Vital Information
Gender Female
Species Human (Runebearer)
Source Suikoden-2
Faction Union
Rank 3-Senior Ally
Function Water Mage
Groups Session 412
Other Information
Age (Appearance) 20-25
Age (Actual) 30
Still Aging? No
Height 5'5"
Weight 112lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
"This is what's meant to happen."


Sarah was born in a remote Harmonian village, in possession of a Flowing Rune and its great potential. For this she was shunned as a witch from a young age and taken to the capital, where she was used for her powers. Her story reached Luc, who rescued her and took her to the seer Leknaat. Here Sarah learned to harness her power, in gratitude devoting herself to serving Luc and Leknaat. Many may mistake Sarah's civility, modesty, and unassuming nature for meekness, but the depths of her inner strength can surprise even her. Her magic is honed to a razor's edge, and she possesses great skill in hydrokinesis, further augmented by her acquisition of the True Water Rune. She also knows the time-lost skills of illusion, summoning monsters from the World of Emptiness, and teleportation. Among the Stars of Destiny, she represents "Chizen," the Silent Star.


  • Equipment: Sarah has at her disposal a number of unique items, collected through the Multiverse or given to her as gifts. These items are all powerful, and in many cases possessed of unique properties. (+info Sarah/Equipment)
  • Healing: With the True Water Rune, Sarah can mend wounds and ease fatigue. She can't restore mortal wounds nor ressurect the dead, but she can reduce the severity of wounds and pull the stricken back from death's door. (2 AID)
  • Illusions: Sarah's primary focus is illusions. Under Leknaat's tutelage she learned to craft guises to fool every sense. She has honed it to exacting standards meant to fool even Elites, weaving anything imaginable so long as she can concentrate enough to maintain such guises. (Consent required where applicable. See +info Sarah/Illusions for more information.)
  • Rune Lore: Sarah is well-educated in all to do with runes; more than many from her world. She knows ancient Sindar techniques for manipulating, storing, and seizing runes. She also has a number of runes at her disposal acquired from various sources. She was born with her Flowing Rune, later acquired the True Water Rune, and was given the Cyclone and Boyar Runes. (+info Sarah/Runes)
  • Summoning: Sarah can summon monsters to fight for her. They vary in shape and technique, dependent on purpose. Bound to her will, they will die to protect her, and may not tell allies from enemies. (PL 30 warms, PL 32 bosses)
  • Teleportation: Though unheard of for those from her world to teleport without the proper runes, Sarah's natural aptitude and training lets her do just that. Her precision is unmatched; she can teleport herself or a group of others, depending on how much energy she invests. She can't teleport into protected or factional territory. (Consent required where applicable.)
  • True Water Rune: The True Water Rune represents the penultimate force of water in Sarah's world. It grants her incredible hydrokinesis rivaled only by Elites of similar specialization and talent. She can conjure or dismiss water, alter its state and temperature. Focused through the lens of the True Water Rune, her magic is a monstrous force to be reckoned with. True Runes also halt the aging process of their bearers. (OOC Note: If a True Rune goes out of control, it unleashes mass devastation on an enormous scale that cannot be triggered normally. This function of the +power requires Admin permission or a TP App.)


  • Daemon: Sarah's daemon, an external part of her soul, is inherently vulnerable. Damage sustained in one manifests in the other. While it is possible for her to survive most injury, or even the destruction of her daemon, injuring or killing a daemon is unspeakably traumatising for both "halves."
  • Down the Left-Hand Path: Sarah is both indebted to Luc and harbours strong feelings for him. When given a choice, she will always take that which supports or defends him, and will even throw away her life for him if, need be. Where he's concerned, she takes a narrow view.
  • Illusions: The more convincing an illusion, the harder Sarah works to maintain it. They fall apart under scrutiny or without careful tending. She needs to stay in visual range of her creations, or they cease to be; she also must study carefully what she impersonates, so as not to mistake any details.
  • Lightning Averse: Though strictly psychological, Sarah has a fairly powerful aversion to lightning and thunder. She dislikes both phenomena, and her composure tends to crack when exposed to either lightning or loud sounds akin to thunder. This could be used to shake her resolve in combat or social situations alike.
  • Runic Limits: Though adept in using magic, Sarah does so with years of careful training. The use of runes is a demanding art and can wreak havoc on a mere mortal. If Sarah asks too much of her runes, they will tear her apart from within.
  • Squishy Caster: Sarah is terrible at physical combat. Fragile and with horrid pain tolerance, it takes very little to incapacitate her. As a result, she avoids direct confrontations like the plague.
  • Teleportation: Though she can travel far by magic, Sarah has to visit a destination once before teleporting there. Teleporting will fail if she takes too much mass with her or goes somewhere she hasn't studied. Lastly, if there are wardings over an area, she won't be able to bypass those defenses.
  • True Water Rune: All power has a price. A semi-sentient entity, the True Water Rune contains every memory of previous bearers, sometimes causing Sarah to lose her sense of self. It haunts her with nightmares of the Ashen Future, a bleak and silent world of absolute order. More practically, the elemental True Runes strive to express themselves and leave their mark on the world. She must regularly pit her will against the rune's in an effort to contain its destructive tendencies. Even the smallest slip in control could be disastrous, and the constant struggle exhausts her.
  • Scar of the World-Slayer: A mark laid on all of those who participated in the Union's campaign to kill the Confederate Emperor, Viridian Sunrise, in the year A.U. 20. Though successful, the campaign resulted in the destruction of his inner universe and the countless beings within it. The mark takes the form of a sun-shaped birthmark on the bodies of each of those who were present that day.
    Though not necessarily readily visible, it cannot be removed even if the individual should be obliterated and regenerated from component materials. It imposes upon the bearer a complete knowledge of every entity who died in the Union's crusade, from enemy soldiers down to newborn babes. Those who bear this mark will remember them always, from their names, to their faces, to their lives up to their deaths. This does not provide an opportunity to learn the skills of the deceased, though it does give the bearer an insight into the world and universe of Annu.

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