Sheena-Fujibayashi (Retired)

General Information

Full Name: Sheena Fujibayashi
Faction: Union
Rank: A - Ally
Function: Intel/Assassination
Series: Tales of Symphonia
Species: Half-Elf.

"WHERE are you looking?! Stupid chosen…"

Profile:Sheena Fujibayashi is an outwardly reserved, professional, no-nonsense girl with a bit of an attitude. Privately, however, she's a kind and considerate girl of nineteen whose inner optimist was very nearly slain long ago by reality. Raised in the hidden village of Mizuho since she was an infant, Sheena is extremely proficient at infilitation, assassination, intelligence, counter-intelligence, subterfuge, and the arts of war. Unlike her fellow ninja of Mizuho, however, Sheena can sense and wield magics with a great deal of proficiency. She is also a practicioner of the nearly lost art of summoning - enabling her to call upon living forces of nature with powers far in excess of her own. As the successor to the current leader of Mizuho, a Union agent, and a hero to two worlds now unified (in more way than one) this girl's always got her hands full.

Vital Statistics

Age: 19
Gender: Female
Height: 5'4''
Weight: 110 lbs.
Eye Color: Brown.
Hair Color: Ebony.
Complexion: Porcelean
Build: Short, lithe, and toned. Shapely feminine figure, filled out in all the right places.
Apparent Ethnicity: Asian albeit with some clearly elfen features.
Close Friends of the Multiverse: Lloyd Irving, Fayt Ravus, White Saber.
Lovers: No one yet! (Zelos wishes).
Sworn Enemies of the Multiverse: None.

Additional Details

Mizuho: Sheena's home is in the hidden village of Mizuho. It is a reclusive little village hidden in the woods near Iselia. The citizenry live their lives in accordance with ancient traditions and despise outsiders entering the village to glimpse their secrets. Though they are a member of the Union, they do not appreciate even Union members in their village and are reluctant to offer any aid of their own free will. Being the next in line for village chief, however, Sheena is slowly breaking them of this.

Major NPCs

Mizuho Ninjas: Though most are nowhere near as strong as a Union standard Elite by themselves, in groups they are formidable. One ninja of the vilage, however, is quite capable of taking on Elites by himself and his name is Kuchinawa. Though all of them are reluctant to help in any way, Sheena has the authority to force them to if she must and they will comply.

Summon Spirits: Beings of incredible elemental power - one of them being a severely depowered, as of late, god of Aselia - Sheena can call upon these beings and their powers to aid her in anything she needs. Their descriptions are below.

Efreet: The lord of flames. Efreet is a powerful fire elemental entity with a 'hot' temper. He often appears as something of a demon.

Celsius: Mistress of ice. Celsius, and her tusked wolf Fenrir, are both ice-elemental spirits of incredible power. Like her elemetal sugests, she has a 'cool' and indifferent attitude. Celsius is also something of a martial artist fighting only with her fists and feet and her power over ice. She appears as a beautiful blue-skinned, blue-eyed, maiden in ornate dress.

Gnome: Guardian of earth. Despite being male in personality, Gnome appears as giant mole with a shovel and wearing a big red bow on its head. He is of the earth element. Rude, and given to being incredibly direct when he doesn't like something, he's also a stubbornly umoveable as a mountain when he believes he's right.

Sylph: Riders of the wind. Appearing as three beautful airborne fairies with fierce attitudes, Sylph fights with various weapons and a shield and ae highy coordinated. Wind-elemental.

Undine: Lady of the waters. Appearing as a beautiful maiden with a stern gaze and wielding an aquaeous sword, her personality resembles her respective element… being soft and benevolent at times, and others as forceful and destructive as the raging sea. Water-elemental.

Volt: Hammer of God. Appearing as giant, floating, orb of electricity wit eyes and a dangerous gaze, Volt is a elemental spirit of Lightning. He is called the Hammer of God because of his fierceness. He is one of the few spirits in Sheena's arsenal who follows the philosophy 'Destroy it first, ask questions only if it refuses to die'. Sheena still has nightmares about a bad encounter with this one…

Luna: Queen of the stars. Appearing as a lovely lass floating on a cyan moon, she is one of the duo of Light Spirits. She is very benevolent and patient, also very wise.

Aska: Lord of the skies. Appearing as a massive, shining, golden bird with twin heads he is one of the duo of Light Spirits. He is benevolent but a fierce protector of life, nature, and goodness. He is one of Sheena's primary modes of transportation.

Shadow: The fiend in the darkness. Appearing as a tall, skinny, amorphous blob of dark energy and a single floating eye. He can transform himself, and meld with darkness. He is a dark-elemental spirit. Despite his elemental, he is not evil and is benevolent but fierce and direct. He speaks in raspy broken sentences, and often says no more than absolutely necessary.

Maxwell: Master of Living Matter. Appearing as an elderly sage floating on a giant orb, he is the Summon Spirit of Birth with power over Life and Living Matter. As his visible age suggests, he is patient and wise. He is also one of the most peaceful, though he will fight and fiercely if he is needed. Elemental spirit of Life.

Origin: King of All/Master of Summon Spirits. He appears a muscular four-armed winged man wielding spears. He is the only non-elemental spirit, and possesses powers far in excess of the other spirits. He once forged a sword from a fraction of his power that could rend an entire world into two seperate dimensions. That sword is the Eternal Sword Lloyd Irving now wields. He is, for all practical purposes, the god of his world though since coming to the Multiverse his powers have been greatly subdued. He is a fierce fighter, a staunch defender of peace, justice, order, and goodness, and a destroyer of evil.


Exsphere: A living parasitic crystal-like lifeform originally grown inside the bodies of unlucky human slaves (who die after the crystal matures). When atached to a human being, it increases their capabilities with the downside of slowly killing its host. It is possible to suppress the detrimental side-effects of Exspheres wth charms called Key Crests. Sheena is the owner of a crested Exsphere (which she keeps reluctantly..), which increases her physical and magical abilities greatly.

Gates of Hell: A 'Devil's Arms' weapon, a magical seal card that grows more powerful with every enemy slain. This weapon is extraordinarily powerful and cannot be destroyed by conventional means. Sheena can summon/unsummon this weapon at will and, as with all of her seals, can control it remotely with her mind.

Skills and Abilities

Ninja: Sheena is a highly trained 'ninjin' (ninja) from the Mizuho hidden village of Tethe'alla with a speciality in reconaissance. She is formidable at armed and unarmed combat, and her primary weapons are 'seals': cards imbued with magic that can move independant of Sheena and be used to attack and disable foes, or empower herself and allies. Due to her training Sheena can render herself nearly undetectable, gain access to places normally difficult to get into, and use various forms of trickery to gain information she needs as well as get closer to targets.

Elven Summoner: Due to her half-elf blood, Sheena can sense and wield magic to a limited degree and more importantly: summon powerful spirits with whom she has made pacts. These spirits lord over the elements and even creation itself and are extremely powerful (Summons take a turn to cast and last for six turns in battle, and it is only during this time that Sheena's AID is added directly to her stats). In addition, she can use magic to support others to a certain extent (healing and buffing).

Shikigami (Guardians): Sheena (and other ninjas of Mizuho) can summon lesser spirits/monsters in addition to her elemental spirits. These shikigami or 'guardians' are weaker than regular summon spirits but can prove formidable as assistants in battle.

Boing-chan (Non-Serious): Because of the 'endowdness' of a certain area of her body, and her chosen style of dress, certain types of people (read: perverts) are easily distracted by Sheena… and though she rarely uses it to her advantage on purpose it happens often enough to give her a considerble winning streak…

Other Information


Sheena's life began in Gaoracchia Forest, a haunted forest maze were few dare venture, as an abandoned half-elf child just outside of the hidden village of Mizuho. Mizuho, a secretive village of ninja spies and assassins by trade, would become her home when the presiding village chief Igaguri adopted her as his 'grand daughter'. It was there in Mizuho where she would spend all of her time, training in the ways of the ninja…

At roughly the age of seven, it was discovered by Igaguri that Sheena was not a normal human as she seemed. She was found to be sensitive to magical energies and adept at wielding them as well. Upon the discovery of her elven blood, the peopele of Mizuho began to treat the girl differently… and not always in a positive manner. There were those who feared her for what she was and wanted her to leave, and those who sought to use her for their own purposes as well. Even Igaguri was not blind to her 'usefulness' and commanded her to go to the Temple of Lightning to make a pact with Summon Spirit Volt. He and a party of ninja would go to defend her and to guide her in the summoning process.

After arriving at the temple, and disarming or avoiding all of the traps, Sheena and her party summoned Volt andd attempted to make a pact but… no one could understand him. Not only had they chosen the only Summon Spirit who could not communicate with humans directly, but they had also chosen the one most prone to violent rage. Igaguri's blind insistance that Volt make a pact with a girl the spirit thought unworthy was met with defiance and then… deadly force. A quarter of
Mizuho's population fell victim to Volt's lethal outburst and the village chief was put into a coma. Sheena was one of the very few to survive. Openly or secretly, from that day forward, almost everyone in Mizuho would despise her. It was only at vice chief Tiiga's insistance that Sheena was allowed to stay.

Many years later, immediately after finishing her ninja training, it was decided that Sheena would become a representative of Mizuho to Meltokio and the King of Tethe'alla. It was in Meltokio that Sheena met the 'chosen of regeneration' Zelos Wilder during her first meeting with the King. It was also the first time, and certainly not the last, he got beaten to a pulp for violating her (peeping on her in the shower). It was this incident which bore in her a deeep resentment and a conflicted relationship with the 'idiot chosen' of Tethe'alla. She also met for her first real friend, an artificial summon spirit named Corrine who would follow her everywhere, during her visit to Meltokio's research center.

Sheena's first task as a representative of Mizuho was to act as a spy for the King of Tethe'alla and venture to the world of Sylvarant to determine whether the Chosen of that world was undertaking a journey of world regeneration herself. This journey, which determines the flow of mana between Sylvarant and Tethe'alla, is imperative for Sylvarant to begin to flourish again. But doing so would rob Tethe'alla of vital
mana, putting it ina state of decline. If Sheena determined the Chosen of Sylvarant was undertaking the journey, she had orders to kill her. They were orders she took very seriously.

It was on the Ossa trail that Sheena would first meet the Chosen of Sylvarant Colette Brunel and her entourage of bodyguard friends. It was here that she determined to confront and kill the Chosen, and it was here that she was thwarted by Lloyd Irving… and a mine shaft. Actually, it was more like Lloyd watched as Colette fell on a
conveniently placed lever… sending Sheena down a mineshaft. Surviving her fall, Sheena again confronts the Chosen at the end of the trail and here she is soundly defeated by Colette's 'guardians' for the first time and flees. She would continue to pursue them for quite some time, attempting and failing at strikes against Colette,
until she was finally forced to confront the group again at the Balacruf Mausoleum - this time with an shikigami as a summoned aid. She was beaten again without incident. Colette, naively blind as always, made an attempt at this junction to persuade Sheena to join them… in the face of which the assassin girl fled again.

Though she would remain in Sylvarant for quite some time afer her second defeat, she would not come into direct contact with the Chosen of Sylvarant's party again until a Desian (half-elves who use humans as slaves) attack on the town of Luin where she was residing. She attempted, and failed, to thwart the attack on her own and save the town. She was rewarded for her bravery with what would have been a
lethal beating. Left to die with the other occupants of Luin, it was here she met the Chosen and her entourage again. At the insistance of Colette and Lloyd, Raine Sage (the party's healer) would tend to her wounds and give Sheena a second chance at life. Sheena would, reluctantly, offer to join the traveling party in order to participate
in the ensuing attack on a Desian ranch. From this point on, she would remain with Colette and company until the end of their World Regeneration effort - acting both as a conflicted spy for Tethe'alla and a summoner who aids them in their quest of making pacts with the elemental Summon Spirits.

At the end of their journey, when it was revealed that Colette was to die at the Tower of Salvation by Cruxis (a group of 'angels' claiming to administrate the 'World Regeneration' process and the selection of the Chosen behind the scenes) , Sheena defied her responsibility to save Tethe'alla by helping to save the girl's life and by helping them flee to Tethe'alla. Once there, she departed from them to report her
failure in Mizuho - leaving the group in Meltokio with a letter to be delivered to the King which would explain their predicament.

After a time spent in Mizuho recounting her experience to vice chief Tiga, it was determined that Sheena would return to the party and continue to act as a spy - but this time she was a spy for Mizuho and not the King. Upon locating the group again in detention in Sybak under orders from the Pope, Sheena would help the group escape and save their two half-elf members who were to be executed. Thereafter, they would escape to Mizuho through Goarrachia Forest while being pursued by Papal Knights and criminals hired by the Pope to assassinate them. They would take one of the assassins, Regal Bryant, prisoner here and force him to aid them (which he would later
determine to do on his own anyway).

In Mizuho, after yet another meeting with chief Tiga - this time with Colette's party involved - a deal was struck that Sheena would accompany the group on the journey not as a spy but as a representative. For their service, it was agreed that the people of Mizuho would eventually be allowed to make a new home in Sylvarant as they were now considered traitors in Tethe'alla. All parties would then agree that the next step would be to form a pact with the spirit - Volt… much to Sheena's dismay. Wth fear welling up inside, and against her better judgement, the female ninja would lead her
compariots to the Temple of Lightning - a frequent setting for many of her worst nightmares.

After disarming the traps in the Temple of Lightning and making their way to the summon spirit Volt, Sheena and co. were greeted by a violent refusal to form a pact that wounded her friends and nearly killed Sheena. Just as Volt went to put his would be summoner out of her misery, Corrine sacrificed himself to save her. Emotionally
disraught and angered by Volt's foolishness, Sheena once again demanded the spirit's cooperation and with the help of her friends subdued Volt by force. Upon obtaining Volt's power, and Undine's prior to this, it was discovered that forming pacts with summon spirits in both Tethe'alla and Sylvarant severed mana links between the two
worlds. Hoping to separate the worlds completely and force them to stop competing for mana, Sheena and friends set about forming pacts with the other major elemental spirits (Gnome, Efreet, Celsus, Sylph, Luna and Aska, and Shadow) with the help of the Renegades who opposed Cruxis.

With the last seal broken (Luna and Aska, spirits of Light), the seed of the World Tree (the true source of mana between the two worlds, kept from growing by the mana links between the two worlds which were being severed) mutated and began growing out of control - threatening to destroy the worlds of Sylvarant and Tethe'alla. It was then learned that this was because the mana balance of the two worlds was highly unstable, not because the spirits had been unsealed, but because the Cruxis member Mithos Yggdrasil (legendary hero of an ancient war, summoner, and now mentally unstable villain) had long ago used the power of the ultimate spirit Origin to split his warring world into two halves separated by a dimensional barrier. These two halves became Sylvarant and Tethe'alla. Knowing this, the group of would-be heroes
set about supressing the rampant overgrowth of the World Tree, forming a pact with Origin after being forced to battle a comrade turned traitor (Kratos Aurion, Cruxis member), and defeating Mithos in Dherris-Kharlan (holy land of Cruxis, site of the World Tree seed) and obtaining the spirit of Birth Maxwell along the way.

Though the party nearly met with death several times, and despite Mithos's attempts to deceive and discourage them, they would succeed at ending the maddened hero-turned-angel's life and reuniting the worlds of Sylvarant and Tethe'alla as one whole world - restoring the World Tree, the source of infinite mana in the process. This accomplished, the group would reluctantly go about their separate ways and Sheena would return to Mizuho to resume her duties as successor to the village chief Igaguri. It is here where her life in the Multivese begins…

Sheena has most recently settled into an organized, albeit still confusing at times, life as a member of the Union Elites and has reunited with Lloyd Irving as well as meeting White Saber (Confederate), and starting a business deal and friendship with Fayt Ravus. She has also met other Unionites at a party held by Nivia, including Hellboy who she finds very amusing, and briefly Dexter /Boy/ Genius.

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