Vital Information
Gender Female
Species Saiyan
Source Dragonball Z-3
Faction Confederacy
Rank 6-General
Function Scout
Groups Session 613 (meanestMonkey)
Other Information
Age (Appearance) 21 Years
Age (Actual) 40 Years (see background)
Still Aging? Yes
Height 5'3"
Weight 140 lbs.
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
"If you want to defeat me, you have to catch me first."


Serori, scout for the once indomitable Saiyan Empire and trained infiltrator, exemplifies the arrogant nature which brought destruction down upon her people. In the months since her unification, she has come to fully embrace the Confederacy, and in doing so achieved a greater sense of discipline and purpose; however, she is still prone to acts of mischief and violence, and her temper isn't much-improved. A typical Saiyan, when she isn't stuffing her face or training on her own she likes to spend her time picking fights, not only to enhance her repertoire of martial techniques, but also to prove herself a worthy (if figurative) successor to Vegeta's abandoned throne. In achieving Super Saiyan, she feels like she is one step closer to realizing her vision for the future — a future in which old glory of her Saiyan Empire is restored and her people's name once again invokes fear.


Ki: Serori has been trained since birth to utilize the powerful ki innate to all Saiyans. With her ki, she is capable of controlled flight, and can produce varying forms of shaped or charged energy attacks as well as protective personal shields. Her speed and strength are greatly enhanced. She can often sense the strength of her opponents and can judge the potential threat of grouped opponents. 'Instant Transmission' enables her to teleport to familiar energy signatures. Concentration is required to activate this technique for long distance travel; however, she can freely employ it as an evasive maneuver in a fight.

Stubborn As @&*$: Like all Saiyans, Serori will gain greater power if she recovers from a near-death wounding earned in battle.

Super Saiyan: Serori has at last achieved the level of power required to trigger a Super Saiyan transformation. When transformed, her dark eyes change to vibrant green, and her hair, though too long to truly stand on end, becomes luminous gold, lifted slightly by the constant rush of power. Her speed, strength, and destructive capacity all increase. Her aura reflects a golden hue, too. She may enact this transformation at will, provided she has the endurance required to maintain it. Use of Super Saiyan tends exhaust her energy reservese more quickly. (PL 32 -> 33)

Saiyan Transformation: Serori possesses her Saiyan tail, which enables her to transform into a gigantic ape creature when in the light of any world's full moon. In her were-ape ('oozaru') form, she stands nearly 40 feet tall, possesses proportionally magnified strength, and can fire incredibly destructive energy beams through her mouth. Like many veteran Saiyans, she has total control over her oozaru state and will not berserk. (PL 32 -> 33)

Moon Ball Technique: Serori has mastered the technique for creating moonlight from her ki. Looking at the silvery Moon Ball immediately triggers the were-ape transformation for any tailed Saiyan. The Moon Ball will disperse naturally after one hour, though physical, magical, and energy attacks can destroy it ahead of time, too. The false moonlight does nothing to affect other were-creatures.

PTO Resources: As a ranked officer in the Planetary Trade Organization, she can command a limited number of troops and other resources on the field. The soldiers she commands are largely ki-manipulating combatants like herself. PTO vehicles may be used for swift interstellar travel and force deployment, but are never weaponized. (PL 28)


Size: Serori does not cut a very imposing figure. Though built of solid muscle, she barely stands over five feet in height, and her physical power suffers for it.

Endurance: Related to her physical size is a notable lack staying power compared to other Saiyans. She simply can't remain in a fight for as long as she might like. Energy reserves are burned through faster, and she generally fails in reproducing the efficiency and power control demonstrated by her brethren. For this reason, she tends to use smaller scale attacks, as larger, more destructive energy techniques can be very exhausting. This holds true even when she's a Super Saiyan.

Super Saiyan Fury: Serori is already marked by her race's infamous and violent temperament; the Super Saiyan transformation magnifies her primal instincts for rage and ruthlessness. While the fury can be held in check through an exertion of willpower, the amplified traits are a constant burden to her consciousness, and she is more likely to slip into bad habits while transformed.

Arrogance: Like most Saiyans, she's got an overbearing self-confidence. She is proud of her accomplishments and that pride can be easily wounded.

Tail Weakness: The Saiyan tail is a highly-sensitive appendage which, when gripped, can inflict temporary paralytic shock upon the tail's owner. Serori keeps her prehensile tail tucked closely around her waist to try and mitigate the weakness, but the tail is still out in the open. Losing her tail would mean losing the ability to transform into a destructive and powerful were-ape. (Consent required to hold or remove tail. Holds inflict one round of stun.)

Additional Equipment and Belongings

Scouter: This device, consisting of an ear mount and single lens positioned in front of one eye, can assess power levels, scan for life, analyze atmospheric quality, and store data on previously-encountered Elites. It operates as Serori's radio when worn (though she also has a radio implant as back-up). The utility offered by the scouter is somewhat countered by its unfortunate fragility.

Saiyan Armor: Serori often wears a white chestplate in the Saiyan style. The armor is normally dense and rigid, but has the unique property of becoming highly flexible when needed (such as when Serori transforms into an oozaru). It offers excellent protection against kinetic force and energy attacks, but stabbing and slashing attacks can penetrate it quite easily. She also wears a battlesuit designed for energy dispersal, and will sometimes trust to its protection alone whenever greater mobility and speed are desired.

Planet Serori: A small, wild, undeveloped world located somewhere in the Void, Serori sometimes retreats there when rest is needed. The hunting is good, the jungles feral, and the beaches lovely; it's about all she could ask for in a home away from home. Ownership was gifted to her by Prince Lotor.

Known Ki Techniques

Instant Transmission
Stealth Aura
Moon Ball
Final Flash
Speed Enhancement
Power Sense


Many saiyans are introduced to the battlefield at an incredibly young age; Serori was no different. She was bred and born into the lowest warrior class — the scout class — and from the day of her birth, her training began. At three years old, she completed her skills training and was put into the field on her own. Her first assignment sent her to a planetary system thousands of light years from the saiyan homeworld, Planet Vegeta. Completing the mission to the satisfaction of her superiors took two years; the planets she paid visit to were subsequently scrubbed of all native sapient life, and the remains taken over by the Saiyan Empire.

Traveling to distant worlds in a solitary space pod was an exhausting experience made simpler thanks to cryo-stasis technology. The time Serori spent traveling was also time she spent without any aging. It kept her small and limited her ability to train and become stronger, too, a trait of all who comprised the Empire's scout class. Scouts were easy for the bigger warrior children to pick on, as a result, and Serori was frequently targeted by larger, older, stronger bullies. One day, she was surrounded by a group of six who insisted on playing with her like a cat with a mouse. She struggled to defend herself, but her efforts were countered, and her strength quickly worn down. Serori — badly injured, with no hope of escaping — faced a certain death that day. But just as the six warriors moved in for the kill, another child intervened.

That child was Raditz. From that day forward, Serori held him in the highest esteem. She committed her heart to him, even if she would not have him as her mate and partner until much, much later.

Back in those days, taking over other worlds was the only way for saiyans to accrue the resources and technology required to support their demanding intergalactic lifestyle. Whenever Serori was about five years old, a powerful organization, the Planetary Trade Organization, approached the Saiyan Empire about a partnership. The partnership became more of an annexation after Lord Frieza demonstrated his combat superiority by defeating King Vegeta in a duel. The Saiyan Empire became Lord Frieza's weapons, but the arrangement led to greater success and profit on both sides, so not even the proud saiyans could find reason to complain. After all, they were being given plenty of reason to fight!

She was roughly twelve years old — and scouting other valuable, far-off worlds — whenever Frieza betrayed the saiyan species and destroyed their home planet.

News didn't reach her until several months after the event occurred. Serori stopped at a resupply station favored by mercenaries, merchants, and other intergalactic travelers, and it was there she learned the truth of what happened to her people. The news struck surprisingly hard. She went into a violent period of mourning, though it was only Raditz whom she truly missed. Still, as a saiyan, she had a great deal of pride in her Empire, and she struggled with deep anger and grief over the cruel way her Empire had been smashed.

Serori began wandering to unexplored territories in space. Taking what she knew of assignments given to other Saiyan scouts, squadrons, and individual soldiers, she searched desperately for other survivors. Though she found signs of saiyan occupation on a handful of worlds, she had no success in actually finding any other of her kind. The solitude eventually had an impact on her psyche. By the time she was about 19 years old, she was only concerned with her own survival. It was during this time that she began to strengthen her skills as a warrior. Trials such as brawls, mercenary service, and combat against PTO soldiers sent to seek out and erase the last remnants of the Saiyan Empire all hardened her mind and body.

During a rare visit to an interstellar trading platform, Serori received intelligence indicating that Prince Vegeta had been sighted in another galaxy and that he had taken a new planet for himself. The planet was named “New Vegeta.”

She spent the majority of the next ten years in physical stasis, her space-pod on course for the Milky Way galaxy. She was therefore helpless whenever an unexpected gravitational field threw off her pod’s route, causing her to crash-land on one of Pluto’s moons. As the external atmosphere was rated an unlivable wasteland, the space-pod kept her locked in stasis until the unexpected happened: Vegeta went Super-Saiyan.

The shockwave of power was felt throughout the galaxy and was so extreme that her space-pod’s sensors fried. Emergency protocols activated, awakening the trapped saiyan scout who had, by then, been in stasis for nearly a full year. Thusly revived from her frozen state, Serori at last departed for Earth, knowing nothing of what could be waiting for her.

What she found was her lost Prince Vegeta, restored to his glory upon a new throne, fully immersed in the vast might of the Confederacy — and Raditz.

Since that day, Serori has witnessed the rise and fall of a great Emperor, has had her loyalties tested, and her ambitions rewarded. She has declared herself for Raditz, and she has betrayed him. She has led soldiers in war, and has achieved tiers of power she believed would be unattainable. She has bled for the Confederacy, faced down death for the thrill of it, and sworn her service to a man some have named the Lord of Darkness. Now — her ambition having carried her through the Confederacy's ranks — she stands as that Lord's right hand. As his General, she oversees the Confederacy's military planning and deployment, all while plotting for the eventual restoration of her lost Empire.

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