Scourge (Retired)

Vital Statistics

Age: 29
Gender: Male
Eyes: Blue
Fur: Green
Height: 4'1"
Weight: heavy for his size due to cybernetic prosthesis

General Information

Full Name: Olgilvie Maurice Hedgehog
Commonly Known As: Scourge, Sonic, Evil, Anti-Sonic, Evil-Sonic
Faction: Confederacy
Rank: A-Ally
Function: Ex-King of Anti-Mobius
Series: Sonic The Hedgehog-1
Species: Cybernetic Mobian Hedgehog

"Coward? I conquered a planet on my own!"

Profile: Scourge the Hedgehog, once known as Sonic the Hedgehog in his own world of Anti-Mobius. To those of realities unlike his own, he'd been simply known as "Evil Sonic" or "Evil" instead. In his earlier days, he was more of a self important punk than anything, but with time he became more twisted and more dangerous. Eventually he surpassed his other selves upon draining the power of the master emerald. Having now applied himself, he's not only quite the threat, but more powerful than most of the alternate versions of himself. Scourge is Sonic's mirror opposite, making him extremely like his other self, yet still vastly different. He's got no qualms about cheating, taking cheap shots at people, using any weapon available to him, or things of higher moral judgment such as killing people. Having come from a version of Mobius filled with nasty, cowardly sorts of people, almost always out for themselves, Scourge has been formed into something of a sociopath. Having hailed from the Anti-Mobius parallel to Miles Prower's Mobius, Scourge had a successful and bloody take over of his planet, after which he ruled for nine years before being ousted by his planet's heroes. With help from his partner, Fiona Fox, he survived a mangling and made his way back to Miles' reality as a much rougher looking hedgehog…scars, cybernetic parts, and all.

Major NPCs

  • Fiona Fox - There's one thing that seems to matter on any level at all to Scourge that isn't he, his-self, and him. Fiona is Scourge's partner in crime and the only 'steady' girl friend he's had. In his own reality, all the women he knew were typically /born/ treacherous. They were all backstabbers, became murderous when two timed, or Scourge was too paranoid to trust them. Partially due to the harshness of Anti-Mobius' people, and partially due to Scourge's attitude, Scourge didn't really get along with anyone, especially the women. However, at a time when Scourge was pretending to be Sonic, he forged a relationship with Fiona Fox. Fiona was attracted to Scourge's dark nature and became more and more sinister, eventually turning to "the dark side" for Scourge. Being the only person that has truly seemed loyal and willing to follow and submit to most of his whims, Fiona has become rather indispensable for Scourge. Not that you'd know it from how he treats her sometimes. The two of them likely have their disagreements and split ways now and then, but it never really lasts, and it has gone on like this for thirteen years now. Apparently their twisted excuse of a relationship's somehow actually meant to be.


  • Chaos Emeralds Scourge tends to carry a set of chaos emeralds upon him. These are used for his transformation and more often for the sake of using chaos control. These Emeralds are, however, capable of many things.

Skills and Abilities

  • Super Powered Hedgehog - Scourge is a Mobian hedgehog. For reasons yet unknown, he was born with the ability to do things at speeds impossible for any ordinary living being. Because of this, the dangers of his abilities as a hedgehog are even stronger. As a hedgehog he has sharp spines, which he can use as both offensive and defensive measures. When he's rolled into a ball he can use the spines as armoring against some forms of attack. However, he can also bounce upon opponents, hitting them with the same sharp spines. This, when combined with his speed, allows him to spin and throw himself at opponents for all the more damage.
  • Cybernetics - In one of Anti-Mobius' very few bloody battles, namely the one to over throw Scourge, Scourge actually lost some body parts. He has since gotten them replaced with cybernetic ones. They are light enough to fail to slow him down, but still built strongly enough that you don't want to get hit with the cybernetic arm or leg… Due to this, he of course has some non-natural abilities, such as the ability to have a good aim without some sort of external aiming device thanks to the cybernetic eye.
  • Super Speed - Scourge was mysteriously born with ability to run at speeds faster than any normal living being without being damaged by it. His speeds can even surpass that of sound and he can run backwards as well as forward. Due to this he is able to do things like propel himself through the air much farther than most when he is running. The force of his speed allows him to do things like burst through walls unharmed as well. Having had insanely high speed since birth, Scourge is used to these speeds and is able to do all sorts of tasks in the course of his high speed movement. He's experienced enough to stop instantly, in spite of how fast he is. The difficulty comes in making sharp, precise turns, as suddenly changing direction tends to keep tugging him in the direction he'd been going previously before his momentum allows him to go in his new direction. This is worth note, however, as this is still a faster method than stopping and then changing direction, and Scourge is likely to use it despite the dangers it could cause him in some situations. Offensively, Scourge can use his speed not just for attacks, but as a means of overwhelming and confusing his enemies.
  • Super Scourge - Being Sonic from another reality, Scourge has the ability to go Super just like Sonic as well. When absorbing the power of all seven chaos emeralds, Scourge can ascend into his Super Scourge form. Not only does this raise his already incredible speed, as well as his strength and stamina, but it makes him seem invulnerable. To top things off this form gives him the ability to fly. However, this form relies on the energy of how many power rings he has collected, thus Scourge's ability to hold this form is very limited. Due to having an appearance with colors introverted to Sonic's, his super form is red with gold eyes as opposed to gold with red eyes. (AURA FLARE: 32->34)
  • Chaos Control - Due to absorbing chaos energy from the master emerald itself, Scourge has better control of chaos abilities than Sonic. This doesn't put him to the level of expertise of Shadow, however. Scourge can use chaos control for limited distances and not suffer from the wear Sonic does and he also absolutely has to have a chaos emerald to accomplish it. He has a range of different chaos powered abilities other than the known Chaos Control. One other ability is using warp rings. Other abilities are not so well known.
  • Affinity to Magical Objects - Scourge, being Sonic's evil counterpart, seems to have some innate nature that makes him more open to absorbing the power of mystical items, just like Sonic. This is most easily noted in his ability to absorb the power of the chaos emeralds, such as how he drained energy into himself from the master emerald itself.
  • Con-Artist - Scourge, having Sonic's charisma, but using it for all the wrong, self serving sort of reasons, is something of a master liar. Due to his 'wonderful' personality, he lies to the point he manages to fool /himself/ in rare cases. Between his abilities to fool people and being an alternate version of Sonic, he has great ease in pretending to be Sonic for reasons of infiltrating places he shouldn't be able to, or just for the sake of screwing Sonic over somehow. However, he mostly just uses this for his own self serving purposes…such as using it to hit on women since he's got such bad luck with it in his own reality.


Being an opposite version of Sonic, Scourge has almost all of Sonic's traits in a more sinister form. Those he doesn't have are actually reversed rather than nonexistent. He's got Sonic's ego to a far worse extent, being prepared to go to any lengths to prove his self supposed superiority. Scourge has Sonic's charisma, but instead of being a nice guy with several admirers, he's a con-artist that completely plays women and pits people against each other for his own amusements. He has Sonic's lack of patience and his love of fun, but his idea of fun is sadistic and self serving.

Scourge has no hesitation about harming any enemy that stands in his way. His morals are completely broken compared to Sonic's. Thus, Scourge has no trouble with the idea of killing people, he doesn't care about playing fair, he's too tied up in himself to care about the welfare of anyone else but Fiona. Then again it may be because he has no friends. Rather by his own design, or by the design of others having caused him to become the way he is, Scourge was never any good at keeping friendships. He tends to see most friends or partners as nothing more than pawns to use to his own ends. A partnership with Scourge is almost definitely destined to be short…if not ending with a figurative knife jammed into it's bleeding back.

Oddly enough, even though Scourge's attitude would make it seem other wise, he does not have the animosity that the other Sonics seem to hold toward him. Amongst his own selves he tends to be found disgusting. Yet, Scourge himself has expressed the desire to actually work with his other self before, at least, that is, provided that his other self becomes evil like himself. This being because Scourge believes his other selves to have lots of unused potential going to waste because of how they cling to their morals. Rather than finding his other selves sickening, he just expects them to become HIM…because of course, in his mind, he's the best they could hope to become. He also assumes he's hated by his other selves because they know that it wouldn't take much for them to become like him.

Scourge's relations with his own family were even sour. In canon he had a meeting with Jules and that meeting lead to Scourge being accused of being a coward, amongst other things. It ended with Scourge actually leaving in tears for once, making a comment about Jules not actually being all that different from his own father. Thus one can assume part of Scourge's 'beautiful' personality came from having never had anyone to accept him as Fiona does, which is likely why he's so attached to her in spite of how incapable it'd seem for him to care about anyone at all.

Like most sociopaths, Scourge seems to think life owes him, that he should rule the world. He's one of the sociopaths that can honestly say they HAVE ruled the world, however. Between thinking so highly of himself and being able to lie out of his ass so much that even he'd be capable of believing it, he usually sees himself of being entirely guiltless of things that aren't to his liking. He's got plenty of other sociopathic tendencies, such as his womanizing, the bit about using others as pawns, his lying, and still other qualities.

As may be predictable, Scourge would join the confeds for nothing more than having 'partners' to 'help' him in whatever varied goals he creates in the multi-verse. Of course chances are highly so that he may come to regret such a decision, but there's also the strong chance he could /actually/ get partners of enough use to him that he'd want to keep them around and thus actually behave with other confeds, which would, of course, be best for his health.


Scourge was born into an anti-verse directly paralleling Miles' reality. As such, some of his history varies from the Scourge that parallels Sonic Prime's reality (in other words Sonic from pure Archie comic canon). Anti-Mobius, being the opposite of Mobius, didn't suffer from any wars in it's past, and paralleling Miles' reality, it's even MORE peaceful on a global standard. Instead, most of Anti-Mobius' people were cowardly things that tended to wage personal battles rather than fight in wars. Almost everyone was out to get on top. The good were few and not yet up to the challenge of trying to bring true civilization to the people of Anti-Mobius.

Scourge's father, Anti-Jules, constantly berated him and put him down before he disappeared (possibly due to death at the hands of his own son). His father's disapproval was so intense that Scourge still seems affected by it over a decade later, despite the fact his father left while he was still rather young. Anti-Bernie eventually shrugged him off on Anti-Chuck and disappeared as well. Scourge stayed with his uncle for several years before meeting the people he'd later call his gang. Getting tired of life with his crazy old uncle, Scourge ditched Anti-Chuck.

Scourge began leading his gang (Princess Alicia (Anti-Sally), Miles, Patch (Anti-Antione), and Boomer (Anti-Rotor)) in making trouble around Anti-Mobius. They went on for several years, antagonizing people as the Freedom Fighters (fighter OF freedom rather than fighters FOR freedom). Within this time Scourge had been with several women, always ending up in a bad spot because of it. Anti-Bunnie, for instance, joined the Freedom Fighters just to have a shot at them because she'd learned that Scourge had been cheating on her and she wanted vengeance. However, aside from a visit from their other dimensional selves at one point, things were fairly dull.

Wanting someone to blame for the lack of amusement their reality held, Princess Alicia and the others eventually 'dumped' Scourge, leaving him on his own. At this time, one of the forms of Robotnik contacted him with a deal. Scourge did his part to help out, but accidentally gave the results of his work to the wrong Robotnik. In thanks Scourge was imprisoned to be roboticized…only to be rescued by his enemies…and then imprisoned elsewhere. For some time afterward Scourge was imprisoned by his and Sonic's No Zone counter part. The No Zone being an area from which a zone cop, such as Zonic (the aforementioned counterpart), can watch over the events unfolding in various 'zones' or realities for the sake of trying to keep things where they are meant to be. Obviously this is a GIGANTIC job for one hedgehog though, and Zonic's entitled to a few mistakes because of it.

As such Scourge managed to escape on two separate occasions. The second was for keeps as he managed to switch himself with the normal Sonic, throwing everyone off his own trail. During this time he did things like using Sonic's identity to go out with multiple women all at once. However, Sonic got back and fought Scourge. The two were, of course, evenly matched, before Locke (Knuckles' father) used a spell to banish Scourge elsewhere. Yet, Scourge returned not long after, having made a partnership with Rouge the Bat in attempt to steal the master emerald.

Upon fighting Locke for the second time during the attempt to steal the emerald, Scourge, who'd before now actually been known as 'Evil Sonic', drained power from the master emerald and changed from looking exactly like Sonic to inversing in color scheme and becoming more powerful. Due to his appearance now differing from Sonic's he took on his name of Scourge. His partnership with Rouge was ended quickly, however, when she strongly disapproved of his methods and moved to avoid him as he murdered Locke with his new found power. Despite Rouge's now COMPLETE mistrust of him, Scourge still (rather forcefully) took her along with him upon his escape with use of his newly gained Chaos Control.

After doing various other misdeeds, Scourge appeared in Knothole. Fiona, who Scourge had been continually seeing since he was ousted for pretending to be Sonic, was still trying to hang on to her relationship with Sonic. She'd been with Scourge when she thought he was Sonic. After the revelation she'd slowly realized it was Scourge she was attracted to. Becoming less and less interested in trying to remain with Sonic, Fiona willingly went with Scourge as he'd come to reveal the truth about her and take her away. A battle ensued before Scourge and Fiona made their leave, which lead to Sonic and Scourge trading some words. Scourge had claimed that all Sonic needed to be like him was to have one bad day. To this Sonic retorted that Scourge wasn't in the prime's universe.

Before his little trip though, he helped with the creation of turning Knuckles into the new Enerjak and continued to work along with the plans of Dr. Finitevus. His trip lead him back to his own reality, which is where Mobius-Prime's anti-verse reality starts truly branching in a different direction from this Scourge's reality. Scourge used his new found power to take his vengeance against his old gang. In the process, as a parallel of the other reality's Sonic having been wrongfully blamed for the death of Princess Sally, Scourge murdered Princess Alicia and the rest of the anti-verse's royal family. On his own (not having accepted help from Fiona on the matter), he conquered his entire planet in one of it's very few violent and bloody battles of major notice.


His vocal trades with Sonic some time ago had made him realize that the different versions of himself COULD become more or less powerful and Sonic was usually one of the most powerful people to exist in his worlds. If that was the case then he should apply himself and his new abilities to see just HOW powerful he could be and if he could surpass ALL the versions of himself. As such, he became a tyrant king to his world and assumed all his opposition to be destroyed. While Sonic was running from the law for being framed, Scourge was acting as the ultimate law of his planet after doing just what Sonic had been framed for. However, after nine years of Scourge ruling Anti-Mobius, Dr. Kintobor had managed to join together with all the other sources of good, such as Anti-Mamoth Mogul and Anti-Knuckles who'd hesitantly became Anti-Enerjak as his pacifistic ways had to be put aside to end Scourge's tyranny. The battle was the second most horrible one that Anti-Mobius had ever seen, surpassed only by the battle of Scourge's take over.

Scourge was badly beaten by the group of Anti-Mobius' heroes, actually being somewhat mangled from it. He only made it out of things because of Fiona managing to save his ass. After this Fiona and Scourge were in hiding for some time while Scourge recovered and got his wounds fixed. One arm, a leg, and an eye had to be replaced by cybernetics as they'd been completely removed or other wise ruined in the battle. His spines had even grown a bit more jagged from damage done to them and he now had a deal more scars than the ones he'd earned in the fight with Locke in which he'd drained the emerald. After three years of recovery and zone hopping, Scourge and Fiona resurfaced, appearing in Mile's reality a year before it unified. However, they kept a low profile instead of jumping back into trouble right off, learning the state of things before planning to reveal themselves to the war torn planet for the sake of making people even more miserable…

Additional Details

  • Body Type - Since Scourge is from an anti-Mobius mirroring the reality of MCM's Miles Prower, Scourge (and Fiona as well) is more humanly built than the images would say, as well as wearing more clothing, such as pants, due to need to keep decent. Also, he's thirteen years older than the canon Scourge so that's all the more difference in appearance, on top of the damage he took via the battle he was over thrown in.
  • Incapable of Swimming - If Scourge has any one major physical weakness, it's water. Like Sonic, he simply cannot swim and he drops like a rock. It's even worse due to the fact he's gained some robotic parts. Due to this, Scourge likely only deals with water as completely necessary.
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