General Information

Full Name: Saelus
Faction: Union
Rank: A - Ally
Function: Hero of the Hearts
Series: False Positive-1
Species: Human

"So long as we keep our hope alive and keep fighting, the light of our hearts will never go out, no matter how strong or weak our bodies are!"

Profile: Youth can be deceiving. Although young, Saelus has been through quite a bit. When the emotion stealing Inviscus invaded his world, the light of his heart and strength of his will drew to him the legendary, key-like Claviger, the Royal Heart, with the power to unlock any door and to to strike down the Inviscus with ease. From that point on, aided by two members of King Arthur's court, Trirald and Koorin, he traveled from world to world in his universe, sealing their cores to protect them from the Inviscus, meeting new friends and making new enemies along the way. Often cheerful and optimistic on the surface, Saelus is surprisingly brave, mature and strong willed, not to mention a more than competent fighter. He's a determined boy, willing to go the distance to protect a friend and to come to the help of those in need. He is very skilled with a blade and his magic, even in the cases where he doesn't have his Claviger, competent in either land based battles, or leaping and striking from the air. Capable of putting his surroundings to his own use, or coming up with combinations with partners on the fly, he is not someone to underestimate. Even if he is a touch on the gullible side.

Vital Statistics

Age: 14
Gender: Male
Height: 5'0"
Weight: —-

Additional Details

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