Skyward Link (Retired)
Vital Information
Gender Male
Species Hylian
Source The Legend of Zelda-3
Faction Union
Rank A-Ally
Function Champion of the Goddess
Groups N/A
Other Information
Age (Appearance) Early 20s
Age (Actual) 18
Still Aging? Yes
Height 5'9"
Weight 158 lbs.
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
"She managed to get through here without a sword, without a shield, no Loftwing, every monster in the area after her, lost, disoriented, traps and locked doors and more slavering monsters around every corner… and she still got here before we did. I think somebody hates me."


Though he originally had simple dreams of becoming a Skyloft Knight, fate had a greater destiny in mind for Link. Chosen by the goddess Hylia as her mortal champion, his quest to find his lost childhood friend would take him across the length and breadth of the land that would someday become Hyrule. For Zelda's sake he would face down monsters, brave dangerous dungeons, and plunge headlong into the unknown. Kind and caring almost to a fault, Link is generous and honest, virtually incapable of manipulation or deceit. He tends to offer his time and services freely if someone should need help of any kind, even if it gets him into trouble. He believes that everyone should be able to rely on everyone else, and he's determined to forge himself into a protector skilled enough for his missing Zelda to rely on. Throughout his travels Link has amassed quite the array of gadgets, tools, weapons, and relics to help him in his travels, and seems to have an infallible knack for figuring out how to use them. With the blessed Goddess Sword and the guidance of Hylia herself, he's convinced that there's no challenge he'll turn down, if it means finding Zelda again.


  • Crimson Loftwing: All residents of Skyloft are paired to a great stork-like bird, called a Loftwing, that remains with them for the rest of their lives. These birds serve as the primary means of transportation above the cloud barrier, and are also lifelong friends to their chosen Hylians. Though intelligent, they cannot speak, and do not understand complex concepts very well. Having called the Loftwing "Foxbird" as a small child for its fluffy tail and the fact that it's… well… a giant bird, the simple moniker's stuck through the years.
  • Equipment: Link has acquired a ridiculous stockpile of tools, weapons, and curiosities in his travels throughout the sky, the surface world, and the Multiverse. They can be listed in greater detail by viewing +info Skyward Link/Equipment1, +info Skyward Link/Equipment2, and +info Skyward Link/Equipment3.
  • Marksmanship: A passing good shot with both bow and slingshot, Link has the ability to use both weapons to great effect on the battlefield. His slingshot is more useful as a distraction, and his bow isn't very useful at close range, but Link knows how to coax full potential out of both weapons.
  • Resilience: Most residents of Skyloft seem to show a preternatural resilience to falling from great height. Link is no exception, able to fall from heights that seem like they would be capable of crippling or killing others of the Multiverse. Curiously, this trait seems to be shared even among the non-Elite of his world, perhaps through adapting to life in Skyloft.
  • Swordsmanship: Though only a trainee of the Skyloft Knight's Academy, Link shows a prodigal talent for swordsmanship. His skills aren't infallible, nor is he perfectly capable of defending himself. In fact, he tends to favour a rapid-fire offense, and has a tendency to leave himself wide open, defensively speaking.
  • The Goddess Sword: This relic of the goddess has been bequeathed to Link by Hylia herself, as her chosen champion. In addition to serving as a particularly fine example of an ordinary weapon, its guardian spirit, Fi, serves as Link's guide. Fi can offer advice, and she can also guide him literally, letting the blade serve as a dowsing rod.


  • Honesty: In keeping with being an all-around nice guy, Link is a bad liar. In fact, Link is a monstrously terrible liar, and can no better tell a lie than he can fly like a Loftwing by flapping his arms. If he's put into a situation where he has to rely on deceit or trickery, one can all but consider the task failed.
  • Kindling: Link seems to have an unfortunate predisposition towards burning, if ever there is a situation where he can be somehow set on fire. The consequences are invariably fatal to his shields.
  • Lazy: Most Skyloft residents can agree that Link isn't one of the more promising academy trainees. Link has a strong predisposition towards laziness, preferring to spend his days watching clouds or drifting aimlessly. He isn't abhorrent to the idea of working, but it doesn't take much effort to distract him from the task at hand, flopping to take a nap in the sun instead of doing what he's told to do.
  • Nice Guy: Link is nice to a fault. If somebody needs their kitten rescued from a tree, he'll do it. If some little old lady needs help crossing a road, he'll be there to see her safely to the other side. If some horrible monstere needs slaying, Link will take up his sword. It's not hard to see how this can very easily be twisted against him and lead him into a horrible feedback loop of doing charitable (and often highly dangerous) things for people without stopping to think about his own safety.
  • Obsession: The driving force beyond most of Link's actions is the quest to rescue his childhood friend, Zelda. Having vanished, he later found that she had ended up on the surface world, and set out on a pilgrimage to visit the sites sacred to the goddess. Unfortunately, Link always seems to be one step behind her, and the matter of her protection has fallen to the mysterious Impa, a servant of the goddess. It's become something of an obsession to prove his worth as a guardian to the caustic Impa, and to be there for his closest friend in her time of need. Link can be very, very prickly about this; insinuating that he's not good enough in any way tends to draw out his unthinking ire, making him sloppy in fights and just plain argumentative otherwise.

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