Sagacious Gears

General Information

Full Name: Sagacious Gears of the Crystal Mountains
Faction: Union
Rank: Ally
Function: Crafter/Magitech Cyborg
Series: Exalted-4
Species: Alchemical Exalted

"You won't remember me, but allow me to help."

Profile: An Alchemical Exalted from Autocthon itself, Sagacious Gears of the Crystal Mountains was a hermit until he discovered a way through the great sealing barrier surrounding Autocthon himself not long after He unified. While the machine god still slumbers, the seal has weakened enough to allow the warp gate network in, and ones like Sagacious Gears or the monstrous Void out. Communing with Autocthon resulted in his being one of a select few avatars to the new Multiverse. Something that ended up with his joining the Union. Sagacious Gears usually acts as something of a cross between an uncaring robot and a curious soul just looking for his place in the world. He seems to enjoy making new devices as well as helping others genuinely at times, but suffers due to his magical cyborg nature as well. The biggest weakness and greatest strength seems to be that he swaps abilities on a whim per encounter. Something which seems to infuriate the Confederate forces greatly along with the fact their troops seem to not remember him sometimes.

Vital Statistics

Age: 100
Gender: Male
Height: 7 ft.
Weight: 500 lbs up to one ton.
Body Materials: Adamant crystal mixed with other mystical materials with a clay-like skin overlay. As an example, his eyes are actually a red version of the adamant crystal and his hair is made of a blue-green version.

Additional Details

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  • Alchemical Exalted - While there is actually a total of six Alchemical Exalted possible in the core setting, here the only one actually fully introduced is the Adamant. Others are possible off of the theme he has, however. An Alchemical Exalted roughly draws a lot of their material from your typical "super robot" and "power armor" style models such as Gundams, Voltron, Getter Robo, etc. Many ideas used in an in-character fashion stem from such and others just make you go 'cool' in general.
  • Vats - The Vats are a special item/structure with one currently in New Washington's hanger and the rest possible in the machine god/world known as Autochthon. First off, an Alchemical can NOT switch his charms/abilities without one. The only other way is one at a time with a sorcery spell and switching a large number of charms will eventually cause them to not have enough essence/energy to fight at all. The structures also serve the purpose of medical healing chambers, beds, and evolution centers.
  • Measuring - Due to the nature of Autochthon society, Gears only knows meters in terms of measuring, although he is quickly learning yards, feet, and other means of measuring as he can.
  • Gears - Due to the fact most of the Union doesn't want to call him "Sagacious Gears" or "Sagacious Gears of the Crystal Mountains" all the time, they nicknamed him Gears. He has yet to run across the Autobot of the same name so the Union can think up another one for him.

Major NPCs

Note: None of these are on Sagacious Gears's sheet due to them being totally out of control and most of their influence would be considered plot worthy items/people of doom in some cases.

  • Autochthon - The Great Maker and currently the largest slumbering pile of metal next to Cybertron. Autochthon has been asleep for at least 3,000 or more years. No one is completely sure at this point, but it's been a long time since he was awake. A Primordial from Exalted, it is better he stay slumbering for fear of what he might do to stop the sickness growing in him or decide the fates of those within him. Let alone, if he went back to Creation and saw the state of some of his great works. Needless to say, this is mostly a reference to the world inside of Autochthon when used in-character or the reference to Great Maker replaces usual deity references for Sagacious Gears himself. Thus far, has not been introduced except in conversation in-character. (Note: Requires plot app to significantly use in any way.)
  • Divine Ministers - The eight automaton/deities within Autochthon that once made up his very mind. Their purpose is to guide Autochthonian society, to guide the Alchemical Exalted, and eventually to place them where they will do the most good for Autochthon himself. Not introduced except in conversation in-character. (Note: Requires plot app to significantly use in any way.)


Note: Almost all of the items mentioned are constructed of the same adamant crystal that Gears himself is made of.

  • Monofilament Scourges - A "usual weapon" that Sagacious Gears employs when first starting and unsure if an enemy is a potential friend or just someone who needs to be beaten. These whips are razor sharp and extend up to three yards in length. While not that effective on auric items nor Elites themselves, they still cut, slice, and generally are a pain to deal with even if the style normally used is only for suppression. Gears normally stores these in his forearms with a charm.
  • Gyroscopic Chakrams - Akin to giant buzzsaws when thrown, these weapons are actually also tiny machines designed to return automatically barring their being stuck in objects. Not to mention they spin the saw toothed blades incredibly fast when thrown. He keeps a matched pair due to their usefulness to let go and not worry if they won't return after they hit normally. Normally stored in the back of his shoulder blades when not in use.
  • Crystalburst Lance - One of the few items not significantly modified to achieve the use of the diamond-like adamant, the crystalburst lance is kept closely at his side and not stored as the previous two weapons. The lance is able to shrink down to about a three foot compact form or extend to a full six feet in length. Overall, it's usefulness to Gears has been mostly in the fact that it shoots crystal or can break crystals off in wounds. As well as an aid in making sure shiny-addicted people don't come after him.
  • Grand Beamklaive - Quite possibly the most devastating weapon in Gears's arsenal next to any charms, abilities, or skills he might pop out. This six foot blade is similar to the beam saber technology of the Gundam or the lightsabers of the Jedi, only with a significantly magical and technological aspect to it. Used sparingly due to the danger of hitting allies or landscape damage, the weapon is able to cut through most objects pretty easily and generally due to it's size tends to force it's way through them like a knife through butter except in a few cases.

Skills and Abilities

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  • Crafting - Gears is a skilled crafter of mixtures of magical and technological items from his world, as well as able to repair most objects so long as it is not completely and utterly torn to bits. This skill has proved useful as he has been able to apply it to doing maintaining mobile suits and other robots in the Union hanger bays thus far. Originally, this was nothing more than a hobby for Gears himself that he acquired while training in his martial arts styles.
  • Cartographer - Due to his time in the reaches and to make ends meet, Gears often made maps before joining the Union. With them, he has found new areas to map in person as well as improve on as he adds details you can not see from a ship or scanning with technology thus far.
  • Martial Arts - Actually possessing three styles as well as being skilled enough to use his Grand Beamklaive in combat without a style, Gears is possibly one of the upcoming martial artists within the Union. He still has a long way to go due to his being used to taking on hordes of insane machines, humans, and the like.
  • Live Wire - The first of the styles that he knows focuses on subduing for questioning or not killing in almost all cases. The style makes use of either the mono-filament scourges that he has and while an individual may be a bit cut up, they are usually alive if unconscious. The style gains it's name from the quick striking whip skills that can do such things as disarm, snap quickly, and entangle an opponent almost hopelessly until the crackling whip lets them go. It also seems to have a unique ability to change the living essence into electricity.
  • Thousand Wound Gear - The second style known to Gears is potentially the most devastating. Focusing on the use of the gyroscopic chakram or similiar, it allows the thrown weapons to be used up close as well as to do some things they were never meant to do. Such as act like repetitive homing weapons or shields. Examples of techniques involved in this style include catching weapons on the sawtooth blades, using the weapons as shields, increasing the potential damage, the aforementioned repetitive attacks (allowing the employing of another weapon, possibly), launching an individual into the air hard enough they stay there for a while, attacking said individual with mighty blows, and increasing the distance a target may be sent flying.
  • Crystal Chameleon - One of the least understood arts in the arsenal of Gears as it seems to rely on abstract principles not widely understood by the Union. Gears himself only uses it when he has to be stealthy when he uses it at all. Although, he has been forced to use it to play a disappearing act on enemies. The style uses his crystal lance primarily and does much as it's name might imply. The techniques involved include disappearing, reappearing, quick strikes, and all around ninja style techniques. Including one solid "get away" technique of a blindingly large flash in an area.
  • Anima - One of his chief abilities as far as being an Alchemical Exalted is the anima. Although he rarely uses it for fear of it's effects spreading to his allies in the Union, it does allow him to alter memories after a hard fight and make it randomly seem as if he was something he was not or someone he is not. The problem with it is that if he uses large amounts of essence, this ability is out of his control entirely. The anima usually appears in stages. Stage one is brief sparks around his soul gem. Stage two is full body electricity and dripping a fluid version of adamant crystal as well as leaving stains of it in areas he touches, such as footsteps. Stage three leaves longer lasting stains, stronger electricity bursts, causes his energy uses to emit thunderous booms, and more solid drips of the fluid. Stage four is truly frightening as it creates the adamant crystals in the air as if they were gears in some great machine, breaks them, and reforms them at random and all around him. (Note: Requires consent before the memory altering power is used on PCs or NPCs.)
  • Sorcery - Highly different from most fantasy or technological sorcery, Sagacious Gears uses the protocols of Autochthon to create differing effects that seem to not care what or who they hit at times. While he does not possess a wide variety of "spells" compared to your average sorcerer, he still has a knack for using them to devastating effect. Such abilities are also integral to enchanting anything he makes through crafting as well. Known spells include the ability to swap his charms one at a time away from a Vat, house up to three individuals in himself somehow while being in telepathic communication with those individuals (this supposedly benefits him by adding their strength and stamina to his own somehow), and finally some sort of techno-magical electromagnetic pulse.
  • Charms - One of his most useful and well used abilities is the fact that he often has none primarily set other than the three set for his sorcery and his martial arts. These abilities range over a wide scope and all of them are particularly anywhere from minuscule in power to devastatingly powerful.

Charm Assortments

Note: Instead of listing individual charms, the writer has chosen to list the "packages" he normally employs and their usual effects. Keep in mind this not the end all, be all of their abilities due to his ability to swap at least one ability for another or the like and even a few not readily listed here. Some things like switching to heavy-duty armor, however, will disallow the use of other abilities.

  • Combat - Designed for up close, in your face "tanking" style combat, this set is armed with a set of external adamant crystal armor that makes him almost look like a crystal robot of some sort. Usually, it also employs the use of either Thousand Wound Gear or the Grand Beamklaive as a weapon. The abilities of this set lay in getting up close to someone and optimally just beating them to death. An example is against larger opponents, he has been known to employ a charm that grows him to double his usual height and weight as well as increases his strength and stamina considerably. As a defensive measure besides his armor, he can also employ the ability to turn into a solid statue of one of the magical materials of his world. Usually adamant crystal, but he has been known to employ the ability to turn into orichalcum, moonsilver, jade, starmetal, and soulsteel as well. Of particular note offensively is his ability to electrify a strike with most of his weapons and the ability to hit hard enough to take down most walls and other structures in this assortment. Unlike most of his other assortments, this is the one most likely to "take a hit on the chin" instead of attempting to go around attacks.
  • Scout - One of the weakest of his assortments due to it's nature as "get around and analyze" it is primarily equipped with extra senses as the specific abilities. Often employing quick movements and the ability to fly, he also tends to have all of his weapons available due to the need and versatility of using them to perfect differing tasks. Such as using his lance to make foot steps in structures or rock face and his grand beamklaive for clearing. Overall, it is the one he dreads being stuck out in. This style is also one of the heavy evasive styles down to implanted charms allowing him to calculate attack patterns and movements of individuals, although it is far from perfect in the Multiverse.
  • Combat Scout - Employing similar ideas to the scout, this is effectively an army ranger in terms of assortment. It does add a few weapons such as the repeating crossbows, but otherwise it simply employs more ability to get around attacks such as deploying a physical shield or the like. It does employ one ability of note that he can hide in space
  • Crafting - Designed around actually making items, this assortment employs many different tools, almost all the ones humanly imaginable for use, and places them on tendrils. It also increases his manual dexterity, as well as great strength. It has little to no armor, however, and in a fight has to rely on dodging around.
  • Sniper - A newer assortment of abilities, this is the equivalent of long range in fighting for him. He normally carries his weapons in pouches and has integrated such things as automatic crossbows that replenish themselves to canons that fire large bursts of essence. It also makes use of the flight systems and hidden armor under his skin to face the opposition. Implants also make him a more precise shot and make such shots able to be used to devastating effect.

Other Information

  • Clarity - The one downfall that no one truly seems to understand until they have first hand witnessed it themselves. Clarity ranges on a scale from 1 to 10 usually and Sagacious Gears is normally stuck at 5 unless he employs charms that modify it upwards or events that prevent him from acting bravely. The progression is not much to tell until he does something incredibly crazy and one-tracked in most people's eyes. An example is when he was told about the Great Void by the Union and went to go fight the "enemy" he thought would be there from his past experiences and then had to have things explained to him. Such events are not going to be common, but they may not be uncommon either.
  • Crafting Items - There are a variety of items from his world/setting that he can make and there is the potential for other items that he can also make depending upon if someone gives him the blue prints as well as materials. The problem with most of his magical-technological items is that they are made for beings that inherently can commit a bit of their energies to them. This normally counts out non-magical beings and most characters from elsewhere usually have better gear overall. It does, however, allow him to arm someone with a special purpose item. Such as visors to see in the dark better or flame-spewing lances. Keep in mind, however, that most materials will be coming from the Union stores IF they have to be used. Power armors are also not exactly going to be "Iron Man" level armors either.
  • Possible Futures - A recent revelation is a possible future that actually has the effect of making Sagacious Gears fear for his sanity. He has revealed that eventually he will turn first into a giant among most human beings and then into a city much later on. There is no clue as to how big of a city, nor how big of a giant he may become. It is also quite a long time in the future, at least a hundred or possibly half a millennium before this may happen normally but the Multiverse may have an effect on this. Unlike the other possible castes of Exalted from his world, his kind tend to be in the loneliest areas possible and tend to only have the occasional contact with others.


Note: "Born" into the reaches of Autocthon, Sagacious Gears of the Crystal Mountains was given the task to help out in the far reaches of Autocthon by the Divine Ministers. His task from an early age was going to be hard due to his needing to survive as the "living myth" so to speak. Birthed as he was, he began his travels while keeping close to a metropoli that served as a base city for newborn Adamants. It was this life that he was created into and would travel around learning how to defend himself and others in the far reaches.

It was also a tough life as he received lessons from more experienced Adamants. Growing up, he ran as a scout and eventually a mapper that supplied regional maps to other cities secretly through himself and other Adamants. The training he went through was fierce, even if he was only taught the Thousand Wound Gear style and given his first set of Charms. The thing is, he was also educated and given the basics. Being left alone after that, Sagacious Gears began to wander the reaches.

His first encounters with other Alchemicals let alone mortals resulted in his being better off as the Clarity broke down after a while in a city. Disguised through a select few Charms, he began to work secretly with the mortals and the Alchemicals. Happy as they were, his first joy was when he discovered his maps were used to explore the reaches better as well as fight back against the Void itself. The sickness within the Machine God/World he was birthed to.

His first actual "talking" meeting was intervening in a fight with gremlin infected machines alongside an Assembly. Talking with them, he discovered he liked their companionship, but realized he couldn't stay and told them so, explaining that while he appreciated their friendship, he had other tasks of the Great Maker that required he be on his own. Since his Anima wiped their memories, he went about his way and sought out other things to learn. It was eventual that he ran across someone who knew Crystal Chameleon as well as the Live Wire styles.

Taking another year, he trained heavily and learned heavily in the two new martial arts like a machine. During that time, he helped out practioners of all three styles in secret by creating their weapons and utilizing his abilities to invent some newer beam klaves, or beam swords, in design to mimic a couple of martial arts weaponry. In exchange, they trained him in the styles and resulted in his abilities as a warrior greatly expanding. The dojo, the sifu, and the students are the only ones to date that have a lasting memory of him within Autocthon itself.

Growing again as his essence advanced, his eventual path took him back to the reaches. Continuing his mapping, he began to work on fighting the Void and it's gremlin minions again with his newfound skill. Venturing back to the metropoli from before, he found it destroyed with no trace of the Adamant, mortals, or anything from before. Realizing that metropoli, patropoli, and other Exalted turned cities could be destroyed, he set out on his own to destroy the Void once more as well as learn the mystical protocols that would make him self-sufficient.

Eventually, he reached an incredible height as his Essence topped out. It would be years before he could become a Colossi, one of the giants of the Alchemical Exalted. Venturing forth, he discovered by complete accident a gap in the mystical seal that stopped Creation from venturing into Autocthon itself. Staring at it, he eventually reported it to the nearest link to the Divine Ministers he could find. Being experienced as he was, the Divine Ministers sent him out to see how much had changed. Arriving out, he discovered that it wasn't Creation and decided to explore some more. His first encounter was, fortunately or unfortunately depending upon how you look at it, with Union recruiters who saw merit in his skills and abilities.

Thus, he joined up and went back to Autocthon to report. With warp gates established, he began to venture back and forth. He hasn't reported to the Union on the true dangers of the gremlin and the Void in Autocthon, but he's still exploring the new Multiverse as well as discovering what his newest allies can do.

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