

Teana and her were both promoted to the rank of instructors, essentially replacing Fate and Nanoha in their functions, the two of which had moved on to more demanding duties. Nonetheless, Subaru conserves her spirit and continues looking up to Nanoha while performing her duties and saving lives around the various worlds that the Bureau is administrating.

Now sixteen years old, she has been reassigned to the Multiverse's Union forces as a Master Sergeant and front line attacker, where she is expected to perform her job more diligently than ever, along with several other members of the Bureau, such as Teana.

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