General Information

Full Name: Shiranui
Faction: Union
Rank: Ally
Function: Divine Retribution
Series: Okami-1
Species: Divine Wolf
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male

"<No matter how strong or powerful the darkness, it only serves to make the light of the Sun stronger.>"

Profile: 100 years ago in the land of Nippon, there was a wolf who was granted the power to fight against the darkness that threatened the mortal populace by the Sun Goddess herself. Accompanied by a Celestial Envoy known as Ishaku, the wolf fought alongside the swordsman Nagi and helped seal the demon Orochi, though was poisoned. Named 'Shiranui' by the villagers, the wolf travelled and eventually cured itself, travelling to the present day to repay a debt to a mysterious benefactor While he may seem to be just a wolf, he has been granted the power of the Celestial Brush, utilizing many forms of attacks and techniques to fight the evil that threatens all worlds, dedicated to make the land a peaceful place for all, while his sprite-sized companion Ishaku handles documenting the story for all.


Major NPCs

  • Ishaku - A Poncle that travels with Shiranui as his Celestial Envoy, Ishaku serves to document the things he finds on his journey, as well as mediate and translate for those unable to hear Shiranui's celestial speech or spot his celestial nature, despite his absolutely tiny stature. Ishaku is also able to store items for Shiranui by turning them into paintings on a fan and pulling them off later. Ishaku takes his position as a Celestial Envoy quite seriously, but is otherwise brash and boastful.


  • Divine Instruments - Though far more limited in weaponry than his successor Ammiko, Shiranui's skill with his weapons is remarkable. He has access to a Reflector called the Solar Flare, burning with the holy fires of the Sun Goddess, and also able to be used as a shield. He also has access to Rosaries called the Devout Beads, which he can shoot rapidly at foes. Unlike Ammiko, he cannot use his Rosaries as a whip-like weapon.

Skills and Abilities

  • Divine Power - Shiranui is a celestial being in the form of a wolf, functioning as one of the avatars of the Sun Goddess of his world. This has granted him reasoning beyond that of a mere animal, yet also strengthened what he already had. His senses are highly attuned to supernatural levels, and can even sense the presence of malice or evil. He is quick on his feet and capable of impressive feats, from outrunning most bipedal fighters, to simply digging. He is also granted Celestial speech, though usually only Aurics can hear it. Furthermore, those who cannot hear his Celestial speech don't see his markings and aura, instead seeing only a white wolf. Lastly, he is able to wield the Celestial Brush, divine magic that alters the environment much like a painter working on a canvas.
  • Combative Brushstrokes - Like his successor, Shiranui has several Celestial Crush techniques meant to combat darkness and corruption, however his techniques place a stronger emphasis on offense. His Power Slash allows him to unleash a flurry of sword-like cuts at a foe, even at a large distance, slicing through even diamond. Cherry Bomb allows him to summon a powerful firecracker that explodes to deal large damage to foes (as well as provide quite a display). Galestorm allows him to summon up the winds as tornadoes or breezes as he sees fit, while Inferno, Blizzard, Watersprout and Thunderbolt allow him to direct and control the elements of fire, ice, water and lightning respectively. Fireburst, Icestorm, Deluge and Thunderstorm allow him to assault foes with the same elements without needing a source. Also, though not a technique like the others, he can also blind foes with ink and unleash a flurry of Ink Bullets.
  • Defensive Brushstrokes - Shiranui's remaining Brush Techniques allow him to defend himself or aid others. Rejuvenation can repair broken objects and replace missing parts, though only if the part existed previously. The Greensprout techniques of Bloom, Vine and Lillypad allow him to make plants bloom and grow, use vines like whips to slingshot himself over distances or tie up enemies and create floating lillypads to cross water respectively. Catwalk is a technique that allows him to run on vertical surfaces for a short time, while Mist summons up a fog to confuse and slow enemies, or even teleport to locations he has visited through mirrors (assuming it isn't shielded against teleportation), while Fountain allows similar between water springs (both natural and man-made). Lastly, his Sunrise and Crescent techniques allow him to alter light, mimicking day or night in a small area.


Not many fully recall the tale of Shiranui's birth and adventures, but even then, most of it is shrouded by the legends of the white wolf of Kamiki Village. The legends say nothing of Shiranui's birth, but whispers speak of the Sun Goddess granting a Divine Instrument to a white wolf, beseeching it to protect the land from darkness. To help it along its path, the wolf was accompanied by a diminuative traveller, a Poncle known as Ishaku, who would serve as its Celestial Envoy. Granted its mission and power, the wolf travelled the land of Nippon, quietly protecting the land. It is during a fateful event that the legends of Shiranui became known.

100 years ago when a ceremony in Kamiki Village to sacrifice a maiden to the demon Orochi drew near, a peculiar white wolf was seen roaming around the village at night. The villagers, thinking the wolf as a familiar of Orochi, named the wolf "Shiranui". Because the villagers thought Shiranui to be a familiar of Orochi, a skilled swordsman known as Nagi attempted to challenge him, but the wolf would use his swift movements to escape from him every time. On the night of the festival, when it was discovered that Nagi's beloved, Nami, was to be sacrificed to Orochi, Nagi disguised himself as Nami to approach and slay Orochi. However, his attempts seemed to be in vain because of Orochi's steel-hard hide. During their battle, Nagi was brutally injured, but just before the fatal blow was to be dealt to Nagi, Shiranui arrived and stepped in to battle Orochi.

After hours of fighting, Shiranui received many wounds and was about to lose the battle as well. When the final blow was about to be struck, Shiranui lifted his head and howled, summoning the moon, which gave Nagi new strength that helped him defeat and seal Orochi. Even though the battle was won, it came at a price. Shiranui had been poisoned by Orochi's deadly claws during the battle and was slowly, but surely, dying. Nagi carried Shiranui back to the village, but it seemed to be for nothing. The wolf, rather than lay down and die, mustered all of his ebbing strength and left the village on a journey. The villagers built a shrine on the resting grounds in honor of Shiranui's brave deeds, though in truth the deeds were not just his own. Though the legend may end there with Shiranui's apparent death, the truth continues on.

Forcing his rapidly-weakening body onwards, Shiranui travelled to Kamui, refusing to let his life seep out of his body. There, he intended to seek the help of the Poncle, to see if more experienced Celestial Envoys might know of a way that he may continue to protect Nippon from darkness, but the last of his strength escaped him and he collapsed in the snow. But the Oina people found him barely clinging to life, treating his wounds and managed to remove the poison with powerful potions. Having sensed the mysterious presence during his battle with Orochi, Shiranui discovered that someone, or something, had travelled to his time from the present and changed events that would otherwise have led to his death. Seeking to repay the favor, Shiranui approached the Spirit Gate in the forests, seeking to travel to the present in order to find and assist his mysterious benefactor. Instead, he was sent on a one-way trip to the Multiverse's present, where he decided to protect it from evil, and perhaps find the unified version of his mysterious, time-travelling ally.


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