Sly Cooper
Sly Cooper
Vital Information
Gender M
Species Racoon (Anthro)
Source Sly Cooper-1
Faction Union
Rank PA
Function Master Thief/Saboteur
Groups None
Other Information
Age (Appearance) 24
Age (Actual) 24
Still Aging? Undecided
Height 5'4"
Weight 128lbs
Hair Color Silver/Black
Eye Color Brown
"There's no honor, no challenge, no fun, in stealing from ordinary people. You rip off a master criminal, then you know you're a master thief."
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Sly Cooper is the last in a long line of master thieves that have existed since the beginning of recorded history. When he was just a child, his parents were butchered in front of him at the hands of the criminal organization known as the Fiendish Five, who then stole the Book of Cooper Family Secrets known as the Theivious Raccoonus. Sly grew up in an orphanage with his friends Bentley and Murray until he was old enough and skilled enough to reclaim the Thievious Raccoonus from his parents' murderers. Sly is quick, crafty and a highly skilled athlete, able to scale buildings, balance on pinpoints and disappear without a trace. While a lot of his abilities can be traced back to the Theivious Raccoonus, Sly also possesses a family heirloom in the form of a mystical cane that augments his already impressive skillset with uncanny abilities like short range teleportation, invisibility, and minor telekinesis. While Sly can be a powerful opponent in battle, his lithe and sleek form isn't built to take copious amounts of punishment. He will usually rely on trickery and speed to confound and escape an opponent instead of going toe to toe in a fight. While friendly and generally a very positive person, Sly's flirtatious and devil-may-care attitude can often be off-putting to friends and foes alike.


Master Thief/Saboteur: Sly has mastered every skill detailed in the Thievious Raccoonus and excels in everything pertaining to his art. Including but not limited to casing, infiltration, stealth, pickpocketing, safecracking, trap detection and disabling.

Charisma: Sly is incredibly charismatic and considered a lady's-man. Often uses this ability to sweet talk people and manipulate them for information, relieve them of their valuables, and, on occasion, avoid the long arm of the law.

Athleticism: Sly is a natural athlete and has uncanny skill in balance, climbing, agility and reflexes.

Bojutsu: Sly is a master in the use of a Bo. He usually prefers to use his cane, but can be deadly in combat with anything in the staff or polearm family of weapons. When using his Family Cane, he can add magical effects to his attacks that can stun and electrocute opponents.

The Binocucom: A pair of sophisticated Binoculars that allow Bentley to see what Sly sees and point out physical weaknesses on opponents as well as hidden items and passages.

Murray (PL 32): Full-time wheelman and part-time burden. A slow-witted pink hippopotamus and the brawn of the Cooper Gang.

Bentley (PL 20): Nerdy computer hacker and inventor turtle who is confined to a wheelchair. Serves as the brains of the Cooper Gang.

Sly's Cane: Sly possesses a family heirloom in the form of a Mystical Cane that, combined with his knowledge of the Theivious Raccoonus, gives him a multitude of extraordinary abilities (all of the following abilities require that Sly have his cane in his possession):

Minor Telekinesis: Sly is able to move small objects a short distance with his mind.

Invisibility: Sly can temporarily vanish from sight.

Teleport: Sly can magically teleport short distances (15-20 feet) to escape opponents and overcome obstacles. This ability requires line of site and he cannot teleport through solid objects.

Disguise (Requires OOC Consent): Can temporarily take on the appearance and mannerisms of somebody else of similar size.

Bomb: Sly can use his cane to charge a small item and turn it into a tiny bomb that he can trigger from several yards away.


Wanted Criminal: Sly is a known thief and while he specializes in stealing from criminals, that doesn't quite fly with law enforcement, especially the Interpol of his own universe.

Tragic Past: While Sly is a positive outgoing character for the most part, having watched his parents murdered as a child has affected him deeply. He tends to show off, brag and overcompensate for his scarred psyche when around his friends. He constantly tries to keep his mind occupied with stunts and new challenges so he doesn't have to focus on his past.

Recklessness/Guilt: Feels personally responsible for Bentley's injury and subsequent confinement to a wheelchair. Tends to take the most dangerous tasks for himself to avoid seeing any further harm fall to his friends.

Slight Build: Sly has focused most of his training on speed and dexterity and while physically strong for the most part, he lacks the staying power of a bulkier fighter. As a result he will use his environment and trickery to escape opponents, but when trapped, he can be very vulnerable to a serious beat down.

Hopeless Romantic: Sly has a real weakness for the fairer sex. This has backfired on him on multiple occasions when he's been used by females he's had real feelings for and then double-crossed. In particular, he has an unhealthy infatuation with Inspector Carmelita Fox, who has been charged with bringing the Cooper Clan to justice.

Vendetta: Because the Cooper family specializes in stealing from Master Criminals, they are considered high value targets to those they have offended. The most powerful of the Cooper family's enemies is the ancient robotic owl known as Clockwerk.

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