Shinku (Retired)

General Information


Full Name: Shinku, Reiner Rubin
Faction: Union
Rank: A-Ally
Function: Fifth Doll
Series: Rozen Maiden
Species: Living Doll

"Its just as you said, living with imperfection, you find ways to compensate… the essence that defines me… perhaps nothing is really junk, even Suigintou…"

Profile: Shinku, entitled Reiner Rubin or Pure Ruby, is the fifth doll created in the Rozen Maidens. Dressed all in crimson much to her namesake, her angelic features seemed marred only by the solemn expression upon her face. Among the seven sister dolls she is seemingly the most stern and composed, and her image is that of Victorian nobility. Adhering to a code of discipline and propriety, she conducts her actions with practiced grace and expects all those with her to do the same and has no qualms about punishing those who do not follow suite. Her attitude much befits her style in battle, as she is not one to be trifled with, and is ready to deal out chastisement with her storm of rose petals. Yet despite her serious nature she is truly kind and loving at heart, even if she has trouble showing it. She loves her sisters and believes that the Alice Game can be won and that they might be able to meet 'Father' without having to fight and destroy each other. Of course Shinku has a secret weakness, Detective Kun Kun! She never misses and episode of his show and obsessively collects merchandise of it. In her mind, she feels she is connected by a red string of fate to this dog puppet detective.

Vital Statistics

Age: Roughly 200
Gender: Female
Height: About 3 feet
Weight: Not much!
Note: She's mostly constructed of porcelain with balljoints. She has no pulse. Though she is capable of both breathing and eating, she has no real need to do either. Any food she ingests is presumably converted entirely into energy, which is then absorbed by her Rosa Mystica.


Combat: One of the primary functions of a Rozen Maiden doll is physical and magical martial combat. The maestro alchemist and doll crafter Rozen created them with that in mind, so despite Shinku's diminutive stature and seemingly harmless features, she is quite capable and resilient. Direct combat is limited only by her reach, yet she makes up for this with confidence, calculated power, speed, flight, and her rose petals.

Rose Petals: Each of the seven Rozen maidens were endowed with unique powers by Rozen. Shinku's power gracefully manifests itself in rose petals. From her, a seemingly infinite swarm of them can be strewn into the air that orbit around her at her command. They can condense into a shield fully or partially around her or others, and are capable of defending against powerful incoming physical and magical attacks. They can also be used as offensive missile weapons individually as clusters, or in an area of effect suppressive fire torrent. The torrent of petals is more often used as a distraction as it causes less direct damage but impairs visibility and can stun opponents. Clusters of petals can also be used for distanced grappling and entrapping of a foe. Lastly, if an inanimate doll has an aura of latent sentience, Shinku can awake it with a rose petal and for a very short time command it.

Hollie: Shinku's artificial spirit companion. She can summon it at will and it manifests as a tiny glowing red light that obeys her commands. Besides being fully battle capable it can assist in magic use for more mundane tasks such as repairing material objects and making contact with potential mediums or delivering messages. These spirits are linked to the Roza Mystica, thus command and ownership of Hollie are transferred to any doll who ever defeats Shiku.

N-Field: Each Rozen Maiden doll has a tiny pocket dimension. These individual spaces seemingly reflect the soul of the doll itself and are used as a refuge from the material planes. Shinku's N-Field simulates a Victorian era sitting room done in crimson with a red velvet padded chair and a tea table next to an unlit fireplace. A large window sits behind the chair with its curtains drawn, the weather outside it reflecting Shinku's current mood.

Cane: Shinku has a small pink walking cane with a pink bow tied at it's the neck, yet it functions more as an odd tertiary weapon than a fashion accessory and seems as durable as herself. She's often seen fencing with it and using it to parry against physical and magical attacks.

Medium: A Rozen Maiden's power by itself is very limited in the material world, and she can only use her powers full potential in the N-field. Yet with the Rose Ring she forms a contract with a human that allows her to use its energy for herself. Thus she can manifest her powers more to their fuller potential. However this is very draining on the human and if the doll drains too much energy she can actually consume and destroy the human entirely. Not just any human will do either, they must have a compatible soul with the doll. Luckily the doll's artificial spirit can usually detect this.

Roza Mystica: This is a Rozen Maiden's artificial human soul created by Rozen through magic and alchemy, giving it life and the potential to become Alice in the Alice game. If one of the seven dolls defeats the other six and takes their Roza Mystica, she will be able to finally meet Father by becoming Alice, a girl embodying the purest beauty and perfection whose spirit resides within Rozen himself.

Slap!: The signature reprimand of Shinku. If you step out of line around her you best be prepared! You need not fear only her hands, but her pigtails and even her bonnet headdress!

Other Information

Alice Game

Despite being called a 'game', this is more a battle-oriented competition to become Alice, she who is "more sublime than any flower, purer than any gem, and without a touch of impurity" - in other words, the perfect girl. Originally, Rozen attempted to create the perfect girl as he made the Rozen Maidens, but each attempt failed. The Alice Game was thusly set up. The idea is that the dolls fight each other using their natural abilities, and in doing so, take the others' Rosa Mysticas. When a doll attains all seven (six from the other dolls, one original to herself), she will become Alice. Long after their creation, Rozen revealed that there is another way to become Alice, but this was only told to two people (Shinku and Jun, her medium at the time), and the exact process was never described.

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