Sonic the Hedgehog (Retired)

General Information

(This character is currently retired)
Full Name: "Sonic" Olgilvie Maurice Hedgehog
Faction: Union
Rank: Ally
Function: Current Burgess of Knothole
Series: Sonic the Hedgehog-3
Species: Mobian Hedgehog

Sonic: "What can I say? I die hard! You actually saved me, you know."
Shadow: "It wasn't a Chaos Emerald, was it? But, there's no way you could have activated the Chaos Control using an emerald that's fake! So, there's more to you than just looking like me… What are you, anyway?"
Sonic: "What you see is what you get! Just a guy that loves adventure! I'm Sonic the Hedgehog!"

Being orphaned at a young age when his parents, Jules and Bernadette, were roboticized (due to sabotage of one of his uncle's inventions), Sonic spent most of his childhood being raised by his uncle Charles. Despite the sad things that had, and continued, to happen during Sonic's early childhood, Chuck (Charles) still managed to raise Sonic in a fairly pleasant environment. However, things were turned upside down when Chuck was captured by Robotnik. It was that day that cemented Sonic into becoming the hero he is today. Sonic and his friends owned up on a promise they made to become Freedom Fighters against Robotnik's tyranny. The blue hedgehog has always been like the wind personified; doing as he likes and rarely ever seeming to be bothered by the obstacles that might get in his way, it's as if nearly no one can control him. Sonic's major abilities lay in his super speed and unconventional fighting ability. He's proud of his ability and nearly everything else he has to offer, and everyone's going to know it. While he's got the bad qualities of seeming arrogant, careless, and brash, his good qualities tend to make up for them. This certainly leaves him as what some would see as an 'acquired' taste. Sonic, though his airs tend to strongly mislead from him seeming like it, will ultimately put the well-being of others before his own when the crunch time comes.

Vital Statistics

Age: 16
Gender: Male
Height: 3.3 feet
Weight: 77 pounds

Personality Details

Sonic placed himself into the role of a hero in his own world and chances of that changing because the world has merged with others are highly unlikely. Due to having lost his entire family to Robotnik's rein, and having seen his friends go through the same, matters of enslavement will greatly anger Sonic. In fact his reaction would possibly come as a shock, given how laid back he tends to seem about everything. Thus he is motivated to follow his own belief, that people should be free to do whatever they want, as much as possible. That is, unless that desire is somehow harmful and/or restrictive to others. Sonic is constantly driven into battle against Robotnik due to their obviously opposed ways of living, with Robotnik often enslaving and harming others for his own selfish wants. Due to being a protector of people and their freedom in his own world, Sonic was easily drawn to joining the cause of the Union in this new world.

Sonic acts very carefree, even though this is actually a bit of a fa├žade. He is highly responsible for the well being of his friends and strangers in a world where most of the people have already been enslaved and turned against him. Possibly out of thinking he'd be lulled into inaction if he stopped to worry too much about all the possibilities, Sonic acts quite rashly. He often throws himself right into danger without seeming to think of the consequences at all, much to the annoyance of people such as Princess Sally Acorn. Due to this Sonic, at times, seems rebellious and hard to work with. Ultimately, however, Sonic reacts based on what he assumes would be best for everyone. Though he has had a few close calls, more often than not, things worked out for the best in the end.

Sonic has several bad qualities. For instance, he seems to be entirely lacking in tact and most other forms of politeness. He does exercise some ability to show respect to known beings of importance, such as King Acorn. However, in nearly every case, he'll treat people as he would any random person he meets on the street. Sonic also puts import into his reputation and he tries his best to make sure he'll still look cool when tomorrow rolls around, which can lead to some humorous situations. Despite all his faults, Sonic is a very friendly, kind, and helpful sort of guy, and those qualities seem to outshine his bad ones.

  • Three Adjectives

Laid back: Sonic rarely ever seems to worry about things much at all. He tends to take even some of the worst news in stride. He's like this to the point of seeming overly careless, coming off as if he gives absolutely no thought to matters others would find very important. This reflects in things as small as how he interacts with others to things as important as how he deals with situations that could be a matter of life and death for himself.

Competitive: Sonic seems to like to think he's the best when it comes to what he does. He's not bitter about being proved wrong, however. It's actually just the opposite. Sonic loves a challenge, and he's all too willing to take people on when they offer competition.

Arrogant: Sonic is self confident. No, make that 'Sonic is very, very self confident'. He very rarely, if ever seems to doubt that he can accomplish something. He's so set in his conceit that, in combination with his laidback attitude, he tends to act disrespectfully towards those who are his superiors. This is not to say he's bad off enough to treat King Acorn like a common man. There are just few people he does treat with respect like that. Though his arrogance has rarely ever gotten him in trouble, he's due to learn a lesson about watching his mouth someday.

  • Feelings on the War

Having been raised and taken a very large part in the war of his own world, Sonic is fairly accustomed to living a life of struggle. While he mostly wishes that the war of his own world would end, and he likely isn't pleased at the existing war in this world, a small part of him wonders if his sanity could take the rest of his life being peaceful. Despite the darkness that Robotnik brought into his life, Sonic has a fairly upbeat and light out look on life. He basically just wants everyone to be free to be themselves and do as they like. If there's one thing his life has taught him to hate, it's oppression and slavery. Sonic tends to give everyone a chance before he treats them as an enemy. Just knowing that a sentient being is the enemy isn't enough reason for Sonic to think of them as being a hopeless cause. That is unless he's already been informed of really horrible things they've done. Depending on the severity of an enemy's actions, he may never really even write them off as an enemy and think of them more like someone would think of a good acquaintance that they constantly challenge to some form of game or another. As for allies, barring anything unbelievably nasty, Sonic will always try to help an ally, even if there's some sort of bad blood between them.

Major NPCs

  • Sir Charles "Chuck" Hedgehog - Sonic's uncle, a genius who used to serve as the Acorn Kingdom's Minister of Science, is the true creator of the roboticizer. Having used his inventions to try and help people, he was truly disturbed when a machine that had been meant to heal his own brother, Jules, actually turned him into a robot instead. This was later found to be Robotnik's doing. However, not having known as such, Chuck had become rather disheartened and didn't trust himself any longer. He began helping his sister-in-law raise his infant nephew, since Jules was effectively 'dead'. However, soon Bernadice was also roboticized in a 'lab accident. After this Chuck have up his job as Mobotropolis' minister of science. Chuck opened up a chilidog stand, raising what money he could as he raised Sonic by himself. However, he was eventually captured and turned as well, being the major cause in what turned Sonic to the life of freedom fighting. Now being saved and deroboticized, Chuck gives his scientific expertize as needed.
  • General DeCoolette - Once the leader of King Acorn's Secret Service, the now deroboticized coyote general acts as Sonic's adviser for times that the village would have to go into battle. (NPCed by Miles Prower)
  • Rotor - A long time friend of Sonic's come to the multiverse from a future reality along with Miles, Rotor acts as one of Sonic's two full time advisors. He has always proven to be a mechanical and inventive genius, keeping Knothole going with his inventions. The walrus is often closed away with his work, but he's got a good head on him for solving problems. (NPCed by Miles Prower)
  • Nicole - Nicole is a highly advanced AI that used to belong to Sally. She is housed in a small hand held computer and is able to make a holographic representation of herself, in which she appears as a Mobian lynx. Nicole is full of all sorts of different knowledge as well as having been given a personality. She acts as Sonic's other full time adviser. (NPCed by Miles Prower)
  • Sir Jules Hedgehog and Lady Bernadette Hedgehog - Sonic's parents, members of the Kingdom of Acorn's fighters, who are a good deal separated from him, but still care about him a great deal and are still rather important to him. As Sonic hadn't had much time with them he lacks the closeness of most normal parent and child relationships, this is especially so with his father, who he may as well have never known. This is due to the fact that his parents were roboticized. Jules was the very first victim, and some amount of time later Bernadette followed. Bernadette was recovered from her robotic state, however, Jules is incapable of returning to his organic body because he had been roboticized while heavily wounded. Jules, like Chuck, seems to be where Sonic inherited some of his wit and courage from. Sonic's a bit more like Jules, however, as Sonic obviously lacks the genius of Chuck, while he has exercised an amount of cunning.


  • Chaos Emeralds - Sonic tends to carry a set of chaos emeralds upon him. These are used for his transformation and RARELY for the sake of using chaos control. These Emeralds are, however, capable of many things. They are often the goal of Robotnik or other not so pleasant people from Sonic's reality.
  • Chaos - (pronounced like cha-ow-s) Somewhere Sonic has a Chao garden consisting of several chao pets. These tend to come of no use or consequence, but may be of notice in some situations.
  • Rocket Jumper - Sonic's Yugioh card companion granted due him based on his performance during testing for the Seekers of Fortune. He is actually much like Sonic himself…if he was fueled up on caffeine and had a particularly short temper.

Skills and Abilities

  • Super Powered Hedgehog - Sonic is a Mobian hedgehog. For reasons yet unknown, he was born with the ability to do things at speeds impossible for any ordinary living being. Because of this, the dangers of his abilities as a hedgehog are even stronger. As a hedgehog he has sharp spines, which he can use as both offensive and defensive measures. When he's rolled into a ball he can use the spines as armoring against some forms of attack. However, he can also bounce upon opponents, hitting them with the same sharp spines. This, when combined with his speed, allows him to spin and throw himself at opponents for all the more damage.
  • Speed - Sonic was mysteriously born with ability to run at speeds faster than any normal living being without being damaged by it. His speeds can even surpass that of sound and he can run backwards as well as forward. Due to this he is able to do things like propel himself through the air much farther than most when he is running. The force of his speed allows him to do things like burst through walls unharmed as well. Having had insanely high speed since birth, Sonic is used to these speeds and is able to do all sorts of tasks in the course of his high speed movement. This would be casually used for things like doing tricks one might do with a skate board (such as grinding down ramps and doing flips in mid air) just without the skate board being present. More importantly he's experienced enough to stop instantly, in spite of how fast he is. The difficulty comes in making sharp, precise turns, as suddenly changing direction tends to keep tugging him in the direction he'd been going previously before his momentum allows him to go in his new direction. This is worth note, however, as this is still a faster method than stopping and then changing direction, and Sonic is likely to use it despite the dangers it could cause him in some situations. Offensively, Sonic can use his speed not just for attacks, but as a means of overwhelming and confusing his enemies.
  • Affinity to Magical Objects - Sonic seems to have some innate nature that makes him more open to absorbing the power of mystical items. This is most easily noted in his ability to absorb the power of the chaos emeralds. He has even shown the ability to do this in ways that shouldn't be possible to him, such as using a fake chaos emerald that shouldn't have chaos energy at all to do chaos energy powered abilities.
  • Super Sonic - When absorbing the power of all seven chaos emeralds, Sonic can ascend into his Super Sonic form. Not only does this raise his already incredible speed, as well as his strength and stamina, but it makes him seem invulnerable. To top things off this form gives him the ability to fly. However, this form relies on the energy of how many power rings Sonic has collected, thus Sonic's ability to hold this form is very limited. (AURA FLARE: 33->36)
  • All-Purpose Transportation Use - While Sonic usually proves to act too impatient to learn much of anything, he has proven the ability to control a handful of different environmental vehicles. This has probably come from his time around Tails, as it's unlikely he'd learn to fly a plane on his own. However this also applies to more minor things such as hand gliding, car racing, hover boarding, and other various amusements.
  • Chaos Control - Though this power is highly unlikely to see the light of IC day, Sonic has somehow learned to harness the chaos energy in a controlled matter, without even having a real chaos emerald. However, Sonic does not seem overly interested in using this ability and it severely wears him out (to the point of others having to carry his nearly unconscious body) to use it even once. This ability, however, allows him to freeze time and teleport. With how very weak his handle on the ability is, however, he can only use it once per-activation, as opposed to having Shadow's mastery with it.
  • Knothole - While it's not Sonic's style, for the sake of Knothole, he's tried to calm down a little and act as it's leader. While Miles is taking the place he had as the wandering adventurer, he still has people to make sure he's not completely screwing things up. He has taken Rotor, the walrus, and Nicole, Sally's handheld computer, as his advisers. Rotor the walrus is an inventing genius who had created all sorts of items in the past, of innocent and offensive uses, that'd been of great help to Knothole's survival and it's fight against Robotnik. Nicole is actually a very advanced AI that consists of tons of information on all sorts of things. She has a highly complex personality and a strong sense of morals. With such friends backing him up, considering their wisdom from being years ahead of his time, hopefully not even Sonic can screw things up. Whatever the case, he has a large amount of mobians he's now charged with the well being of. While Knothole's number of inhabitants had been much smaller before, it's now multiplied by tons thanks to the act of deroboticizing all of Robotnik's Robian slaves. Sonic's already faced with having to find a way to take care of possible food shortages from the sudden ballooning of villagers. The Knothole villagers are from all sorts of times and universes of Mobius, some of them likely not even having originally lived in Knothole before unification.

Other Information

  • Incapable of Swimming - If Sonic has any one major weakness, it's water. Sonic simply cannot swim and he drops like a rock. Due to this, Sonic would much rather avoid going into deep water when possible. In fact, the only thing that keeps him from throwing fits of panic is the fact that his need to keep up a cool reputation somehow over powers his need to scream and make a run for it like some little child.


Sonic was born and raised in Mobotropolis, a land ruled by King Maximillan and Queen Alicia Acorn. His life started off normally enough, though his father, Jules, was often busy with duties as a soldier in the war between Mobians (anthromorphs like Sonic) and Overlanders (humans). At this time he was taken care of by his mother, Bernadette, and his uncle. His uncle Charles (or Chuck for short) was the Minister of Science. However, all this was while Sonic was very young. Things changed when Jules and Chuck saved a human they'd found in the Mobian territory.

The human, Julian, was welcomed into the Kingdom of Acorn, despite the war that was at hand. Though Julian had sworn allegiance to King Acorn, after being put into the position of warlord, he began plotting to take the kingdom for himself. After the war against the Overlanders had been won, Julian had some how learned of one of Charles' inventions. He proceeded to sabotage said invention, the roboticizer. Because of this, when Charles tested the roboticizer on Jules, Sonic's father was turned into a mere robotic drone. Not much later, Bernadette was purposely robotiziced by Julian, but Bernadette's change was written off as a lab accident. Not knowing of Julian's interference, Chuck blamed these things on himself and began raising Sonic like his own.

After the events that took place, Chuck could no longer take the guilt of what he felt he'd caused to befall his brother and sister-in-law. Because of this Chuck resigned as the minister of science in attempt to make penance for his self perceived errors. After this he worked as a chili dog salesman, which had caused Sonic to rather have a fondness for chili dogs. It was sometime later that young Sonic and his friends were present when Rosemary Prower was giving birth to her son, Miles. Having been the most involved in the birth out of all the children, Sonic seemed to make an immediate bond with the baby fox. Amadeus, Miles' father disappeared that same day, having been yet another victim of Julian's work, leaving poor Rosemary in a state of heartbreak. Due to all this, Sonic's big brother like relationship with Miles, who he'd taken to calling Tails, was slated into place.

The very night of Tails' birth, Julian was named the new Minister of Science and that was when everything changed. Julian used his position to dispose of King Acorn in the zone of silence. With no one to stand in his way, he managed to roboticize most of Mobotropilis with only a little trouble from freedom fighters he managed to over power and roboticize as well. Sonic and the others managed to escape with several other people and they all relocated to a hidden location in the woods known as Knothole Village. Julian proceeded to change the name of Mobotropolis to Robotropolis, and dubbed himself its lord, Robotnik.

Sonic and his friends vowed to become Freedom Fighters against Robotnik's tyranny. However, things never really came into fruition until Sonic witnessed his uncle Charles (and even their dog Muttski) getting kidnapped by some of Robotnik's drones. He tried and failed to save Chuck on his own, and Charles became one of the many victims of roboticization. Ever since that day, Sonic has been constantly battling Robotnik along side his friends. Sonic's adventure only started here and continued strongly a long while after. He battled Robotnik many times, almost always foiling his new schemes, and he has gained many new friends and enemies in his time as a hero of Mobius. Sonic's also traveled to other worlds and realities.

After coming to the multiverse, Sonic was eventually chosen as the ruler of the Knothole from Sonic's future. As such Sonic's been doing his best to take care of Knothole until one of the Royal Family appears.

Alternate Selves

  • Other Sonics - There are many already noted alternate versions of Sonic that aren't always entirely simple to tell apart from the known Sonic. Some of them are, however, and this is area is meant more for those alternate Sonics.
  • Zonic - The version of Sonic from the NoZone. Very little is honestly known about the NoZone other than the fact it can be used for observation of the other zones and the fact that the gravitational hold on it's occupants is somehow horizontal rather than vertical (which causes people from other zones that appear in the NoZone to stand floating sideways in the air or on the walls and it's the same for NoZone occupants appearing outside the NoZone). However, Zonic is known to be a zone cop, or someone meant to see that the realities stay as in tact and separated as possible. This sometimes causes him to have to call on the help of other versions of himself to solve certain issues by going into different zones/realities.
  • Anti-Sonic/Scourge - There's a mirror reality/zone in which almost all of reality is made like a mirror image. That is to say it's flipped around or made opposite. This zone is where the Hedgehog that'd once been referred to as Anti-Sonic (or Evil Sonic) came to be. Where the known reality of Mobius consisted of a great war, the mirror reality of Mobius consisted of a great peace that caused stagnation. Dr. Robotnik is a kindly, scrawny veterinarian known as Dr. Kintobor, who despises the idea of using machines for war. Knuckles is a pacifist that lives in an underwater island. Sonic is a punk that thought himself the leader of a small gang called the Freedom Fighters (fighters AGAINST freedom). However, the true leader was Princess Alicia (Sally's other self), who eventually dropped him from the gang. After certain things had happened, Anti-Sonic became a deal more dangerous and transformed due to taking in some power from the master emerald. He then changed his name to Scourge and went on to conquer his version of Mobius.
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