Shards of Alara-1

The planes of Alara has been split into five separate shards, each consisting of three of the five colors of mana available in the world of Magic: The Gathering. Unknown to each of the plane-shards, however, is the fact that the five shards are starting to come together once more in a great Conflux. There is more to this than meets the eye, however: A great shadow lurks beneath everything, waiting for the right time to spring.

The shadow is Nicol Bolas, a Planeswalker of the old days, when the Planeswalkers were forces not unlike gods in their worlds. Ever since the Great Mending, Nicols power has diminished, and he is planning to use the chaotic energy of the Conflux to refuel himself, so that he might dominate the Multiverse with power unopposed by the other Planeswalkers of his time, as he is the last surviving Planeswalker. It is up to the four new-style Planeswalkers that have taken up residence in four of Alaras five shards to thwart Nicol Bolas, using their power and the forces of the Shards in which they reside.

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