Sky Lynx
Sky Lynx
Vital Information
Gender Male
Species Transformer (Autobot)
Source Transformers-4
Faction Union
Rank 2
Function Aerospace Commander (Commander Modesty)
Groups None
Other Information
Age (Appearance) Does not Age
Age (Actual) 4 Million +
Still Aging? No
Height 150 Feet high (combined form)
Weight 240,000 lbs (estimated)
Hair Color Red White & Blue Armor
Eye Color Gold
"Now remember, before you do anything, think, 'Is this what Sky Lynx would do in my position?', and you will not go far wrong."
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Created by a rogue Autobot scientist shortly after the departure of the Ark, Sky Lynx was a crucial and powerful component of the Autobot resistance against Shockwave's forces for nearly 4 million years. He quickly rose in rank and notoriety and became quite accustomed to accolades and praise, forging a rather ample ego for himself. Although always the first to point it out, Sky Lynx is among the best at what he does, often sacrificing his sizable frame and armor to protect those who cannot protect themselves. He is passionate and heroic and prides himself in being among the most definitive examples of heroism and justice. Sky Lynx is an odd combination for a transformer. His alternate mode is a classic US space shuttle with cargo carrier, but he can transforms into two distinct physical entities that share the same personality, a large avian and a massive lynx. However, his preferred form is that of a combination of the two, a mode called, affectionately, the "Dino-Bird". Unlike most Transformers, Sky Lynx is able to draw energy from the sun, rather than being solely dependent upon energon. His strength is immense and he is physically one of the strongest individual Transformers who is neither a city nor a Gestalt. While often coming across and somewhat snobbish and proper, Sky Lynx is prone to fits of righteous rage that can over-ride his sensibilities and severely compromise him in battle.


Space Shuttle mode (PL 30): A classic space Shuttle as depicted in the late 1980's United States. In this mode, he has a cargo-hold and is capable of transporting as many as 10 moderate sized Transformers. He has minimal armaments, possessing general defensive lasers, and relying mostly on heavy shielding and light armor to protect him from atmospheric entry and attack. He is able to achieve faster than light travel, to quickly travel from planet to planet.

Avian mode (PL 32): A large white avian of indeterminate classification. Faster and more lithe than his Dino-bird mode, but far more vulnerable to attack. In this mode, he possesses large bird-like claws and a mouth-mounted laser cannon that can be used for defense. This mode is mostly used for scouting missions.

Lynx mode (PL 33): A large blue Lynx-like cat. It has no armaments beyond is powerful jaws and claws, but that's usually all it needs. Used when he needs to shrink down and get into smaller spaces.

Dino-Bird mode (PL 34): A strange conglomeration of his Avian and Lynx modes, somewhat resembling a griffon or dragon. It is a physically imposing and massive 4-legged form that stands nearly 80 feet tall, is over 150 feet from nose to tail and weighs several hundred tons. Here he possesses the sharp, destructive claws of his Lynx mode, the ability to fly from his Avian mode, and he is able to access energy reserves that are not available to his other modes, quadrupling his power and turning his mouth-mounted laser into a destructive plasma cannon. He is deceptively fast and lithe for his size, but definitely loses agility and speed from his increased mass. He also carries incendiary missiles in his tail.


Overconfidence: Although he has been defeated on a few occasions, Sky Lynx does not believe his match exists in the universe. While this makes him fearless, he can also underestimate enemies by a mile and find himself in the scrap heap, chalking the defeat up as a "Fluke that will not happen again!"

Arrogance: Some often wonder how Sky Lynx's massive form and even bigger ego can fit in the same room. While most write his outlandish claims and self-congratulatory speeches as "Commander Modesty at it again," others can find it tiresome and difficult, while especially sensitive beings may outright resent him.

Judgmental: Sky Lynx sees the world in black and white. While he tempers his judgment with mercy, he sees little evidence that anyone who has committed an evil act is ever capable of truly reforming, thus he can be mistrusting and suspicious of allies that have made even the most minor of ethical mistakes.

Isolated: Sky Lynx holds himself up as a role model to all who see him, whether they be friend of foe. Because of his strict code, he has very few actual "friends" and feels very isolated at times. It doesn't help that he was constructed so ridiculously large that he doesn't fit in places where a lot of normal Transformers do. His massive size is also frightening to smaller life forms, so it is difficult for him to maintain relationships with anyone outside of combat. He often feels confused and unable to relate to those who are much smaller than him, in spite of their efforts to socialize with him.

Righteous Rage: Sky Lynx is passionate. Often too passionate and will fly off the handle if he perceives an ally as being in over his/her head or injured. When he is like this, he can often abandon basic logic and reason - which leads to mistakes. His rage is an expression of the animalistic tendencies he keeps repressed at all times. He finds this behavior uncouth and unbecoming of him, and is embarrassed by these violent outbursts. Fortunately they are very infrequent and only really come out in times of desperation or real danger.

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