Vital Information
Gender Female
Species Kirin
Source The Twelve Kingdoms-1
Faction Unaffiliated
Rank X-None
Function Missing Minister
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Other Information
Age (Appearance) Mid-20s
Age (Actual) 52
Still Aging? No
Height 5'6"
Weight 110 lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
"There's so much more beyond the kingdoms… but it's all right, it's all right. I'm not dismayed. He's still alive, so that only means I need to search a little faster."


Between beast and god, the twelve kirin select each king of the Twelve Kingdoms, serving as primary advisor to each. They alone choose, bound lifelong to their master's fate. One such kirin, Shunrin is from the Kingdom of Shun, bound to a man named Touryu, the Herald-King of Shun. As all her kind, she is benevolent and merciful, and Shunrin herself is quite optimistic and cheerful. Abhorrent of violence, the very sight or smell of blood can incapacitate her. Her primary purpose is to find Touryu and thereby restore order to her home kingdom. Learning about this vast new world along the way, though… that might be worthwhile, too.


  • Kirin: Thse divine beasts who serve the Twelve Kingdoms' rulers are wondrous creatures capable of amazing feats. Resistant to disease and illness, Shunrin heals from wounds more quickly than mortals. By her very nature, she can't die of old age. As the king's advisor, she is afforded tremendous respect in the Kingdom of Shun and regarded highly.
  • Running Upon the Wind: Kirin have the ability to travel the skies as readily as the earth. By running on the wind itself, Shunrin is among the fleetest of creatures in her world, and can't be overtaken by even winged demons. This ability helps her cross long distances very quickly.
  • Shapeshifting: Kirin aren't human. They can assume two forms, that of a human and that of a beast. As a beast, Shunrin is a slender deer-like creature with a flowing mane, horse-like tail, cloven hooves, and a single pronged horn jutting from her brow. In this form, she is tremendously fleet of foot. As a human, she appears as a refined young lady.
  • Sirei: All kirin have the allegiance of special demons, pact-bound into serving them, known as sirei. Shunrin has her own collection of subservient sirei. They will die for her if needed, and they can't act against her in any way. Shunrin's sirei trend towards creatures fleet of foot. (All combat-capable sirei are PL 28 or below. Shunrin herself is PL 24 when alone. +info Shunrin/Sirei)


  • Horn: Kirin bear a pronged horn on their brow as beasts, and a slight bump on the forehead as humans. To have this touched is uncomfortable and distressing, as the horn is the source of a kirin's heavenly powers. To have the horn compromised seals the kirin's ability to shapeshift, command their sirei, or speak. To have it cut off is crippling, and will confine them to one form or another. Though the source of her power, Shunrin's horn is also a tremendous liability.
  • Kirin: Though divine, kirin are bound by mandates of their own. Shunrin obeys the king absolutely in all matters, even if his orders go against her nature; she is in fact physically incapable of defying him. If her king violates the Mandate of Heaven, she will contract "sitsudo," or "losing-of-the-Way." This lasts until the king either corrects his rule, abdicates from the throne and forfeits his life to let her find a more suitable king, or Shunrin perishes. A kirin is also physically incapable of bowing to anyone but the king they choose, even if their head is forced down. These are largely local matters, though, and are not generally Multiversal problems.
  • Pacifist: A kirin's most fatal flaw is their incapability to tolerate violence. If exposed to blood that isn't hers, Shunrin will become seriously ill or even faint. Just the smell of blood can distract her so badly she can't think straight, and she becomes distressed even at the threat or thought of violence. Blood could easily be used to incapacitate, capture, or otherwise compromise Shunrin against her will.
  • Shapeshifting: Though she can change her form, Shunrin is bound by the flaws of each. In both forms, she's quick but not powerful, and it doesn't take much to put her down. As a beast, if the proper seals are carved into her horn, her abilities can be sealed. This prevents her from transforming, commanding her sirei, or even speaking. As a human, she lacks a kirin's physical capabilities, such as speed or the ability to run on the wind.
  • Sirei: These pacified demons serve as Shunrin's personal defense, but they're still mortal creatures. There are creatures far stronger than they in Shunrin's own homeland, let alone the greater Multiverse. The sirei Shunrin chose are fleet of foot rather than strong or enduring, and their purpose is largely to buy her enough time to escape. Furthermore, if Shunrin's powers are bound in any way, she can't command her sirei; they will share in her weaknesses or incapacitation.
  • Taiho: As the chief minister of and personal advisor to her king, Shunrin is in a position of great influence and importance. This makes her a target of the unsavoury types of her own world, as well as the potential target of Multiversal entities. Though not a rich kingdom, the Kingdom of Shun would still empty its coffers to have its dear kirin returned if anything should happen to her; for in addition to her sage counsel, the Herald-King's life is bound to that of its kirin.

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