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The world's seven continental layers (referred to as "World Shells" or "Shells") shield access to the clockwork computer planetary core. Legends mention two "core keys" which, during a rare alignment of the shells that allows a beam of sunlight to penetrate through, can unlock the planetary core, releasing the "Legacy of the Creator". This legacy is known as the Kingdom of Heaven. Those living on Shell 1 call themselves "the Chosen". They are descendants of the demigod Marduk, son of the Creator, and have an attitude of superiority over other inhabitants of the planet. Those living on Shell 2 are called "the Junkers", people which make a living out of collecting junk - especially electronic - originating from the upper shell. The main plot is set around members of both shells. The game's main character is Maya, from the Junkers, and the main antagonist, Lord Doskias, comes from a Chosen heritage.

The ancient prophecy says that once every hundred years, the continents will part , shining the light of the sun upon the core and granting the one who holds two special keys great power. This is the Legacy of the Creator. Over a thousand years ago, a Daemon Gemma tried to get the keys and fulfill the Legacy, which would grant him the powers of the Creator; the powers of God. But the Creator sent Marduk, his son, to prevent him from doing this. Marduk defeated Gemma in a battle that lasted a hundred day and hid the keys, saying that the world was not yet ready for such power.

A powerful Chosen, inhabitants of Septerra who strongly believe in their own superiority of knowledge and technology, named Doskias wishes to fulfill this legacy with force. This will be a disaster for all the other people who live on Septerra.

In the meantime a young woman named Maya, an orphaned junker, finds herself in the middle of the conflict, as it was Doskias who orphaned her and her friends. What begins as a quest of revenge, unfolds into a plot to save the Legacy of the Creator and Septerra itself from falling into the wrong hands. Without help she won't stand a chance against the Chosen and other enemies. But who can she trust in a world ravaged with war, a world on the brink of ruin….

Fate Magic

The battle between Marduk and Gemma may be long over, but their struggle for the hearts and minds of the people of Septerra will rage quietly for a long time. It is said that combining the Fate Cards of the giver of law and the maker of chaos creates powerful spells, reflecting the intensity of the epic war waged by the two Fates who have shaped our world. Fate Magic is the magic that those form Septerra can use in battle and to help others. There are four decks, and each deck has a specific set of cards and theme.

Card Combinations

* Mirror + Law = Casts berserk on target
* Barrier + Water = Reduces Water based damage
* Barrier + Fire = Reduces Fire based damage
* Barrier + Earth = Reduces Earth based damage
* Barrier + Air = Reduces Air based damage
* Barrier + Curse = Protects from Curse
* Barrier + Slow = Protects from being Slowed down
* Barrier + Resurrect = Protects from undead damage
* Barrier + Chaos = Protects from berserk
* Barrier + Law = Protects from status change
* Barrier + Mirror = Removes Barrier from target
* Summon + Water = Summons Sedna and Pilitak for Water based damage
* Summon + Earth = Summons Humbaba for Earth based damage
* Summon + Air = Summons Simurgh for Air based damage
* Summon + Fire = Summons Ouroboros for Fire based damage
* Summon + Heal = Summons Kyra to Heal the target
* Summon + Resurrect = Summons Thanatos for undead based damage
* Summon + Law = Summons Marduk for damage
* Summon + Joker = Creates a random Summon, casts some status effects
* Heal + Mirror = Poisons target
* Cure + Mirror = Removes HP from target
* Bless + Mirror = Casts Curse on target
* Resurrect + Mirror = Instant death (NPCs Only) or some damage
* Cloak + Mirror = Un-cloaks target
* Slow + Mirror = Casts Speed on target
* Speed + Mirror = Casts Slow on target
* Curse + Mirror = Casts Bless on target
* Chaos + Mirror = Disspells all status changes of target
* Law + Chaos = Chaotic damage on target
* Mirror + Law + Chaos = Creates a Black Hole that damages the whole party

Shell 1 - Shell of the Chosen

Shell 1, land of The Chosen, the self proclaimed most important race of Septerra. They don't care about the lower shells and their people at all, they will usualy let them live in peace, except when they decide to fight among themself, then, they may go fight to the lower shells. Nothing is said about that, but I guess they go fight elsewhere so they don't screw their own land. They dump their scrap and junk off the shell, to the lower shells. The Chosen are the direct descendants of Marduk.


Shell 2 - Maya's home shell


Shell 3 - Wind City shell


Shell 4 - World Bazaar shell


Shell 5 - Ankara and Jinam


Shell 6 - Pirate shell


Shell 7 - Mold forest shell


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Swordsman from Shell 3. He is in love with the late Holy Guard captain Bowman's daughter, Layla. After Selina's men wiped out his hometown, he swore to destroy her.

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