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The savage Titans have escaped their eternal prison to wage war with the gods once more. Their battles in the Overworld have spilled over into ours, and the Underworld lies shattered. The forces of the supernatural are stronger than ever before, as beasts and monsters lurk in the shadows of everyday life. Humanity's only defense are the Scions- the children of the many pantheons of gods, armed with the abilities and weapons their parents have granted them.

MUSH House Rules

If you're thinking of apping into the theme, there are a few handy 'house rules' as if it was a campaign you can all follow. These are mostly notes on the theme itself and comments on certain things to help make RP more interesting.

  • Due to MCM's ruling on 'live' religions, unfortunately the Amatsukami and Deva pantheons are inappable.
  • The Aztlani pantheon are also inappable. Instead, the fan pantheon the Atua can be apped for (see the pdf downloadable) in their place.
  • As a rule of thumb, each god, regardless of pantheon, has about four or less scions at any one time unless they're reknowned for their fecundity. That means there are about 530 scions.
  • Akhetaten is just the greater titan of light. Any resemblence is purely coincidental(or malicious). Generally he is not being used or referenced as part of canon.
  • Terra and Crom Cruach are rivals, despite both being Titans, as are Vritra and The Drowned Road.
  • Because the current purviews for the Allied and Yankee pantheons are kind of rubbish, there are some changes to anyone who want to app scions of them. Also, some of the gods have additional purviews and attributes.

Chargen rules

  • It is recommended you use the 'Manifestation of Ichor' rules in the Scion companion if you need to create a character at the demigod level: if you don't want to do that, the other option is to use the rules to create a character at the hero level and add 150exp worth of advancement (sans paying exp to increase your legend).
  • All Scions get the free, 'always on' version of the Scent the Divine knack.
  • At character creation, disregard the rules for buying boons and knacks as written- instead, purchasing boons costs the same as knacks (IE, you can spend one point for a dot of epic strength and a free knack, or one point on any boon lower than your current Legend). Purchasing additional boons and knacks on top of that remains the same.
  • A scion gains 1 legend after each completed storyline rather than by 'EXP', so if apping a demigod, when apping summarise at most five significant adventures, with special attention paid to the one that brought them to legend 5.
  • Pantheon Virtues are more 'guidelines'- as long as you have at least two of your pantheon's favoured ones you can have any that fit your concept.
  • Virtues may be purchased for 1 bonus point each. However, Willpower is calculated independently of Virtues.
  • Characters begin with Willpower rated at 5. Willpower may be increased at a cost of 1 bonus point.
  • A legend 2 character begins with 18 bonus points. A legend 5 one, 28. A legend 6 one, 39. A legend 7 one, 52.

Completely Updated Purviews

Johnny Appleseed: Epic Charisma, +Epic Manipulation, +Epic Stamina, Health, Industry, Fertility, +Animal (general)
Paul Bunyan: Epic Strength, Epic Stamina, Epic Intelligence, Animal (Ox), Earth, Industry, +Water
Betsy Ross: +Epic Charisma, Epic Intelligence, Epic Dexterity, Health, Industry, +Death, +Mystery
Br'er Rabbit: Epic Dexterity, Epic Manipulation, Epic Wits, Animal (Rabbit, +Coyote), Chaos, Industry, +Moon
Columbia: Epic Charisma, Epic Perception, Guardian, Industry, Psychopomp, +War, +Fire
John Henry: Epic Strength, Epic Stamina, +Epic Dex, Fire, Industry, +Earth, +Guardian
Pecos Bill: Epic Dexterity, Epic Stamina, Epic Charisma, Animal (Coyote, Horse), Industry, Psychopomp, +Sky
Rosie the Riveter: Epic Strength, Epic Stamina, Epic Intelligence, Industry, +War, +Guardian, +Justice
John Bull: +Epic Wits, +Epic Charisma, Epic Stamina, Animal (Bulldog), Civitas, Psychopomp, War
D'artagnan: Epic Dex, Epic Wits, +Epic Appearance, Civitas, Guardian, War, +Justice
Mme. Guillotine: Epic Perception, +Epic Strength, +Epic Appearance, Civitas, Death, Justice, Mystery
Marianne: Epic Perception, Epic Charisma, +Epic Manipulation, Animal (Rooster), Guardian, Civitas, Justice
The Citizen: Epic Stamina, +Epic Perception, +Epic Charisma, Darkness, Guardian, Psychopomp, +Civitas

Baba Yaga loses the Civitas purview and gains the Illusion purview. This is mostly because she just up and skipped off once the war ended to do her own thing again, but is regarded as an honorary member of the pantheon still. Admittedly, this is intensely debated among the gods, especially since she is a ceaseless troublemaker and terrorizer.

The Yankee Pantheon's Godrealm is the American Dream, a collective embodiment of everything the people of America dream of their culture embodying- a glorious place in constant summer, shining with green trees, an endless city with free-flowing, pollutant-less roads, suburbia of the kind everyone has always wanted, kids playing in the streets, a barbeque every day and laughs, happiness and joy to be had by all. It is surrounded by an assortment of american terrain including deep forests and old wild-west-style scrub. Its axes mundi exist primarily in Washington, and also include the statue of liberty, Mt. rushmore etc.

The Yankee Pantheon's underworld is the Big Rock Candy Mountain. It is the place both popularised by children's and older versions of the songs- a realm of soft colors, childish pleasures, rest and carefree. Those who wish to see them can pick cigarette trees and drink from whiskey rivers, and those who do not can eat candy from bushes and sip lemonade from waterfalls. The ice cream never melts and there's always a shady tree or train caboose to sleep in. Since the invasion of the Titans it has become disconnected like all the others, but the joyful inhabitants have taken it in their stride.

The Allied pantheon lacks a singular godrealm or underworld.

Here's the Atua:

Updated Purviews

Here's some purviews certain gods can use that are not otherwise in their writeups.

Artemis: Stars
Amaterasu: Illusion
Anubis: Psychopomp
Bastet: Justice
Frigg: Stars
Geb: Epic Stamina, Stars
Heimdall: Epic Stamina
Hel: Frost
Hermes: Illusion
Isis: Stars
Kalfu : Illusion
Lakshmi: Samsara
Legba: Illusion, Epic Wits
Loki: Illusion
Manannán mac Lir: Epic Intelligence, Stars
Marishiten: Illusion
Nezha: Illusion
Njord: Stars
Nuwa: Stars
Odin: Illusion
Ptah: Earth
Persephone: Arête
Susano-O: Illusion, Frost
Hera: Stars
Set: Stars
Tishtrya: Stars
Tlaloc: Water
Thoth: Illusion, Mystery
Zeus: Epic Appearance, Frost, Stars

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