Sanya Litvyak

General Information

Full Name: Alexandra Vladimirovna Litvyak
Faction: Union
Rank: Ally
Function: Night Witch
Series: Strike Witches-1
Group: Mobile Section Six
Title: Gale 2
Species: Human (Strike Witch)

"People sometimes mistake me for a ghost… During the day, they can't tell if I'm really there or not."

A quiet and unassuming witch from the Orussian Empire separated from her family by the Neuroi invasion. Alexandra Vladimirovna Litvyak (who prefers the nickname Sanya) has been adopted into the 501st Joint Fighter Wing known more commonly as the Strike Witches. Sanya dislikes sunlight and has difficulty associating with new people, though keeps her few friends very close to her heart. A natural night owl, her magical ability to sense things that the eyes cannot see has placed Sanya in the unique position as main night patroller, earning her the title of Night Witch. When flying, she seems unfocused, though due to her Dipole magic is aware of everything around her at all times. As the owner of a Storage Device, Sanya combines her magical ability with artillary spells, specializing in wide area suppression and support.

Vital Statistics

Age: 15
Gender: Female
Height: 152cm
Weight: 42kg

Shifted from Canon

  • Some time after joining the Union, Sanya joined Mobile Section Six and began training under the elder Nanoha Takamachi with the goal of becoming a better Strike Witch. Unable to use the Fleigerhammer in a way that adheres to the philsophy Nanoha teaches, Sanya requested a Mid-childan Device to replace it. Upon receiving it, Sanya named her new Device "Flight Hammer" in honor of the Fleigerhammer.
  • In this way, Sanya differs from Strike Witches canon as part of character development after she was apped.


  • Flight Hammer - A Mid-Childan Storage Device created by Mariel and specifically designed to interface with Sanya's Strike Witch magic. Functionally, its attack spells are similar to the Fleigerhammer that Sanya used in the series. However, it is powered by her magic and has a higher potential warhead yeild. It has three possible modes: A compressed "Flight Form" that doesn't interfere with aerodynamics, its Fleigerhammer-styled "Launcher Mode", and a "Crusher Mode" which resembles an enormous rocket hammer.
  • MIG60 Striker Unit - Developed by Dr. Miyafuji as a way to use magic to combat the Neuroi, a Striker unit allows a Witch to fly. It's powered by magic, and is worn as a set of tall boots. Strikers don't initially have propellers - The blades are created when magic activates them. Sanya's Striker unit's appearance is based on the MIG60, and has been optimized for longer flight time to suit her extended night patrols. The thrust generation is quite powerful; she can fly even if she's lost one of the engines.
  • Barrier Jacket - While Sanya has no use for shield spells through Flight Hammer, she has opted to keep the defensive wards in the form of a Barrier Jacket. Her particular Jacket resembles her father's Orussian military uniform in vibrant black and red colors. Sanya also keeps her Striker as part of the Barrier Jacket, and has developed Flight Hammer's ability to the point where she can summon the Striker engines separately from the rest of the Jacket. This uses less magic, so it's more efficient for her extended patrols.
  • Fleigerhammer - Sanya still owns this weapon, though she no longer uses it. The nine-barreled antitank rocket launcher has been retired, its memory living on in the similarly named Flight Hammer. It is highly likely that the original Fleigerhammer has been given to Eila, Sanya's surrogate big sister within the 501st.
  • Type99-2-2 Heavy Machine Gun - Similar to the Fleigerhammer, this 13mm machine gun has been retired from Sanya's regular arsenal. While she did still use it for target shooting to keep her marksmanship skills up, she recently gave it to Homura Akemi as a Christmas present.

Skills and Abilities

  • Strike Witch Magic - A Witch is a girl who can use magic. Sanya's magic powers her Striker unit as well as the spells fired through Flight Hammer. Aside from these, her most visible form of magic is a shield she uses to defend herself. Unlike most shields (Including Mid-Childan style shield spells), Sanya's strike witch shield deflects attacks rather than attempting to absorb them. In this way, it's generally more efficient.
  • Hirschgeweih Dipoles - Each Witch has a special power unique to them. Sanya's ability turns her into something akin to a human radar tower. She can detect objects even beyond the horizon, discerning traits such as location, speed, altitude, and heading with ease. By focusing on a target, she can also determine what it is. Sanya can also detect things that others cannot see, such as craft concealed in smoke or heavy cloud cover; She can even see through most forms of active cloaking and camouflage.
  • Radio Interface - Sanya's power also gives her a connection to radio waves, which she can pick up and communicate over. She can also boost the radio transmissions of others. On patrols, Sanya likes to tap into commercial radio broadcasts and listen to music, and tends to sing along while on patrol.

Other Information

  • Night Patrol - Sanya is virtually nocturnal, and tends to be tired or completely asleep during the day. During the nights, unless given permission to shirk patrol by Mio Sakamoto or Minna Dietlinde-Wilke, Sanya is typically on patrol around the 501st Base to protect the Witches from potential Neuroi attacks. A number of Union members have expressed interest in joining Sanya on patrol, and many have kept her company.
    • Solty Revant - Accompanies Sanya on a semi-regular basis.
    • Fate T. Harlaown - Flew with Sanya once when she was off-assignment. She would like to fly with Fate more often, and possibly with Nanoha as well. The fact that Mid-Childan mages can fly without Strikers is interesting to Sanya.
    • Ash - Accompanied Sanya once, and has said he'd like to go along again. It seems he's more interested in the Neuroi than in keeping her company, though…
  • Quiet - Sanya is a very quiet girl. Her voice is extremely hard to hear over the radio, and she only raises it enough to barely be heard over her Striker while she's on patrol. She doesn't seem to be aware of this, though, and has actually apologized for "raising her voice" when she never actually started yelling. Some Union members suspect she is physically incapable of shouting.
  • Someone Is Doting On Sanya! - No matter where she is in the multiverse, anyone who dotes on Sanya, hugs her, or calls her cute is likely to cause Eila's Sanya Sense to go off.


Sanya grew up as the daughter of a master pianist. On rainy days, they would compose a song together, a song that she still sings when she feels alone. When the piece was completed, her father titled it simply "Sanya's Song", and it remains a piece held exclusively between them. She also learned to play piano and to sing because of her father.

When the Neuroi invaded and it was found Sanya could use magic, she volunteered for the Orussian 586th Fighter Aviation Regiment to help defend her country and her father. However, the Neuroi invasion soon split the great empire of Orussia in half, separating Sanya from her father and her unit. Unable to cross Neuroi territory to the east, Sanya went west, eventually linking up with the national collaboration unit, the 501st Joint Fighter Wing based in Britannia.

Shortly after the incident with the Warlock going berserk, the world unified. Following Unification, the 501st became a part of the Union air arm. In this way, they exchanged their services as soldiers for supplies to help their world contend with the Neuroi. As a night operative, Sanya pulled double duty patrolling for her home base and providing aerial support for Union night operations, and she did her best to excel in both positions.

When the Multiverse shattered, she found herself in a small house with her father and a piano, the house she grew up in before the Neuroi invasion. Believing it was a dream (Though she'd never had a dream like this before) Sanya was able to spend several hours in the caring company of her beloved father. The end of this sequence was bittersweet, but at the same time was her contribution to the healing of the ailing Multiverse.

With things back on track, Sanya took some leave, and then returned to work with the Union. ( This is the point where Sanya was apped. )

Since becoming more prominent with the Union, Sanya has befriended Ash and agreed to help the Trainers work on their starship. She doesn't spend much time on board, though, as she has become convinced that one of the Trainers' pokemon is evil due to its habit of sneaking up on her.

Sanya later agreed to join Mobile Section Six. It was here that she was exposed to the wonderous power of Mid-Childan Devices as well as the fightening power of Nanoha Takamachi and her sympathetic philosophy. Having decided to train under Nanoha, Sanya was put into the Gale team with Rena Sayers, Lloyd Irving, and Sakura Kinomoto as a long-range specialist and support fighter.

Unable to adapt around the Fleigerhammer in order to follow Nanoha's philosophy, Sanya requested a Device of her own. It was delivered by the elder Fate during one of Sanya's patrols. After teaching her how to use it, the two flew together while Sanya taught herself the intricacies of the Device. She later began training more fervently, both to master the Device and to live up to Nanoha's expecations and those of her teammates.

Sanya began operating in Mitakihara Town, learning the nature of the Witches in that world and resolving to show the local Puella Magi that not all witches are terrible creatures. As a result, she has wound up befriending Kimiko Shinobu, Mami Tomoe, and Homura Akemi as a result of her attempts to help against these terrifying enemies. Her friendship with Kimiko has grown quite strong: Sanya has even taken Kimiko flying, and has become the reason Kimiko now owns her own Striker Unit.

Recently, several of the other Strike Witches have begun working outside of their home world. Among them is Major Mio Sakamoto, Flight Lieutenant Erica Hartmann, and Ensign Francesca Lucchini. Nanoha Takamachi wasted little time recruiting the other Witches into Mobile Section Six and, with Sanya, creating a team exclusively for Strike Witches—Novas Team. Despite being outranked by Mio in the 501st, Sanya was given the position of Novas 1 due to her experience with the Multiverse, something which Mio seems oddly accepting of.

With the other Witches, Sanya has redoubled her efforts. Mitakihara Town and Uminari City have both been added to her nightly patrol routes, and she does everything she can to keep all three towns safe with what power she has.

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