Sakura Haruno

General Information

Full Name: Sakura Haruno
Faction: Union
Rank: Captain
Function: Medical Ninja
Series: Naruto-3
Species: Human

"I'd forgotten what true friendship was like. I won't lose it, this time."

Profile: Once considered a brilliant rising mednin, Sakura Haruno is one of a tiny number of survivors of the formerly great hidden village, Konoha. Sakura went at least half mad in her grief and desire to strike out at anyone she could reach responsible for her home's destruction, spending several years attempting to gain at least some measure of vengence. Eventually, she made her way to the Union, where she was offered aid and friendship once more. While she has recovered more than a little bit in her time in the Union, she's still known for being quite mercurial. Sakura has a reputation as both an extremely powerful medic, and a generally strong ninja with a focus on Earth techniques and physical strength. She also carries a katana, with at least some degree of skill with the weapon. In spite of her earned reputation as a bit of an oddity, she also has a reputation for helping those in need and kindness towards most people.

Vital Statistics

Age: 22
Gender: Female
Height: 5'3
Weight: 120
Note: Sakura is ICly slightly uncertain of her own age, and will give it as 22 or 23.
Nickname: Given by a drunken pirate mercenary originally, Sakura's nickname of Flowers has stuck and become a useful shorthand, especially given the number of people named Sakura in the Union. She's actually grown quite fond of it.
Distinguishing Mark: Sakura has a sun-shaped mark, bronze in color and about two inches in diameter, on her right cheek. To those with knowledge of the situation, this marks her as one of the accursed slayers of Viridian Sunrise, and his internal universe of Annu, along with its innocent inhabitants.


  • Gnome Edge - A katana crafted for her by Dirk Irving, it has an earth nature, allowing her to amplify her own techniques while on ground and even use smaller ones without. It's heavier than a normal katana.

Skills and Abilities

  • NINJUTSU: Sakura has spent quite a lot of time developing her Earth ninjutsu. In addition to providing defenses for herself, she's capable of forming spikes out of the earth, causing it to try to bury people, swimming through it herself or with others, and so on. These techniques can be used on a massive scale, though at a significant chakra cost. She also has a much smaller degree of water ninjutsu, which for the moment isn't useful for much beyond forming a slight mist.
  • MEDICAL NINJUTSU: With the general devistation of the world, Sakura may now be the single most advanced mednin left. She's capable of field surgery on all but the most instantly lethal of injuries, and her self-healing is impressive even by those standards. Beyond just the healing, she also has the knowledge of anatomy required to go for the most damage she can on attacks.
  • SUPER STRENGTH: Perhaps her most distinctive skill from her younger, happier days, Sakura has the ability to focus her chakra into incredible physical strength, striking with devastating force at her foes or lifting and wielding weapons several times her own weight.
  • TAIJUTSU: In addition to her strength enhanced attacks, Sakura has spent time mastering kenjutsu, the art of the sword. To the end of combining this with her Earth techiniques, she was given the gift of a katana by Dirk Irving with an Earth nature, Gnome Edge. It's heavier than a normal katana would be, but with her strength it's not really noticed, and it can amplify her already impressive techniques.
  • NINJA TRAINING: Sakura is very fast and has the ability to perform basic illusions, such as the replacement technique or the henge, which disguises her as something or someone else.


  • Mental Health Issues - Sakura has a few issues relating to her mental condition. She's spent a great deal of time in treatment, and has recovered to a great deal, but still sometimes struggles for control.
  • Loyalty - It takes a fair amount to get Sakura to give her loyalty to a person, but once she does, it's very very hard to break it. On the other hand, it can be quite easy to gain her enmity, and just as hard to get rid of. See Friends and Enemies below.


Sakura was a shy girl through her early years in the academy, often picked on for her supposedly wide forehead. When she was approximately eight, however, she met her first real friend, Yamanaka Ino, who helped her gain some confidence in herself. Among other things, Ino gave Sakura a red hair ribbon, claiming that people only made fun of her forehead because she tried to hide it. Sakura and Ino remained friends up until Sakura declared that they were rivals for the affection of Uchiha Sasuke.

Throughout the academy, Sakura was near the tops of her class, having a real gift for chakra control and for bookwork and theory. However, in spite of her repeated attempts to gain his attention, Sasuke maintained a distance from her, and she drew her own unwanted suitor - Uzumaki Naruto. Sakura was dismayed when, upon her graduation from the academy and assignment to a team, she was paired with Naruto.

The new team never really seemed to get along, but they managed to get through a number of life-threatening situations, including a mission that was ranked well above their level and an invasion during a promotion exam. Eventually, however, Sasuke made the decision to leave Konoha seeking power from one of the hidden village's worst enemies, Orochimaru, and knocked Sakura out when she confronted him on the way out of town, asking him to either stay or take her with him.

Sakura begged Naruto to bring Sasuke back, and felt rather guilty when he was severely injured in the unsuccessful attempt, torn about having been left behind. She swore to him that she'd come on the next attempt, once she got strong enough to, and in order to gain that strength she begged the Fifth Hokage, Tsunade, to train her. Tsunade agreed and took Sakura on as an apprentice, and found her to be a very fast learner, training her over the next three years.

After three years, Naruto returned from his own training journey, and he and Sakura started seeking out Sasuke. However, their lost teammate refused to come home, and eventually became involved with an organization known as Akatsuki that was hunting Naruto for the demon sealed inside of him.

Open warfare eventually came about, with Sasuke having decided that Konoha needed to be razed to the ground in revenge for the slaughter of his family years prior. This war was a stalemate at first, until Sasuke led a successful sneak attack on Konoha while they were recovering from a more open battle with Uchiha Madara, the leader of Akatsuki. Most of the village's strongest ninja were still recovering, with Sakura being one of the few at full strength. She was engaged in battle personally with Sasuke, but her emotions held her back and he was, in any case, one of the three or four strongest ninja in the world at that point. She managed to make him work for it, but he pinned her to a tree with his katana, leaving her for dead when an enraged Naruto attacked him at that point.

When Sakura woke several days later, her medic skills having kept herself alive, but the sword pinning her to the tree having made the invading army think her already dead, the village was in ruins around her, Naruto's corpse nearby, and noone alive within miles. She was distraught, and more and more so as she began to try to rebuild something. Sakura stayed within the ruins for almost two years, keeping her distance from the outside world even as she tried to train herself in Earth ninjutsu from what technique scrolls she was able to scrounge. She also began to practice with the sword that Sasuke had left, but was less able to develop those skills with noone to work with.

After two years, her supply of food began to run low, and she felt her skills had developed to the point that she could try to go after Sasuke. However, by this point, her grief and isolation had begun to wear on her, and she had begun to delude herself into thinking she was haunted by her closest friends and teachers. Still, she struck out into the world, coming across the remnents of the Sand village forces. She spent a few months training with them, but eventually headed out on her own, coming into the multiverse after some time battling minions of Madera and Sasuke.


The following are all people to whom her loyalty flaw applies; she will trust these people virtually without question. While she has great difficulty in bringing up the topic herself, if it does come up she will not have any trouble stating or admitting as much, either:

George Weismann: (No longer played) A priest who was instrumental in restoring her sanity, George became not only her councilor but a very close friend. This actually led to a great deal of trouble for Sakura, and is at the root of her issues with Nathan Hall and others, as George had an amoral split personality.

Himei Shoutan: Someone who Sakura has grown closer to gradually, Himei has Sakura's respect for her toughness and out of a sense of kinship over some shared hardships. In addition to other shared struggles such as Annu and the Witch Hunts, Sakura helped with the destruction of the Dark Queen, and was also one of the Union members targeted by the Yamiko.

Kiyoko Saito: Sakura offered very general assistance in some of the ninja arts to Kiyoko, who she first met through Himei. While mildly scared of what the girl does with every little piece of information she is given, Sakura has grown to respect her creativity and energy.

Psyber: Sakura accepted an offer for work as a medic with Heaven or Hell, but even before that she had taken upon herself preventing the half-angel from getting himself killed. While he frustrates her to no end, frequently, she will not allow him to drive her off from treating his injuries.

Homura Akemi: While uncertain of anything but a need to help at first, Sakura feels she has seen enough of Homura's true self to call her a friend. Sakura was present at the destruction of Walpurgis and the shift in Homura's world.

Madoka Kaname: On that note, Sakura saw Madoka's wish, ascension, and sacrifice. It would almost, almost be enough to convert her; few people need a goddess of hope the way that Sakura does. Unfortunately for Madoka's fledgling flock, the goddess showed back up within the multiverse and made it far, far too embarrassing to admit to any such thing, but Sakura still has nothing but good feelings about her.

Amalthea, Ellestaria, and Ariel: These three are linked; Sakura had been friendly with Ellestaria before, and friendly…ish with Amalthea, but the moment that Ariel spoke up and called her "Aunt Flowers" Sakura melted completely. She'll go to great lengths to protect any of them, and preserve her thought of them as family.

In addition to the above, most people vouched for by the above are likely to get extra consideration from Sakura.

Beyond the obvious Confederates, a few Union members have complicated to bad relationships with Sakura:

Sarah: This one is complicated. An issue arose between them over George, and both of them had quite negative relations with one another. However, during the raid on Annu, they were able to somewhat repair it, and are working on something a little more positive. Sort of. Given both their natures, it can be difficult to tell at times if it is working. Additionally, while not a problem between them, Sakura does envy Sarah's daemon being able to leave the world of Oxford.

Sol: This one, however, is simple. At the start of the raid on Annu, Sol attempted an unprovoked murder on an innocent, and attempted to defend himself on the matter. He also disobeyed orders repeatedly. Sakura will go to great lengths to avoid working with him.

Nathan Hall: Back to complex. Sakura has, at least, stopped believing Nathan to be actively treasonous, and instead merely believes him hopelessly negligent about his own safety and union secrets, such as they are. Given that she has saved him from the apartment of a confederate member who seemed to be attempting to kill him, which he had knowingly entered, she may even have a point. She manages to keep quiet about it most of the time, but most of their interactions range from the icily hateful to the merely awkward.

Additionally, regardless of their origin or allegiances, Sakura is going to have a very negative reaction to any version of Uchiha Sasuke or Uchiha Madera.

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