Special Forces Gamma


Special Forces Gamma (SFG) is the successor group to Special Forces 15. A larger group, it is Union-oriented and special forces, and specializes in an area that is often overlooked, yet vital to the Union Armed Forces Elite - teenagers.

While not all the members are teenagers, a vast majority of them are. They combine their various skills and capabilities in order to provide a wide variety of tasks to help UAF personel. The group is one of the most flexible due to the wide variety of sources from which it can draw information and expertise, with many multi-talented members. Although they tend to be more inexperienced than their elders, they are not as inexperienced as one might think.

The core membership of SFG is deeply integrated with the Trainers, and virtually all members of any iteration of them are members (including one that consists primarily of adults, but they are not often present). Much of their command staff is the same, as well. However, they do not dominate the group, and the group culture reflects the diversity of its membership.

SFG is currently headquartered in the military base known as Area 51 in the Pokemon-6 world. It was mostly deactivated after Unification, no longer being important - however, the vast underground complexes and facilities have proven ample grounds for staging of SFG operations. It is likely that the US government wants them to keep an eye on things down there, as it is fairly obvious that not everything meets the eye in some of the deeper or more remote areas of the underground tunnels. Entry and egress are strictly regulated to warp gate directly into and from the tunnel system; due to Team Aqua raids some time ago, SFG is waiting in hopes of catching a raiding party in an ambush. Although there has been little sign of them thus far, they were obviously after something important, and the UAF wants to know why - and if anyone in the US military knows, they aren't telling.


  • Area 51 - an old, top secret military base in the Nevada desert, Area 51 has captured the imagination of numerous individuals throughout the Multiverse. In some worlds they are mistaken as it is little more than a series of runways and shacks. In others they are quite right and it harbors things from secret technology to alien visitors and more. In others it serves as a decoy for the real research taking place someplace else. The Area 51 in the Pokemon-6 was a mix of all three, although vast underground tunnels underneith the base betray considerable capabilities, as well as the occasional abandoned experiment. This has caused some concern and much exploration by SFG. The most alarming of these discoveries was that of Rover.
  • Trainer labs - Area 51 was primarily acquired after SFG operations outgrew the labs used by the Trainers. These facilities still serve as secondary bases.
  • Rover - a small cyborgified version of a Mewtwo brain. Rover is tame and friendly, though a bit difficult to communicate with as most of him is machinery and he has no vocal cords, and communicates primarily with telepathy that is more sense-based than word-based. He was apparently abandoned after Area 51 shut down and left alone for over a year. He is fully sentient, and the only version of his kind to survive, which were apparently attempts to clone Mewtwo for the government. Rover has been upgraded considerably with the ability to ingest regular food and water, more mobility, and regenerative capabilities so he doesn't have to worry for fear of his life should he need to neglect maintainance for an extended period. His cybernetic shell gives him all five standard senses. Although he has a vocalizer, he only rarely uses it, and while he understands verbal language well, it does not seem to be very easy for him to express himself with it.
  • Starfleet runoff - much as the Trainers cut their teeth on the runoff of Starfleet technology and ships, SFG is very much in posession of a variety of types of Starfleet equipment. This includes an Oberth class starship, the USS Majestic (refitted after near-destruction at the Battle of Sector 001 to be a garbage scow before it was acquired), the remains of a Miranda starship, the USS Invincible (a fixer-up ship, the main saucer was used in a suicide run against Trypticon), as well as standard issue type-1 and type-2 phasers as side arms and several shuttlecraft. Due to their multidisciplinary nature, most SFG members can put this equipment to good use, and the group has considerably expanded on the initial forays of the Trainers into learning Multiversal high tech with it, despite the fact that most of it is used and third-hand.
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