Sailors of the Apocalypse-1

The fight between Heaven and Hell has been dull for a long time. Hell was closed, and Heaven had an easy job. After a while, they didn't even bother checking up on what the forces of Hell were doing anymore. This was a mistake.

It's currently the year 2013, and in December last year, the Apocalypse started. Lucifer hired four teenage girls, granting them great power in exchange for their aid in bringing forth the Apocalypse. He made it sound like a pretty sweet deal, and that the girls would be working for the forces of good.

By now, the Apocalypse Sailors don't really care anymore, as their term only ends when their given goal has succeeded and Heaven and Hell are both destroyed, which would be accomplished through the destruction of worship. While it isn't that far yet, the levels of suffering on Earth are on the rise due to the actions of these four teens.

Heaven has realized their mistake, but it may be too late. They sadly don't know, but they have no choice but to fight. If they don't fight, it will surely be too late. As such, the Sailors of the Apocalypse face the power of Heaven as an obstruction to their destructive paths.

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