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In Mayakashi City, the people are divided into two classes: the Registered, and the Unregistered. Registered citizens are official citizens of the city, logged in a database by the RUC (Reestablishment Universe Committee). They are allowed the use of advanced medical procedures and practices. They are entitled to standard medical care and education, and can purchase good quality foods from vendors. These registered citizens live on the surface, in a magnificent city bathed in sunlight and protected by the Aurora Shell. Then there are the Unregistered. They are entitled to nothing, and cannot even access the services that Registered citizens take for granted. Robin Hood type people steal supplies for the Unregistered, ensuring they survive, even if they do not live well. They are forced to live in an underground city beneath the current modern city above them. Unknown to both groups, the underground city holds secrets that would being peace and equality to both the surface and the underground. Then, there is the RUC. The organization that controls everything, from food supplies to medicine to registration. Registration costs a generous amount of money, ensuring that there is always a gap between the rich, registered citizens and the poor, unregistered people. This gap is used to keep both groups under control by fear and hatred, ensuring that the resources of the city are not stretched more than they are capable of supporting.

12 years ago, the city was hit by a terrible tragedy. The Blast Fall. Very few people know what caused the event, only that something made the Aurora Shell react violently, sending down a bolt of energy that struck the RUC building, resulting in a sphere or destructive power that caused all the buildings in a 5 block radius to collapse. Although other similar events had happened, this was the worst by far, leaving thousands dead and many more injured beyond the help of regular medicine. Thus, RESEMBLE, prosthetics that imitate exactly the functions of any part of a human body, became commonplace, with about 50% of people now having some form of RESEMBLE technology. RESEMBLE parts are many times stronger and more durable than natural human organs, and criminals that obtain them through unlicensed physicians have begun using them to gain the upper hand against law enforcement. This has given a rise to bounty hunters, or Hunters for short.

In this city where the population is divided along such lines, people make a living the best they can, most are unaware of the control being exerted over them. They live their lives without ever knowing the sinister secrets their cities hold. Only a few people know the real origins of their city, and events that happened over 200 years ago.

For you see, this is not the humans homeworld. More than 200 years ago, a huge colony ship left Earth, and found this new world to establish a colony. The world was not ideal, though, and a smaller ship had to be sent down to set up a city. With the conditions on the surface, the city had to be built underground from the very ship they had come down to the surface in. To prepare the surface for habitation, the Aurora Shell was built. A cloud of nano machines that covers the world, much like the Ozone layer of Earth, protecting the surface from harsh space radiation and falling meteorites, as well as containing the budding artificial atmosphere. Communications could not pass through the Aurora Shell, and so the colonists could only maintain contact with their colony ship via the shuttle crafts that would come down from the colony ship periodically. One day, the shuttles stopped coming. The colonists already on the surface had no way to get back to the ship, and no radio could pierce the Aurora Shell. A shuttle was built that could carry someone back to the ship. But for some reason, as it was climbing toward the Aurora Shell, it was hit by an energy bolt, resulting in a powerful wave of energy that left much of the young surface city in ruins. The colonists rebuilt, and decided that further attepts t

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