Ryuko Matoi
Ryuko Matoi (纏流子 - Matoi Ryūko)
Ryuko, in casual attire
Personal Information
Race Human
Gender Female
Age 17
Birthdate October 23rd
Birthplace Tōkyō, Kantō Region, Japan
Height 5' 3"
Weight 117 lbs.
Hair Black, w/ Red Streak
Eye Color Blue
Dominant Hand Right
Occupation Student
Rank Last Chancer
Status Active

General Information

Full Name: Ryuko Matoi
Faction: Union
Rank: Last Chancer - LC
Function: Kanto Vagabond
Series: KILL la KILL-1
Species: Human

Quote: "Senketsu is a keepsake from my father. And this Scissor Blade was left behind by the person who killed him. Now you're going to tell me who this Scissor Blade belongs to…"

Profile: A high-school student from a post-apocalypse Japan, who possesses a living school uniform, called a Kamui, whom she's named Senketsu. By using her blood as a catalyst, Senketsu transforms into a super-powerful but revealing uniform that gives Ryuko superhuman combat abilities. She also possesses the Scissor Blade, a sword shaped like one half of a pair of scissors, which was used to murder her father. She's hell-bent on finding out who killed him, and has come to Honnouji Academy to find the culprit, at her father's urging with his last words. Headstrong, hot-blooded, and eager to fight, she's quickly made an enemy of Honnouji's student council, up to and including its president, Satsuki Kiryuuin, who rules the school with an iron fist. Armed with her skilled swordplay and the incredible power of Senketsu, she fights to find out who killed her father, to liberate her school from the student council's control, and to prevent Satsuki's ambition from spreading into the rest of the Multiverse.


KAMUI: Literally "God's Clothes," this outfit is made of the same life fibers that the Goku Uniforms worn by Honnouji Academy's star pupils are woven from. But where Goku Uniforms are only ten to thirty percent life fibers, a Kamui is made entirely out of the enhancing material. Wearing anything made of life fibers drastically increases the combat potential of the wearer, granting vastly superior strength, speed, reflexes, and durability. Ryuko's Kamui is different from Goku Uniforms in two major aspects. First, it requires sacrificial blood from Ryuko in order to function. Second, Ryuko's is sentient, and the two can communicate together easily. (Aura Flare 26 -> 32)

SENKETSU: Literally 'Fresh Blood', Ryuko named her Kamui after realizing he functioned using her blood. He has no memory of his purpose or past, but views Ryuko as a friend and his ally, seeing as she saved him from his inanimate state. He and Ryuko share a symbiotic relationship, and this bond is even deeper when Ryuko is wearing him. When in his resting state, he appears to be nothing more than a dark-colored, sailor-styled school uniform, albeit with some modifications. In his transformed state, when his power as a Kamui is unleashed, he takes on a much more flashy and…revealing form, much to Ryuko's chagrin. He is able to protect Ryuko regardless of how much she shows off, however.

Senketsu and Ryuko

SCISSOR BLADE: A large, crimson sword, shaped like one half of a pair of scissors. The blade is nearly as long as Ryuko is tall, though she only needs one hand to wield it. When held normally, the blunt edge faces outward and the sharp, cutting edge faces inward. The weapon is uniquely designed to cut through life fibers as well as most other materials. The blade is quite sharp. The blunt edge can be used to batter around opponents, and the point at the tip is more than capable of thrusting and stabbing. When used in conjunction with Senketsu, Ryuko can wield the blade to its greatest potential.

Scissor Blade
Scissor Blade, Decapitation Mode
Scissor Blade, Decapitation Mode

RED GAUNTLET: A red, fingerless glove, worn on Ryuko's left hand. The gauntlet has a tab on it, which activates when pulled. It stabs the wearer with a small needle, drawing out the blood that's needed to activate a Kamui. It has to be activated manually, but otherwise is an important tool, and is an actual part of the uniform.

BRAWLER: Ryuko is no stranger to a battle. Since she was able to stand, she's spent much of her time fighting. She quickly gained a reputation as a delinquent, and is a street fighter of the highest skill. She's good at thinking on her feet, adapting quickly to changing situations in combat, all while maintaining a cool (if cocky) demeanor throughout.


VENDETTA: Ryuko's only real goal and reason for fighting is to find out who murdered her father, knowing only that the person responsible carries the other half of the scissor blade she possesses. The weapon she carries is the one that killed him, and if anyone hints at having information, whether they do or not, can easily goad her or manipulate her into acting rashly and without much consideration for the consequences.

DON'T LOSE YOUR WAY: Ryuko is a headstrong girl, and her burning desire to fight only seems to increase once she gets going. She's cocky to a fault, and seems to get a thrill out of a tough opponent. While she's tactically smart, she can sometimes underestimate or make mistakes about her opponent, which can sometimes frustrate her further. She won't retreat unless she knows she's losing for sure, or if her opponent proves beyond any doubt that they're too strong. She won't be so prudent or cautious if she's angry, however. If she's angry enough, no amount of common sense or tactics will be able to convince her to back down from a fight. She's not sure, yet, how she might react in the face of her father's killer, either…

SO SEXY SHE MIGHT PASS OUT: Ryuko fuels Senketsu with her blood. Severe enough injury or trauma resulting in actual blood loss can affect her ability to continue to fight, to the point where she could very well pass out from anemia on the battlefield. While something capable of getting through Senketsu's defenses is rare, it's certainly possible, especially in the multiverse. Passing out from blood loss, predictably, requires a longer down time, to recover her strength.

NAKED: While Ryuko is tough, she's only really strong when using her Kamui. Without it, she's strong — just nowhere near as strong as she is when she's fighting together with Senketsu. Also, she needs to bleed to activate Senketsu and his power. Without the means to do so, such as her Red Gauntlet (which must be activated manually), she can't use him and is left fairly defenseless, as a result. If she's separated from Senketsu altogether, she's equally as helpless, as she can only activate his power while wearing him. Others can wear and activate Senketsu, too, should they don him, though only women seem capable of doing so. (OOC: Requires player consent, and has drawbacks, like blood-loss. Only Ryuko can use Senketsu to his full potential.)

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