Spirits of Phenomena-1

In a world much like ours, things started differently. There was just a formless mass surrounded by an amorphous barrier, Darkness, and Light. Darkness could not exist without Light, and Light could not be perceived without Darkness, and thus, both forces worked in tandem to shape their domain into something more ideal. Together, they formed the mass into a rough sphere, and spread the outer barrier evenly, surrounding and protecting their infant world. To illuminate the world, the Light created its first child, a daughter - the Sun. The Darkness saw that the Sun could not always shed light on the world, and made for it a companion, a son - the Moon - to reflect upon the ground and allow them to see as they worked.

The outer shell was barren, though, so in creating the Sun and Moon, created their companions, the Day Sky for the Sun, and the Night Sky for the Moon. Turning their attention to the inner sphere, the Light and Darkness together created Earth and Water, shaping and folding the sphere on itself and covering it in fertile soil and rocky mountains, with water filling in the deepest valleys and vast, shallow expanses. The Darkness blessed the deep Earth with treasures, glimmering metals and gems, the Light finding joy in showering the Earth with nourishment and life, linking it always with things that grew.

Water was shown favor next, a special gift granted by both Light and Darkness, to serve as a grand envoy between the Sky and Ground, showering down soothing grace and cool refreshment upon the land and a sweet taste upon the Sky. As they looked back at the whole of their new infant world, they noticed that there was something curious dotting the barrier the Stars who were given form from the Moon and Sun. Seeing that already new aspects were blossoming without their urgings, they made four, final additions to their realm.

To the ground, Fire was added, pulled from the Sun's glowing countenance. Hollowing out the center of the ground, the brightest of the Fire was poured, to heat the sphere, and to mend the wounds of the ever-changing surface. The Light saw in Fire a small bit of itself, and shone upon it the radiance to fill even the darkest places with the glow not even the Sun or Moon could give. The Darkness crafted Fire with Water in mind, the heat it gave empowering the waves to rise, and the cool quenching Water the gift of calming even it.

The pair found the last of their power was just enough for one last creation: Air. The Light gave its last child the whole of the world to fill, in any place it could find entrance, a great medium upon which all relied upon. The Darkness gave it silent grace and howling strength, upon which any would envy. With Fire in mind, Air sustained it, but also controlled it, companions in synergy. With Water in mind, the Air was bade to carry and spread it, to send it where it was needed, down to the parched earth, or up from the flooded plains.

In this, the Light and Darkness poured their combined powers into the world, receding back to watch their creation evolve. From each element, beings formed, and as the world shifted and developed, many phenomena came to realization, each having a spirit or a host of spirits associated with them.

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