Saya Irino

General Information

Full Name: Saya Irino
Faction: Unaffiliated
Function: Therapist
Series: Black Rock Shooter-1
Species: Human

"It's good to not have enemies, but…sometimes you just wind up with them. It happens. It happens to everyone. It happens, so you should just accept it."

Profile: A human woman of no consequence, who lives a perfectly ordinary life. This is Saya Irino. A student counselor at her local high school, the students tend to refer to her as "Saya-chan-sensei" due to her kind demeanor and thoughtful advice. She studied psychology abroad, and has learned many ways of dealing with life's problems. However, the most effective method at her disposal was given to her before she even left high school; Black Gold Saw. Another Self, occupying Another World, a mysterious being who, like all of her kind, bears the weight of grief for its emotional host and suffers their pains so they don't have to. Black Gold Saw, caretaker of the Other World. A Devil who ensures the cycle of pain and death upon which this world was built remains intact. While some may question her methods once they figure out what she's doing, Saya is a woman who thinks in the long term. She does what must be done. In the end, it's all to protect that girl…

Vital Statistics

Age: 26
Gender: Female
Height: 171cm
Weight: 85kg

"Morning Glow" Consultation

"Your heart hurts, doesn't it? But even if your heart feels like it was stabbed, it won't start bleeding, festering, or oozing. Someone else…endures that pain for you. So it's all right. Even if you get hurt, even if you're in pain, the one who's hurt isn't really you."

  • A private psychology practice Saya owns. The main office is located inside an ordinary high school within an ordinary district on the outskirts of Tokyo. While a professional psychiatrist, Saya prefers working with teenagers as a student counselor, as that is the time in a person's life when things are the most difficult and consultation is most useful. As a result, her practice is extremely informal and she goes to great lengths to ensure the students are comfortable while speaking to her. The office itself is more of a lounge, and she's quick to offer coffee to visitors. In the same vein, she behaves quite kindly as well, keeping her voice soft and non-threatening.
  • A second branch of "Morning Glow" has recently been created in the Heaven Or Hell office building. Saya has the same sort of setup here as she does in the school, though as she tends to deal more with adults, has opted for armchairs rather than a single comfy couch. Her penchant for offering coffee to everyone who so much as walks through her door, however, is completely unchanged. She uses her consultations at Heaven Or Hell to help get a feel for what to expect in the Multiverse at large. Given the large number of mentally unhinged people working there, she's started considering setting up a different kind of shop there as well.
  • A consistent thing between both branches is a large cabinet filled with coffee mugs with all manner of designs on them. Saya goes to great lengths to ensure each client she sees gets a specific mug that she feels suits them. She also is careful to remember how that particular client likes their coffee, all to help them feel welcome and comfortable. Of note, the collection of mugs in her Heaven Or Hell office consists only of duplicates in her greater collection. This means that the Heaven Or Hell cabinet is much smaller than the cabinet she keeps mugs in at the school.
  • Saya doesn't mind visitors even if they don't have problems to talk about. As her practice is very informal, her office is often used by students as a sort of lounge between classes, provided she isn't actually speaking with someone at the time.

Black Gold Saw


A native inhabitant of Other World, Black Gold Saw is Saya's Other Self. Though initially created to shoulder the emotional pains of her life as a high school student, Black Gold Saw's purpose has changed. Saya is fully aware of Black Gold Saw and can, with some focus, exert direct control over her and in this way interact with Other World. Though Black Gold Saw cannot speak, she exists on a level above ordinary Other Selves.

  • Speed - Black Gold Saw's greatest asset is her speed. Within Other World, she can move so quickly across any distance that she seems to move instantaneously. Sometimes, she may be seen in motion, though the twisted perceptions result in those tracking her to look at where she just was, rather than where she currently is.
  • Strength - Though not up to the incredible levels of more specialized Other Selves, Black Gold Saw possesses great physical strength a level above the average Other Self. This is necessary to wield her infamous King Saw, though she swings the weapon around as if it were weightless, regardless of its size.
  • Endurance - An Other Self such as Black Gold Saw can recover from even serious injuries given time, at a rate faster than humans. As her entire existence is to bear pain, she barely reacts to ordinary physical damage, even to the extent of losing a limb or large pieces of her body.
  • King Saw - Black Gold Saw's weapon, the jagged-edged King Saw, is an enormous sword wielded in one hand. It possesses some of Black Gold Saw's power as the curator of Other World, and can be used to warp reality if used properly. Its most basic trait is the ability to alter its size, though Black Gold Saw has no trouble wielding it no matter how large it becomes.

Curator of Other World

Due to her ascended existence within Other World - Or perhaps as the result of it - Black Gold Saw has achieved a level of power within Other World that grants her 'administrator access', as it were. That is, she is the absolute and utter authority of all things within Other World, and in addition to her abilities as an Other Self, has obtained a power set best described as "complete manipulation of reality".

  • The Traveler - Black Gold Saw's movements within Other World are completely unrestricted. She can travel freely into and out of any Domain, and within any Domain, possesses the home field advantage—Including the featureless expanse between Domains. Within a Domain, she can likewise move about freely, augmented by her natural speed such that she moves so quickly it resembles teleportation.
  • The Groundskeeper - As the Curator, Black Gold Saw is the final authority over all aspects of Other World. This includes the Domains formed around various powerful Other Selves, granting her the ability to freely alter her surroundings. Though this tends to upset the Domain's occupant, that may be her intention.
  • The Timekeeper - As with domains, the realm of time within Other World is mutable and fluid, and also lies under Black Gold Saw's control. She can slow the flow of time, speed it up, or halt it. Black Gold Saw is also capable of determining whether this affects living beings within the sphere of control or not.
  • The Guardian - She can and often does banish troublesome entities from certain Domains, though only if she has no use for them or their presence would upset her current plan. Banishing an Other Self returns them to their home domain, while banishing an outsider ejects them from Other World entirely. Banishing, however, does not lock Other Selves out of the domain and they can enter it again if they try to. Likewise, outsiders can re-enter Other World if they can find it again.
  • The Guide - Likewise, Black Gold Saw can drag particular parties into specific domains. This can be done either instantaneously by simply ripping them through Other World, or more slowly by simply guiding them in the proper direction. The latter is used more often, as Black Gold Saw finds it produces less resistance.
  • The Watcher - As Curator and caretaker of Other World, Black Gold Saw monitors everything that takes place within it. This is done passively to sense any major disturbances. However, if she wishes to focus her attention on something, this focused attention manifests as a great crimson eye opening in the sky.
  • The Gatekeeper - Black Gold Saw can move the physical entrance to Other World anywhere she pleases in the Multiverse. The entrance tends to drift about, and she is generally content to leave it be. Sometimes, however, one just needs it to be in a certain place at a certain time. When moved this way, it appears at the location via being "stabbed" into reality and unlocked by the tip of the King Saw.
  • The Mother - The Caretaker of Other World possesses the ability to create and foster new Other Selves. Black Gold Saw accomplishes this with an ornate watering can, which is used to spread dark liquid similar to blood across the soil in the gray expanse between Domains. From pools of this liquid arise fledgling Other Selves, who seek out hosts to connect with in Reality.

Bearing the Weight of Reality


Black Gold Saw's powers over her surroundings only work at their fullest when she is within Other World. Outside of it, in what is largely considered "reality" by the rules of Other World, her capabilities become diminished. However, Saya treats this as a boon in disguise. In this fashion, she is capable of using Black Gold Saw more freely. While Black Gold Saw's powers are diminished, the reality-warping aspects of her King Saw are largely untouched in the transition.

  • The Traveler - Black Gold Saw loses her free movement powers in Reality almost entirely. All she retains is her own natural speed, which is already quite high. However, the trade-off is that in Reality she can return to Other World at any time by rending open a portal at her location.
  • The Groundskeeper - Black Gold Saw's ability to alter her surroundings become greatly diminished in Reality. Though she can still perform such feats, it becomes restricted only to things she can touch, and only if the owner's willpower is not stronger than her own.
  • The Timekeeper - She retains some time altering powers, though loses freedom with it. She can no longer stop time, but slowing or speeding it up within a localized bubble is possible. She retains her ability to choose who it does and does not affect.
  • The Guardian - Banishment is impossible in Reality.
  • The Guide - Beckoning is impossible in Reality, save for those who may follow her through the portals she creates.
  • The Watcher - Watching is impossible in Reality.
  • The Gatekeeper - Arguably, Black Gold Saw moves the physical entrance to Other World when she departs Reality, though the portals she creates are actually smaller, temporary one-way entryways which last only a few seconds to a minute. She can still move the true Entrance if she wishes to.
  • The Mother - In Reality, creating Other Selves simply does not work. Anything created from the Black Sprinkler immediately develops into a mindless thrall, a weak soldier under Black Gold Saw's command and nothing else.
  • The King - The King Saw, Black Gold Saw's distinctive weapon, is almost completely unaffected when it transitions from Other World into Reality. It retains its size-shifting ability as well as its imbued reality-warping powers. In fact, it is with the King Saw that Black Gold Saw returns to Other World after spending time in Reality. If it were somehow taken from her, the King Saw could be used by others to gain entry to Other World as well.


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