Samus Aran
Samus Aran
Personal Information
Race Human (Chozo DNA Enhanced)
Gender Female
Birthdate July 23rd, 2067 TC
Birthplace Colony World KL-2 (CLASSIFIED)
Height 6' 3"
Weight 198 lbs.
Hair Blonde
Eye Color Green
Dominant Hand Right
Occupation Bounty Hunter
Rank Captain
Status Active

General Information

Full Name: Samus Aran
Faction: Union
Rank: Captain - 3
Function: The Huntress
Series: Metroid-1
Species: Human

Quote: "My past is not a memory. It's a force at my back. It pushes and steers. I may not always like where it leads me, but like any story, the past needs resolution."

Profile: Samus Aran was born on a colony world known as KL-2. It was attacked by Space Pirates when she was young, leaving her an orphan in the care of a race of aliens known as the Chozo. Now viewed as extinct, the Chozo trained her to be a warrior, noting her desire to survive and for revenge. They gifted her with their DNA, allowing her to surpass her human limits and the use of a suit of powered armor. She joined the Galactic Federation Army, but the strict atmosphere and her youth resulted in a clash between herself and the lifestyle of the military. She began working as a freelance bounty hunter, clashing with the Space Pirates, Metroids, Phazon and other threats to Galactic society. Her wiping out a Space Pirate base on Zebes is still a legendary feat in her home Universe, a testament to her prowess and skill as a bounty hunter. The suit is able to coopt any Chozo technology it comes in contact with, to include bombs, missiles and beam weaponry. Her time in the military wasn't wasted, as she has significant knowledge of protocol, strategy and standard procedures. She often took jobs from them, to include her last assignment prior to Unification, from the Galactic Federation's military. A quiet, cold and calculating person, Samus has many allies but few real friends. This is likely a result of being raised by aliens with little knowledge on how to care for a young human.


  • Due to her body being infused with Chozo DNA, it's unknown how Samus will continue to age. She has not appeared to age past 25, biologically, and random medical checks post-mission by GF Medical personnel have given no additional leads as to her longevity. As it stands, the Multiversal Aging Effect has little bearing to her.

Mission Profiles

  • Zero Mission - Deployed to Planet Zebes, with search-and-destory orders. Find and assassinate Space Pirate leader, known as Mother Brain. Destroy subterranian Space Pirate facilities, to include suspected Metroid breeding program.

PARTIAL SUCCESS - Pirate base self-destruct protocols tied to Mother Brain's vitals. Base self-destructed upon termination. Space Pirates attempted to land vessel on Zebes to recover tech, infiltrated ship and sabotaged. Research vessel tracked leaving Zebes.

  • Tallon VI - Deployed to Pirate frigate, in orbit around planet Tallon VI. Ship escaped from Zebes, but was caught in a catastrophic failure of engine and life-support systems after collision. No survivors aboard. Invesigation of planet surface revealed extensive Space Pirate facilities, researching an unknown element called Phazon. Research facilities destroyed, unlocked Chozo vault keeping source of Phazon in check. Killed Metroid Prime, a heavily mutated Metroid.

PARTIAL SUCCESS - Tallon IV ecosystem severely damaged by Phazon poisoning. Element has been shown to have mutegenic properties, highly radioactive and dangerous. Metroid Prime apparently able to survive, by somehow stealing Power Suit upgrade from Samus Aran.

  • Alimbic Cluster - Recieved telepathic message from outside of Galactic Federation space. Message spoke of 'ultimate power' residing somewhere in uncharted star cluster beyond jurisdiction. Tasked Samus Aran to investigate. Found ruins of lost civilization, the Alimbics, who imprisoned a creature known as Gorea somewhere in their cluster. Encountered hostile bounty hunters attempting to seize this 'ultimate power'. Message was determined to have been sent by Gorea. Destroyed Gorea, while evading and supressing hostile forces.

MISSION SUCCESS - Gorea destroyed, no weapon or ultimate power found.

  • Aether - Investigating distress call from GF Marine team that went missing. Distress call traced to planet Aether, which was found to be inhabited by the Luminoth, and intelligent race of insect-like beings similar in technological advancement to the Chozo, whom they had encountered in the past. Though peaceful, they were at war with the Ing, beings from another dimension. Planet discovered to be in the middle of dimensional shift, between a light and dark realm. Marine team KIA. Encountered Metroid Prime, now known as Dark Samus. Appeared to be working with Space Pirates. Presence of Phazon confirmed. Eliminated Ing leader and collapse of dark dimension. Defeated Dark Samus, and restored balance to Aether. Luminoth survivors of war still in long-term stasis.

PARTIAL SUCCESS - Dark Samus evaded destruction. Aether ecosystem has sustained minor damage from Phazon, but Luminoth are working to counteract the spread. Luminoth have established contact with GF, exchanged technology.

  • Phazon Crisis - Samus Aran called in, as part of team of skilled Bounty Hunters, to find and return Aurora Unit 313 as well as counteract virus spreading through Aurora Unit system, that links all of the GF Military's networks together. Explored several planets in nearby cluster, encountered Dark Samus. Space Pirates working for Dark Samus, collecting Phazon. Encounter with Dark Samus resulted in severe Phazon corruption. Enabled Chozo suit to make use of Phazon building up in the body as a weapon. Phazon corruption on several planets eliminated, and several Aurora units cleaned with anti-virus. Bounty Hunter team encountered, deemed hostile due to Phazon corruption, and eliminated. Tracked source of Phazon to unknown planet. Samus Aran infiltrated planet, encountered Dark Samus and missing Aurora Unit 313. Destroyed both, and chain reaction destroyed unknown planet. All Phazon galaxy-wide rendered totally inert.

MISSION SUCCESS - Space Pirate operations severely crippled. Massive strike by GF Navy eliminated large Space Pirate facility on their homeworld. Source of Phazon destroyed, rendered all Phazon harmless. Dark Samus destroyed, corrupted Aurora Unit 313 destroyed.


Space Pirate lieutenant, took control of virtually all operations after death of Mother Brain. Despite repeated defeats at the hand of Samus Aran, he has managed to become resurgant in virtually all of her major operations, thanks to advanced Space Pirate technology. Any encounters with Ridley should be done with her consultation, if not her direct involvement.
(THE FOLLOWING IS RANKLOCKED TO OFFICERS 5+: Ridley is personally responsible for the destruction of Colony KL-2 and the death of Samus' parents. She was the only known survivor, and for some time, suffered from severe and untreated survivor's guilt, as well as trauma relating to Ridley. Samus has maintained a professional attitude, in regards to confronting him, but the possibility of this trauma resurfacing is always a possibility. It would not be unlikely that Samus, herself, holds a grudge.)


GRAVITY SUIT: Samus' powered Chozo battle armor, a gift from her benefactors once her training had been completed. An upgraded variant of the Varia Suit, which greatly reduces the effects of unstable gravity and underwater environments, as well as adding additional environmental shielding. Internal systems include a fully-functional life support system, capable of maintaining a safe environment for several days in a vacuum without need to recharge. Equipped with an energy shield array, it can absorb a significant amount of damage. The helmet's visor contains a number of built-in spectral analyzers, allowing for vision in Infared, X-Ray, Nightvision, and Echolocation.

MORPH BALL: Using a rather complex piece of Chozo technology, the suit can compress and contort into a metallic sphere with a diameter of about 8 inches, allowing movement into tight areas. What actually happens to Samus herself is unknown, but it's possible she's reduced to a sub-atomic state. In addition, the ball can cling to any metal that has been electrified and can store energy for bursts of speed. For armament, small stationary energy bombs can be placed like mines. A more powerful, high-yield bomb with limited ammunition can also be used.

ARM CANNON: The suit's primary weapon system, the arm cannon is mounted on the right forearm and contains a miniaturized nano-machine manufacturing unit. Limited only by the suit's power supply, it serves as the supply for the various missiles and bombs Samus is capable of deploying against her foes. In addition, the beam projection unit is capable of generating several different kinds of energy, allowing for several destructive options such as plasma, laser, and electricity.

MODIFIED DNA: In order to survive on Zebes after being taken in by her Chozo benefactors, they altered her genetic structure and added a bit of their own. Samus will likely live a longer life than any normal human, with the additional boost to her metabolic and immune systems, giving her a level of athleticism and physical endurance and strength that is difficult for other humans to match. It is also this part of her DNA that allows her to use Chozo technology, to include her powered suit.

HUNTER-CLASS GUNSHIP: Samus' personal Gunship, her primary means of transportation throughout the galaxy. It was custom-built to her specifications, to include many amenities she needs on long assignments. Her suit can easily interface with her ship, and a remote function allows her to do so outside of it. The craft is also well-armed, with a battery of plasma cannons and a variety of missiles at it's disposal.



INFAMY: Samus has a serious target on her back. It's no surprise that, after blowing up several of their facilities, repeatedly killing one of their top lieutentants and assassinating their leader that the Space Pirates will resort to just about anything to get a shot at Samus, regardless of the collateral.

ICE QUEEN: Samus isn't much of a people person. She doesn't often deal with others in a social setting, and tends to be strictly business most of the time. This is one shortcoming of her upbringing by the Chozo, who were not familiar with human development.

CALCULATING: Samus tends to analyse situations, looking at them objectively and determining the best course of action. If this course leads to acceptable amounts of loss or collateral damage, then the sacrifice will not have been in vain.

SUIT SHOCK: Intense amounts of physical trauma and/or damage can literally cause her Chozo Armor to deactivate. This can be inconvenient in the middle of a fight, even if she's still capable of continuing it on her own.

TRAUMA: While Samus outwardly projects the aura and demeanor of a veteran soldier, and truthfully is.. she has her own personal experiences that occasionally come up from time to time, usually with relevance to an event in her past and one that's playing out in front of her in the present.

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