Snowchaser (Retired)

General Information

Full Name: Snowchaser
Faction: Confederacy
Rank: 1 - Private 2nd Class
Function: Enforcer Snowkitty
Series: Earth-212
Species: Bionic Catwoman

"Just be good and back off, and I won't have to turn you into a super-popsicle!"

Snowchaser had been an ordinary snow leopard in a zoo until an symbiotic techno-alien crashed into her pen and fused with her, turning her into a bionic catwoman. Her intelligence and abilities have been augmented by the advanced AI, but she is still a predator at heart and lives by the laws of the wild; survival of the fittest and that the strong have all right to take from the weak and unworthy. Just now her prey is not only for food, but for wealth and defeating wannabe supers as well. Though not inherently evil she is bitter about her previous lifestyle, and that society tries to lock up villains as a similar display for their 'justice' when by the laws of the wild they should be the ones in control for being stronger and smarter. Otherwise she has little interest in taking over the world herself, but gladly works for others that do because they provide the most challenge and excitement for her. She's become a skilled villain, but at times more interested in the thrill of the hunt than the actual goal. Through the powers of her augmentations Snowchaser can generate cryogenic crystals hard enough to be used as projectiles, form fully functional ice-swords, and freeze other beings in icy formations. The cryo-crystals are more resistant to fire and heat than normal ice, but also fracture more easily from shockwaves. Combined with her hunter-like instincts and feral combat skills, she can be one cold kitty to try and handle

Vital Statistics

Age: 20, or at least that's what she looks like.
Gender: Female
Height: 6'2" (Athletic build)
Weight: 200 lbs. (Due to cybernetics and body-integrated armor)
Eyes: Ice Blue (but appear green through visor lenses)
Hair: Dark Blue with Frosted highlights, left shoulder length and free.


  • Cryo-Driver - The Cryo-Driver isn't a device in itself, but a multi-level system that permutates her entire body and armor/weapon systems. The alien technology combines cryogenics and controlled crystalline structuring to produce an 'ice', aka cryo-crystals, that is super durable as well as extremely cold. It can be used to form large ice crystal formations, entrapping others, and resists heat and melting from most sources of thermal energy/fire. The uniform molecular super-structuring does make them more susceptible to vibrational shockwave damage, however. It mainly feeds into her weapons, but can also be projected through various vents in her mechanical aspects, even a freezing blast from her mouth, as necessary.
  • Cryo-Blasters - Snowchaser can single or dual wield this pair of weapons, more akin to handheld cannons, but blasters sounds cooler. Empowered by the driver, they can fire cryo-crystals as bullet-like projectiles, chunks that crystallize rapidly and expand upon impact, or generate a cryogenic beam that forms into super-ice on contact, allowing her to freeze targets or sculpt crystalline formations as needed.
  • Glacier Cutter - A large sword made entirely of cryo-crystals that Snowchaser can generate at command. The precision crystalline formations give it the same durability as metallic alloy blades and a sharpened edge. Can also be used as a means of small crystal formations.
  • Iceshredder - This device resembles a large, futuristic jetboard, with its own minature cryo-emitter to produce an icy surface for it to glide across as her primary means of transportation. Combining the cryogenic emissions with her blasters allows for quick formation of ramps, jumps and other useful structures even while in motion.
  • Symbiotic Armor - Snowchaser's armor is a part of her body, effectively part of her cybernetics, though not attached to her pain reception, and 'retractable' when necessary. It is made of an alien material that is as durable as standard polymer alloys, but flexible like fabric. A pack-like storage unit is affixed to the backside, and several dash-booster jets are integrated into the sides and lower back of the torso piece. The 'boots' are built with a series of pneumatic pumps and pistons that farther increase her agility, specifically her super-leaping ability, and claw-shaped toes for traction.

Skills and Abilities

  • Criminal Enforcer - Snowchaser is a skilled criminal villain, though not the 'take over the world' type. She's much more interested in proving herself a superior hunter and pitting her predatory combat skills against challenging foes and daring missions with plenty of prey, both literally and monetary, for her to take for herself.
  • Acrobatic - Extremely acrobatic and agile, even in the middle of a vivid firefight. Capable of twisting and doding with exceptional feline grace and precision, executing stunning flips and rolls, preform superhuman leaps, and tricks like wall-climbs and double-jumps.
  • Predatory - She may be an intelligent, sentient being, but Snowchaser still thinks and sees things in the manner of a hunter. It's what makes her such an efficient combatant, combined with the alien technology. A bit of the feline mocking play-with-your-victim is there, but she's pretty to the point, and viciously so when necessary.
  • Special Ability: Overdriver - When the symbiotic systems absorb enough energy from her biochemicals (specifically adrenaline) and emotional energy during combat, the excess levels are pumped back into her systems. This causes a temporary but extensive peak in Snowchaser's abilities, increasing both her offensive and defensive abilities for a short but devastating amount of time.

Other Information

Tech-Symbiont: Produced by an alien species as the 'ultimate personal weapon system', it's only requirement is that its host is organic because it feeds off the biochemicals and emotional energies produced during excitement, combat and situations of high emotion in general. It is not a separate being though, its AI is complex but designed to mold entirely to the host's mind and create a unified entity in mental as well as physical ability. It gave Snowchaser the intelligence of a sentient creature, but harnessed her natural instincts and hunter mentality in doing so to combine with its combat programming. The fusion altered her physically through superior cybernetic enhancement, resulting in her superhuman strength, agility and durability, and her body being exceptionally energy efficient, in addition to the armor and weapon subsystems.


Note: To Be Continued

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