Starlight Butterfly

Inventor: Atomic Robo
Date of invention: Unknown
Uses: Countering anti-technology nanite swarms

Starlight Butterfly is a system designed to counter the dreaded Moonlight Butterfly that can devour most types of technology, even being a considerable threat to many Elites. It is essentially a spinoff of the Moonlight Butterfly, scaled down and its offensive abilities nullified to allow it to be carried and deployed by any Elite.

While it has been successfully mass-produced, Starlight Butterfly has several drawbacks. The foremost is its limited timespan. Any given Starlight Butterfly can only operate for several minutes before it will be depleted and need to be replaced. In addition, it is very sensitive to energy fields, or even extreme heat. Finally, it is designed to counter most forms of Moonlight Butterfly and nothing else, and generally cannot be adapted for use against anything else in the field.

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