Street Fighter-1

This variation of modern day Earth is identical to every other except in two respects. It is a world where underground street fighting has grown to a point where fights are now sanctioned, and fighters have become like celebrities. It is a world where men and women strive for their goals, and make their names fighting in the streets, demonstrating such mastery of the martial arts that they become legend. Yet there is a force in the underbelly of the world that spreads crime and corruption, and threatens to swallow the world in darkness.

The reign of the Mad Gear Gang in the streets of Metro City is the most visible symptom of this dark disease that plagues the world, but the root cause of the illness is the criminal empire knowns as Shadaloo, run by the man known only as M. Bison. The governments of the world's nations are completely at odds with Bison's organization, which has a finger in every pie of the criminal underworld, from proliferation of drugs and weapons, to political manipulation. It has reached a point where an international task force has been made to deal with Shadaloo once and for all.

In this iteration, M. Bison suffered several setbacks in his world domination plots thanks to several rebellions from within Shadaloo, and the interference of the task force sent to end his regime. Ultimately, M. Bison overcame these obstacles and rebuilt his empire, and is now poised for world dominance.

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