Sasuke Uchiha (Retired)

General Information


Full Name: Sasuke Uchiha
Faction: Confederacy
Rank: 3-Captain
Function: Ninja
Series: Naruto-1
Species: Human

"If you think I'm just a foolish kid ruled by his emotions, that's fine. Following Itachi's path would be childish, the whispering of fools who don't know hatred. If anyone else tries to ridicule the way I live, I'll slaughter everyone they ever cared about. And then maybe they'll understand what it's like to taste… a little of my hatred."

Driven to revenge after his brother, Itachi, massacred his entire clan, Sasuke is one of the last surviving members of the Uchiha Clan. He's a ninja prodigy, having learned from and exceeded the abilities of his trainers, though is plagued by severe arrogance, and the fact that every use of the Mangekyo Sharingan brings him one step closer to blindness. Confident, intelligent, and incredibly driven, Sasuke will do and sacrifice whatever it takes to reach his current goals. He's almost always serious, rarely showing what he's truly feeling or thinking, yet gives off an air of leadership and subtle charisma. Having learned the truth about the way Konoha used his brother against his own clan, Sasuke has declared war on Konoha, every single one of them.

Vital Statistics

Age: 18
Gender: Male
Height: 5ft 9in
Weight: 125lbs
Occupation: Ninja


(Some equipment descriptions and images taken from Narutopedia)

  • Sword of Kusanagi - Sasuke Uchiha claimed that the chokutō he wields is a Sword of Kusanagi. Despite this, it has none of the specialties as the one Orochimaru wields, such as extension of the blade and the ability to cut through almost anything, both of which are natural attributes of the Kusanagi. To compensate for this, Sasuke can channel his lightning chakra into the blade with chakra flow, which will increase its sharpness greatly through high frequency vibrations, as well as increasing its cutting range. This would allow Sasuke to cut through almost anything, as well as numb the target who has been pierced by this lightning blade.
  • Fūma Shuriken - The fūma shuriken is a large, four-bladed shuriken possessing pre-eminent sharpness and lethality. This type of shuriken is considered characteristic to the famous Fūma clan, after whom they were named and who possibly developed them. However, their use is not limited to this clan. Its four blades can be collapsed for easy storage, leading to its nickname Shadow Windmill (影風車, Kage Fūsha). In Sasuke's battle with Itachi he has shown the ability to rig the four blades to disconnect and have them fire as a surprise attack.
  • Ninja Tools - Sasuke has mastered all of the basic ninja weaponry, having access to exploding tags and numerous other less utilized tags, kunai, flash bombs, smoke bombs, numerous wires and mechanisms for them, and scrolls to hide equipment in (The basis for his weapon summoning wrist bands). While there are more pieces of ninja equipment, these are the most frequently utilized.

Skills and Abilities

  • Genius - Sasuke is a genius even for a Uchiha. He quickly understands techniques no matter how advanced, and can calmly come up with tactics and strategy even with extreme stress in a situation. He's very innovatives, and is a master of chakra and the human body, capable of using the Sharingan and Chidori to disrupt chakra flow. He's very adept at decontructing and understanding core fundamentals of things.
  • Ninjutsu - Sasuke has mastered and innovated Fire and Lightning techniques, including the secret techniques of the Uchiha clan. Vanishing into fire, creating powerful fire and lightning elemental dragons, and a complete mastery of Chidori and all of its variants are some of the primary examples. He's also mastered all of the basic ninja training jutsu, having incredibly high chakra and a complete control over it, and blurringly fast hand seals.
  • Genjutsu - Complete mastery of the Sharingan has made him capable of breaking the most powerful mental illusions of his world, and seeing illusions themselves to know what they truly are and feign being affected. He's also capable of eye contact hypnosis with the strong ability to make suggestions and implant thoughts. It's not required that the subject be human, just biological. (Consent required)
  • Taijutsu - Under Orochimaru, he used a wide variety of forbidden jutsu to enhance himself physically. He can physically fight with Kage and tailed-beast users, partially thanks to his Sharingan's abilities. He's experienced with many weapons, including the Chokuto, and most basic ninja weaponry. He's also mastered the Body Flicker Technique, creating the illusion of teleportation with high speed movement. Finally, he has a poison immunity, developed through training with Orochimaru.
  • Sharingan -

    The Sharingan is the Uchiha Bloodline Limit. It can see Chakra flow, making it impossible for a Chakra technique or anything with chakra to be invisible. It has high speed sight and quickly adapts the most high speed of movements, even seeing a few seconds into the future. Though it doesn't make him any faster, so someone with superior speed could still overwhelm him. He can also copy any technique that he sees and is physically capable of using. Some techniques would likely be severely weakened considering physical and chakra limitation. For Sharingan illusion information, see Genjutsu.

  • Mangekyo Sharingan -

    The Mangekyo is an enhanced Sharingan, adding the Tsukuyomi's ability to break someone's will and control their mind, and Amaterasu's black flame manipulation. The flames are hot like the sun and burn for a week, difficult to extinguish by anyone except the user, usually burning into what they've consumed is destroyed. Finally Susano-o, one of the highest forms of defense and offense in his world, a giant spirit-like entity. (Base PL 34 > Flared PL 35)

  • Summoning - Sasuke has a summoning contract with hawks, able to use them for sending messages, flight transportation, and the ability to deflect attacks of at least moderate power. He's also capable of using seals to summon basic ninja weapons such as kunai and large shurikens, as well as wires for weapon and jutsu tactics.

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