Spiritia Rosenburg (Retired)

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General Information

Full Name: Spiritia Rosenburg
Faction: Union
Rank: Ally
Function: erka:es Commander, RKS001
Series: Rosenkreuzstilette
Species: Magi
"Please…I don't want to hurt you but…You're leaving me no choice!"

Profile: Spiritia Rosenburg, or "Tia" for short, was once a member of an organization within the Orthodox Church of the Holy Empire's Magi user division; erka:es. One of the original 9 elite female Magi users of this group's most elite, the Rosenkreuzstilette, she had left the Church and erka:es briefly for the purpose of training. Upon returning home, she came to find the leader of erka:es waging war on the rest of the empire, and the rest of the Rosenkreuzstilette fighting alongside him. Despite the fact that thousands of years ago, the Holy Empire feared, persecuted, and even waged war on Magi users…Spiritia believed those wounds were long healed and didn't share the sentiment of her fellow RKS members. She instead chose to abandon the organization, intent on finding out what could have caused the RKS and their noble leader to suddenly wage a war of conquest. Eventually, that truth was discovered…erka:es' leader, Michael Graf Sepperin had been used as a tool by his own daughter, Iris Sepperin, to weaken and cripple the empire, while Spiritia would in turn weaken him and erka:es. With that truth revealed only at the hour of his death, Michael Graf Sepperin charged Spiritia with one final order…And with that order entrusted the fate of erka:es to her. With erka:es and the Rosenkreuzstilette reinstated into the Holy Empire and the Orthodox Church, Spiritia now leads them directly. Both as Field Commander of the RKS, and Commander of erka:es.

Vital Statistics

Age: 18
Gender: Female
Height: Unknown
Weight: …You can't ask a lady that!

All About the Holy Empire and its History

  • Background - The Holy Empire is situated in the Great Mountains where it unified, and is a vast Kingdom spanning a good portion of the area. Despite the name, The Holy Empire is not your typical "evil Empire" and actually seeks the better humanity, not rule it with an iron fist. The kingdom itself is not unlike Renaissance era Italy in appearance, though it is far different in nature. The Holy Empire revolves around a fusion of magic and technology that work hand in hand…With magical power sources working simple machinery, or in some cases magical devices functioning as a sort of "machinery." Ruled by the Holy Emperor, it seeks only to exist peacefully with the outside world, its army existing purely for defensive reasons.
  • The Holy War - 1000 years ago, Magi were considered outcasts and shunned for their gift…The power to use magic without any form of training, naturally having the ability. This fear and persecution led to a war…While history claims the Magi started it, no one can be certain as to who truly began the conflict. The war eventually ended with a peace accord and Magi being accepted into the Holy Empire and the Orothodox Church. However, countless Magi died in this struggle, causing their numbers as a whole to dwindle. During the time of the war, Magi were equal to humanity in their numbers. Now only a select few Magi are known to exist, though new ones have surfaced over time as well.
  • The Orthodox Church-Within the Holy Empire lies the Orthodox Church, which is the home of the Empire's religion as well as its magic affinities. The Orthodox Church is responsible for a good portion of magical and technological research and development. It also is where most Magi tend to study and train, as the Church is deeply rooted in magic and its research.
  • erka:es - erka:es is the Magi division of the Church, and has many purposes. Those purposes include defending the Empire through its Magi wielders, training Magi through their academy so they could learn to use their gifts responsibly, as well as search and rescue, to name a few. Originally led by Michael Graf Sepperin, erka:es rebelled against the Church and Empire when its leader believed they were the target of discrimination and wrongfully accused of murder. Eventually, the truth was revealed…Though sadly at the cost of Sepperin's life. This tragedy was not without hope, however. When the truth behind the rebellion's cause was revealed, and Sepperin was willing to shoulder the blame for it all…erka:es was forgiven of all its wrongdoings and reinstated in the Holy Empire and the Orthodox Church under Spiritia's command.
  • The Rosenkreuzstilette - Among the Magi Wielders in the church, there are 9 female elite users. Those 9 are the Rosenkreuzstilette, hand picked by Michael Graf Sepperin to be the first to call upon for erka:es' most dangerous assignments. While primarily used to note the order in which they joined, the number based codes assigned to RKS members are also a sort of indication of rank, with Spiritia commanding as RKS001, and Freudia Neuwahl acting as vice commander as RKS002. Before the rebellion, Spiritia served as field commander for the group, that role going to Freudia during the time of the erka:es rebellion. Like erka:es, the RKS were reinstated when the truth of the rebellion's cause was revealed, and erka:es was found innocent of treason. RKS serves many roles in erka:es, but primarily exists to combat threats to the empire, primarily ones that are magical in origin since the Imperial Army is not well equipped to deal with such threats. They also work in search and rescue as well as law enforcement when required…Though they serve many functions aside from these. A sort of all purpose elite group that is called upon for situations the Empire can't handle normally. Since reinstatement, Spiritia acts as the commander of the group yet again in the field. When other duties require her attention, Freudia Neuwahl acts as the commander.

Major NPCs

  • Freudia Neuwahl - RKS002. The former commander of the Rosenkreuzstilette before Spiritia was promoted to commander. Of all its members below Spiritia herself, Freudia (often called Freui for short) is regarded as the strongest amongst them. She is a girl whose icy cold (but not necessarily unfriendly) personality befits her affinity for ice. Freudia Neuwahl's Magi ability allows her to summon ice in a variety of forms. Also probably the member that is the closest to Spiritia in terms of friendship, as the Rosenburg and Neuwahl families were neighbors and good friends as a whole. That said, Freudia has been Spiritia's friend since childhood, with Freudia always looking after Spiritia. She never thought the day would come when those roles reversed. During the erka:es rebellion, Freudia's reasons for following it were that she was scorned by the discrimination of Magi, and she had no intention of abandoning Sepperin, the man who taught her everything. But in the end…Friendship won out, and she entrusted Spiritia with ending the erka:es insurrection. Typically commands field missions when Spiritia is not present to do so.

  • Zorne Sepperin - RKS003. Zorne Sepperin, despite her name, is not the biological daughter of former erka:es commander Michael Sepperin. Her original parents abandoned her after a horrific accident left her without her left arm. Michael Sepperin had saved her life in that accident, but could not restore the arm she had lost. However, his own biological daughter, Iris, used her scientific knowledge to create a Powered Arm that would replace the one Zorne had lost. Zorne joined the rebellion to support her stepfather, but in the end abandoned the plan…The Sepperin she knew was gone…She wanted to know why he had changed, what had happened to the man that raised the RKS members. Her Powered Arm grants her immense physical strength when using it, but that is not her true power. Her Magi ability is summoning powerful explosives that release a potent fire magic based explosion upon detonation. Integrating this into her Powered Arm and its capabilities, Zorne has created quite an effective fighting style. Combined with her explosive temper, the ability to summon bombs and unleash great power through her Powered Arm makes Zorne a force to be reckoned with.

  • Trauare Wrede - RKS004. A champion swimmer from her hometown, when Trauare learned her gift was not just talent, but Magi based…She immediately went to erka:es to train and learn to master her gift…Mastery and control over water itself. Due to her upbringing however, she is incredibly competitive and always out to show she's number one, even in the RKS. Her desire to beat Spiritia being her reason for joining the rebellion…Her defeat in turn shaming her and causing her to abandon the cause. She's not as reserved as the other members in some ways, unashamed of showing off her body (as seen by her reference pic) and not afraid to make passes at people, male or female. While it's hard to say if she's truly a flirt or not, one could argue the point. As far as her abilities go, Trauare can move freely about in water and even breathe within it. She can also summon and manipulate water to do her bidding, using it as a weapon in combat. She is also trained in the use of a spear which she readily uses in battle for close combat situations.

  • Luste Teuber - RKS005. Probably the most chaotic of the RKS, and for good reason. Luste Teuber is a devil girl who was found attacking the front gates of the Orthodox Church, but…Not for the reasons they expected. Apparently she was playing around, not actually attacking the empire. Normally, a girl like Luste would be cast out of the empire, if not destroyed there. However, Sepperin sensed an innocence in the devil child, and thus volunteered to take her in. Since then, Luste has shown herself to be…Strange, but helpful. To her, everything is like a game, but she will take things seriously when the time comes. Despite her chaotic nature and overall childlike demeanor, she's starting to mature a bit as well. When she joined in the rebellion, she had been led to believe that Spiritia was the villain and that she was the hero in this little "game" she was playing…Tia soon made her realize the difference between a game and real war…In turn that caused Luste to abandon the plan. As far as abilities go? She posseses Superhuman strength, can also freely fly with her "wing bits" that follow her around, and summon wind projectiles to strike down her enemies from afar.

  • Grolla Seyfarth - RKS006. Grolla Seyfarth is a swordswoman who was trained by her late father. When her father mysteriously vanished one day, Grolla took up the sword she trained with and began to travel far and wide in search of him. Along the way, she met Sichte Meister, and the two began to travel together as friends. She soon found herself requiring more training however due to her Magi abilities, and joined erka:es to receive that training. However, when the rebellion began…She had a reason to join that had nothing to do with Sepperin's plan…It was his confidant that drew her eyes. The Grim Reaper, who carried the sword of Grolla's late father, and then proceeded to finish his training for Grolla. Eventually, Grolla learned the truth…This wraith WAS her father. As far as Grolla's personality goes, she's a very quiet, dutiful type. Typically only speaks when she must, or is spoken to. And a woman who carries a strong sense of honor and pride about her. In combat, she shows great ferocity and rarely holds back. Along with her expertise in swordsmanship, she also can channel magical energy into her blade and unleash it in the forms of magical "slashes" and shockwaves.

  • Sichte Meister - RKS007. A traveler and orphan, Sichte joined erka:es the same time Grolla did. Since Grolla and herself had been such close friends, she primarily did it to keep an eye on Grolla, though she was curious about her own power…The ability to manipulate and stop time at her whim. This power had made plenty terrified of her, even if they didn't know exactly what it was she was doing…To those she manipulates time in front of, no one really "sees" what happens. It's just one instantaneous occurrence. As far as the RKS members go, Sichte is often seen as a tomboy due to her attitude, not afraid to say what's on her mind and be vulgar about it. She's also a bit annoyed when people just stare at her figure, not so much ashamed but rather just wishing people would look at her face, and not her other prominent pair of "features." While stopping time is the primary ability of Sichte, she also can summon emerald like shards to use as projectile weapons in battle. On top of that, she also wields throwing knives as a weapon in battle, and enjoys stopping time before throwing a barrage of them, and letting time resume to her opponent's chagrin. She only joined the rebellion to keep an eye on Grolla, concerned for her well being.

  • Liebea Palasch - RKS008. Liebea Palasch is…Certainly the most timid member of RKS, that much is a given. A girl who always speaks gently, but also nervously and uneasily. If anyone hates violence more than Spiritia Rosenburg, it is this girl. She joined erka:es to learn more about her own powers, which she found terrifying at first. The manipulation of weather…Specifically? Rain and wind. Often when she cried, it would begin to rain. When she became angry, a fierce wind would blow, and soforth. However with training from erka:es, this has become somewhat less of a problem. Somewhat. She has also learned healing magic, as well as basic attack magic that lets her summon non elemental projectiles of magic to attack her foes. Her most powerful ability however? Liebes Sturm, which allows her to summon a magical rain that will burn at all she wills it to with holy power. As for why a girl this gentle would help in the rebellion? She had been promised that it was going to eventually stop fighting and discrimination in the empire, and that after it was over, she would never have to fight again. When she learned the truth and what Spiritia was actually trying to do in stopping the rebellion…She abandoned the plan.

  • Schwer Muta Cassarola Merkle - RKS009. Schwer is both a child prodigy and a bit of an oddball. Young as she was, she exhibited an amazing ability to set traps for the purpose of playing pranks on people. This however, was not what caught the eye of Michael Sepperin when he brought the girl into erka:es…It was her magical powers that let her summon a ghostly mace shield around herself. Once she joined the RKS, Schwer became the head of security for the group…Often employing very dastardly traps to do harm to anyone who would intrude in the Church's more important areas, as well as other facilities that RKS was charged with defending. No one can really say why she joined the rebellion, given her odd nature…She often speaks quietly, and often saying strange things in the process. One could say Schwer is the living definition of the term "misunderstood genius" due to this. Her pet, Zeppii san, can be seen atop her head at all times. This little squid seems to be both a pet and friend of the little trap-master, never leaving that perch. He even helps in combat by spraying ink into the eyes of any who would dare approach his owner and friend.

  • Lilli - Lilli is a fairy that Spiritia found during her abroad training. While Spiritia had become quite a competent magic user, she wasn't confident of her physical capabilities yet. That was her primary reason for training. While she WAS training, the girl came across this fairy caught under a rock in a forest. Quick to help her, Lilli thanked Spiritia by offering to be her guide in the forest. The two quickly became friends, and soon ended up being impossible to separate. Lilli is quite capable for a fairy, able to sense magic and other threats, usually alerting Tia to their presence. She also has a keener sense of sight and hearing than Spiritia does, and uses those in battle to help point things out that Tia may not notice herself. Finally, she can call upon a magical shield to protect her body, and in turn has learned to use that as a weapon…Hurling her shielded body at an enemy to strike them with great force.

Skills and Abilities

  • Seele Gewehr - Seele Gewehr is Spiritia's form of Magi, or natural magical power. When she first discovered it at an early age, both she and her parents were terrified of what they thought was a destructive power, her hand able to unleash bursts of magic without warning. When Tia did finally learn to control this power, though…She found it had many uses. Seele Gewehr's most common use is allowing Spiritia to fire magical bursts of energy from her hand…The output of those bursts being dependent on how much energy she focuses into the attack. Able to fire rapid, weak shots, or charge up to fire a stronger "Charge Shot" made for quite a variable attack setup. What surprised Spiritia was when she learned of the SECOND ability of Seele Gewehr, listed below.
  • Magi Copy - AKA Magical Mimicry in +powers. Magi Copy allows Spiritia to copy an ability, weapon, or skill from someone by one of two means. She must either defeat someone in battle to in turn weaken them…Or be allowed to copy the ability willingly. In most cases, Spiritia can use her "Charge Shot" ability to further strengthen a power gained through Magi Copy, though sometimes she cannot charge up an attack…And in some cases, the attack may only work if it IS charged up prior. An interesting side effect of this Magi Copy ability is that when Tia uses a copied ability, she will take on the hair and eye colors of the person she originally copied it from.
  • Silver Wings - A supportive power that Spiritia has developed alongside Seele Gewehr. Silver Wings allows Spiritia to summon supportive objects to aid her in battle, and they come in one of three different modes. Mode Eins allows her to summon floating platforms that can support her weight easily, and will usually float upwards once summoned. They can be effectively used to construct stairways or bridges in an instant. Mode Zwei allows her to summon a winged airboard that lets her fly at impressive speeds…Though because of the nature of the board and its magical propulsion, she will always be moving at a forward velocity. With training, she's learned to pull off more complex maneuvers however, like loops and barrel rolls. Finally, her newest mode, Mode Drei, allows Spiritia to encase her body in a protective magical armor. This armor will also enhance her offensive capabilities by strengthening her attacks, and allowing her to perform a magically fueled punch attack known as Seele Faust. The armor also grants her a pair of magical, angel-like wings that give her the ability to fly…The armor's weaknesses are that it negates her ability to use supportive or healing magic in combat (save for Geister Wand) and also is heavy…Reducing her mobility and making it impossible for her to slide.
  • Athletic Training - Most of the time, you wouldn't expect a magic user to also be athletic. But then there's Spiritia, who has become quite an accomplished athlete as well as spellcaster. Able to run, jump, and perform other impressive athletic feats without breaking a sweat…It's only aided her in combat by making her incredible mobile and thus strengthen her overall potential. On top of this, Spiritia also has a signature evasive move she uses via her training…The slide. Able to quickly slide, even from a standing position, and just as quickly return to her feet, the move has proven to be a very effective means for her to dodge under attacks or quickly move out of the way of them.
  • Copied Abilities - Through both fighting them, and in some cases training with them or having been entrusted, Spiritia has copied abilities from all 8 of the RKS. She has also copied some abilities from Multiverse citizens, friend and foe alike. These copied weapons are listed below.

Freuden Stachel-Copied from RKS002:Freudia Neuwahl. Summons a rapid fire barrage of giant needle shaped ice projectiles. Infusing additional energy into this attack allows Spiritia to summon a wide ranged volley of snowflake shaped ice projectiles that cover a much wider area.

Zornes Bombe-Copied from RKS003:Zorne Sepperin. Summons a magical "bomb" that explodes a few seconds after being summoned. The bombs are light enough despite their appearance that they can easily be thrown or even kicked along the ground before they detonate, creating a large cross shaped fire explosion. Infusing more of her energy into this spell allows Spiritia to summon an entire line of these bombs.

Klage Harnish-Copied from RKS004:Trauare Wrede. Summons several small "whirlwinds" of holy water. By infusing more of her energy into this attack, Spiritia can summon a devastating maelstrom of this holy water that will surround her body, keeping her safe in the "eye" of the storm.

Lust Atem-Copied from RKS005:Luste Teuber. Summons a wind based "blade" projectile that cuts through targets. By using additional power, Spiritia can summon a larger blade that has even stronger cutting power.

Groll Schwert-Copied from RKS006:Grolla Seyfarth. Summons a magical greatsword that has quite the sharp edge. When slashed, this sword can project its "slash" a short distance from the wielder. By channeling more energy into the blade, it can actually deliver cuts to virtually any location the user can see that isn't too far away from them, without the blade physically striking the area. Additionally, the Groll Schwert's power is determined by the user's condition:The more danger they're in, the stronger the blade.

Die geplante Zukunft-Copied from RKS007:Sichte Meister. This spell is a psuedo "time stop" in that it only freezes certain 'elements' of time like motion for a total of five seconds. While those in the area of effect of this time stop are unable to move, they are still aware of what is going on around them. During this "time stop" Spiritia is still able to move, and can also use this power's secondary ability, firing emerald shaped projectiles that are not affected by the "time stop." This spell's power has no way it can be enhanced by Spiritia channeling additional power into it.

Liebes Sturm-Copied from RKS008:Liebea Palesch. This spell summons a torrential and magically charged rainstorm that causes damage to those the caster wills it to harm. The user themself, and anyone they do not 'target' with it will be unaffected by the rain (save they'll get wet from it). Channeling additional power into this spell only increases the rain's intensity.

Geister Wand-Copied from RKS009:Schwer-Muta Cassarola Merkle. Summons a jagged, revolving series of stones that circle around the user to protect them from harm, and also strike anything that wanders too close. Infusing additional magic into this allows Spiritia to summon a second layer of these protective stones.

Cure-Copied from Aerith. Brown hair, green eyes. Allows Spiritia to cast Cure, which is a minor healing spell.

Acid Burst-Copied from Return X. Green and black hair, red eyes. Fires a corrosive acid blast that can eat through most metal. The blast itself is short range, creating a "splash" from Spiritia's palm.

Nayru's Love-Copied from Nayru. Blue hair and eyes, yellow tie. Creates a crystal shield around Spiritia that protects her from harm. No offensive properties.

Wild Shot-Copied from Ryotaro. Purple hair and eyes. Grey tie. Creates an orb of energy, purple in color, with crackling energy that looks like electrical arcs. Epic level attack. Only usuable as a charged attack.

Boost Scale-Copied from Risa. A buff that results in a faint blue scale pattern along the skin of the user/target. Delivered via a sphere of water with a scaled pattern summoned from the user's palm. Tia's appearance? Blue hair, red eyes. Cannot be used in Mode Drei.

Rider Kick-Copied from Tendou. Red hair, blue eyes. Allows Spiritia to perform a powerful roundhouse kick attack. If she infuses additional power into the attack, she can perform a powerful jumpkick.

Divine Buster-Copied from Subaru. This attack changes Tia's hair to blue, and her eyes green. By charging up energy and forming it as a highly concentrated sphere of magic in front of her hand, Spiritia can discharge that energy with an impact (Be it magical or physical) to unleash a powerful laser attack, blue in color. Not to be confused with the considerably bigger, superior and friendship inducing Divine Buster wielded by Nanoha. This attack can only be fired if charged up first.

Reference o Rama (A look at RKS' references to other sources of media)

  • Mega Man - The actual Rosenkreuzstilette game is more or less a massive Mega Man homage. The gameplay being identical to the classic 8-bit game, and with a backstory that isn't entirely unlike Mega Man X's. However, the references don't end there, either. Not only does RKS play like Mega Man, many of the weapons and soforth are direct homages to the series! The Lust Atem for example, is very much like the Metal Blade, and the Liebes Sturm is much like the Rain Flush. Along with this, even Spiritia's basic weapon, Seele Gewehr, is a massive reference to the Mega Buster.
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - Sichte Meister is essentially an open love letter to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, and in so many frightening ways. The most obvious reference being Sichte's quote for stopping time… "Toki wo Tomare!" The same catchphrase used by Dio Brando of JoJo fame. Along with this, she even uses one of Dio's signature time stop attacks…Stopping time and throwing daggers. But it doesn't end there! She even shoots out emerald projectiles, much like Kakoyoin's Emerald Splash attack! And finally, even the game over screen you see when dying in Sichte's level is a reference to JoJo, with a similar style of text based sound effects (As in text representing sounds as you often see in comics) and the same styled "to be continued…" text.
  • MCM Original Refs - While not references that occur in the RKS series, Spiritia's player has continued the RKS tradition of popular references in various ways. See below.

When Zorne Sepperin witnessed the awesome might of GaoGaiGar at the battle of Zuverberg in the final stages of the battle against Iris…She was awestruck. Since then, she's wanted to be much like Guy, and even gone so far as to mimic one of his attacks using a clever combination of abilities. By using a magical boost from Tia, combined with her powered arm and ability to summon bombs, Zorne blasted several explosives underground, letting them create a massive crater to bring countless enemies down into the hole…A tribute to Guy Shishio's Dividing Driver.

Not content with just emulating her idol, Guy once…Zorne Zepperin has seen fit to do it again, this time with an upgraded Powered Arm. Having seen the impressiveness of GaoGaiGar's arsenal, and already having an artificial arm…She had made a request to Winry Rockbell. Since Iris Sepperin made her original arm, she wanted to be rid of it, feeling the arm was a burden, a symbol of Iris' treachery. Winry replaced the Powered Arm and at Zorne's request, made an addition to it…The fist of her powered arm can now separate and propel itself via magic, and be controlled remotely by Zorne herself. Since the attack is essentially a magical rocket punch, Zorne has seen fit to name it "Broken Magnum." …She's not in love with Guy people. Seriously.

When Spiritia and Lilli combine their firepower, the result is…Amusing to say the least. By using her shield to absorb the power of Spiritia's Charge Shot and then be "fired" off Tia's palm, Lilli supercharged her shield and proceeded to smash through an enemy at high speed…An homage to the infamous Chokyohaoh Denai'dan from Mobile Fighter G Gundam. …Interestingly enough, Lilli can never get the timing for the part where she says "EXPLODE" in Master Asia fashion right. The victim either doesn't blow up, or it happens before Lilli can say the line.


  • ** Pre Unification History **

Before unification, Spiritia was but a simple girl living in her family household…Though at a young age she discovered she had powers that frightened her and her family. Those powers would soon be explained and taught to her when she went to erka:es Magi training academy alongside her childhood friend, Freudia Neuwahl, who also had Magi based powers.

As the two grew up in the erka:es academy, they began to understand their powers better…It was then Spiritia vowed that she would use her gift to help people, believing that was the reason for her powers existing in the first place. As she trained, others would join the academy and become friends of the Magi…And eventually came the decision by Michael Graf Sepperin to create RKS. When RKS was founded, Spiritia at first was only chosen to be second in command of the 9 elites, due to Freudia showing much more effective skills in combat. When Spiritia's true power was revealed though, the power to magically copy others…She ended up taking the position. Oddly enough, Freudia did not protest in the slightest, only offering her encouragement to her friend.

Unfortunately, that happiness would soon end. Father Gregory, the high priest of the Orthodox Church was murdered…By powerful magic. That in turn put erka:es and its Magi at the top of the suspect list, though during this time…Spiritia wasn't even there. She had left to train during the time of the murder, at age 17. One year later, Spiritia returned to the Holy Empire with Lilli to find the church ablaze, and the daughter of erka:es' leader abducted in front of her. In the fire, she came across Freudia, who claimed this was the beginning of a war to right the wrongs committed against Magi by humanity. Spiritia however…Refused to join the rebellion. Freudia would continue during the clashes that followed, ask Tia to reconsider…Because if Spiritia didn't join the rebellion, erka:es would be forced to hunt her down. Despite the threat, Spiritia stood by her resolve and her vow to use her powers to help people. It was then she made a promise to herself…She would find out why erka:es committed this act, and would try to make things right. erka:es, and the RKS especially, were her family…She couldn't abandon them!

During one of erka:es' attacks on the empire though…Things changed. The Holy Empire unified.

  • ** Post Unification History **

After unification, the Holy Empire found itself aided by the Union and unaffiliated Neo-Zeon during the attack…It was after this aid that the Holy Empire sought an alliance and joined the Union. During this time, Spiritia made many new friends, though her most noteworthy friend would be the Maverick Hunter known as X. Spiritia learned of X's own history, and saw one not unlike her own…Having to fight her own kind unwillingly. It was this that caused Tia to see X as a mentor figure, which she still does. Eventually, the kidnapped daughter of Michael Graf Sepperin was found…Iris Sepperin. Upon trying to rescue her, Spiritia and the Union learned that Michael's plan was apparently to kill all humans and non magic users in a great purge, destroying the Empire in essence. Shortly after this revelation, Iris was taken from the group before their eyes. With this "fact" revealed, The Holy Empire took the fight to the RKS, who each had a magical gem that acted as a seal to keep entrance to Michael Sepperin's lair, his castle, blocked via magical barrier. Spiritia was still determined not to do harm to the other RKS, and thus sought to only fight them to a standstill, and make them understand why their actions were wrong. Thanks to the actions of many such as Yuna Kagurazaka, X, Zero, a good portion of Mobile Section Six and countless others…That finally happened. The RKS were stopped, but left alive, and all willing to part with their seals and leave the rest to Spiritia Rosenburg.

However, it was when the Union attacked Michael Graf Sepperin that the truth was revealed in the worst way possible. Sepperin, who had become a vampire, was not out to destroy the empire…Only make it surrender and agree to his terms so he could build a utopia for Magi free of persecution and fear. On top of that, he believed the Empire had kidnapped his daughter, on top of wrongfully accusing him of the murder of Father Gregory…That's when the true culprit behind everything revealed herself…it was Iris Sepperin, the daughter, all along. Upon revealing herself, she promptly murdered her father in the same manner she murdered the High Priest…With a lightning bolt of divine power. However, before his end came…Sepperin made one last request to Spiritia…Giving her a necklace that signified the role of erka:es commander…He begged her to right the wrongs of erka:es and redeem them, and not let a horrible mistake repeat itself like he nearly allowed it to.

With that, a new campaign began against Iris herself…Though Iris had constructed a massive castle to defend herself, with countless machines to defend it. Fighting through them all, Spiritia made it through thanks to the aid of her friends, but soon made a horrifying discovery. Iris' research had allowed her to do the unthinkable…And create "doll" clones of the RKS members, even Spiritia Rosenburg herself. Fighting through them, and then Iris' impressive Iris Machine…The group then made one MORE horrifying discovery. The pinnacle of Iris' research…The girl had tapped into divine powers, and was able to gain the abilities of a Seraphim…A powerful angel.

Spiritia and her Union allies fought against this divine form of Iris, while countless others fought to defend the Holy Empire from Iris' armies which descended upon it. In the end…The army fell, and the divine powers of Seraph Iris fell to the equally divine powers granted to Spiritia…Through a combination of the 8 RKS seals she was given by the other members, the command necklace she received from Michael Sepperin, and a prayer from the RKS and all who defended the Empire from the onslaught of Iris' army…A new power was born. Mode Drei, a physical manifestation of the faith and bonds of friendship Spiritia had forged through her actions. With Mode Drei and the aid of the Union's operatives, Seraph Iris was captured and jailed.

…Unfortunately, that would not last. Iris successfully broke out of prison, even receiving aid from Shu Shirakawa in the process. The resulting breakout left the Fortress City of Zuverburg where she was imprisoned devastated, and countless prisoners set free.

Now, Spiritia continues to fight alongside the Union, while the RKS try to re-capture the prisoners that escaped, along with Iris Sepperin herself.

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