Shalaanesh Cannon

The Shalaanesh Cannon was a Confederate weapon designed by Taro at the request of Dr. Doom. Powered by the Power Cosmic generator created by Dr. Doom, the Cannon incorporated three separate weapons: 1) Wave Motion Gun. 2) A microwave-energy weapon. 3) A phonon maser attuned to the resonance frequency of a Skaven Screaming Bell. To overcome the fact that this weapon was stationary, it fired through a dedicated warpgate system, with the terminal warpgate carried into place by Confederate forces.

The Cannon was successfully fired exactly once: the power was such that it devastated a full third of New Washington's military district with bleedover damage into adjacent sectors. It also caused interference with the underpinnings of the Multiverse, thus giving Taro the reputation for breaking it.

The Cannon was later destroyed by Union forces after the protracted battle in and around New Pyongyang.

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