Rules Of The Wiki

WikiDot's rules

Terms of Service - you agree to these just to get an account. Remember them. If you're being a pain in the rear for them we'll be more than happy to, at least so far as this wiki goes, make certain you stop being a problem.

MCM's Rules

MCM's rules still apply here. Most notably the 'Don't be an ass' rule and the 'Piracy is forbidden' rule.

Wiki Rules

  • Don't go editing other people's character pages.
  • Don't go screwing up anything of anyone else's.
  • Don't go "fixing" things when they're not supposed to be fixed, i.e. don't go rampantly changing all the spellings of "color" to "colour" or "colour" to "color", and don't stick your opinion into things unnecessarily (i.e. if Big Defense City says it has Strongcrete armor, don't go saying that lemon juice can destroy it).
  • Your access to the wiki and the wiki's existence itself are provisional. If your presence on the wiki is a problem we have the right to remove you at any time and we will not go through nearly the same amount of trouble to get rid of you as we sometimes do on the MUSH. You cause problems, you get warned, then you're gone - and maybe not even warned. This is not intended to scare you, but we're not making a big production of discipline here. If the wiki itself is too much of a problem for the MUSH administrators or the MUSH itself it will be deleted.
  • Make backups of all the files you care about here. In the event the wiki itself should be wiped out or all the data deleted or anything else, we're not responsible for keeping the data.
  • Don't go uploading files. If you want to link to an off-site picture that's fine, if the picture is on a site that you are in control of. We don't want bandwidth leaches. There are a variety of image hosting services available for free on the Internet; it is advised that you look for one of those if need be.
  • if you do upload pictures, do not make them ridiculously huge (for the sanity of dial-up users) and do not ruin a page's formatting with them. If need be resize or otherwise tweak for them to fit.
  • All content should remain PG-13. Though the MUSH tends towards more mature content than PG-13, this is a lot more public. Any attempts at putting up NC-17 material will probably get you thrown right off.
  • If you screw up, fess up right away. We're a lot less likely to kick you off if you do, and we may not even do anything.
  • We have the right to take down anything we don't want up here. This includes information that we believe to be untrue in the In-Character world. This is a particular concern in terms of in-character tactical abilities; don't pretend you're invincible, and don't pretend that what you say here is magically true because it's up here. You aren't and it isn't.
  • You accept that none of this information is confidential. Everything you put on this wiki is visible to the entire world. And thanks to Google it may stay that way permanently. Don't put anything up here that you might regret later on, i.e. original fictional worlds that you plan on writing a book about. In fact, in general it's a good idea not to talk about those on the Internet pre-publication at all.
  • This is NOT the place for debates. If you have an issue with MUSH policy or the MUSH itself, take it to the MUSH. It doesn't go here. If you want to just slam us for fun or out of spite, take it elsewhere. Furthermore, don't go slamming anyone else, anyone's themes, etc. This is not the place for it, and in general neither is the MUSH.
  • NONE OF THIS INFORMATION IS OFFICIAL. All of this is provided for informational purposes and as a convenience. In many cases, it helps to flesh out the world from the perspective of the players. By using this, you realize that the only official sources of information for MCM are the website, particularly the FAQ and information contained within the MUSH itself, most notably the news files, and the Important Information and Rulings boards.

Design Guidelines For Pages

  • It is best if you upload any images or external media to other web space that you control in order to avoid taxing our disk allocation. Smaller images are alright, but there is a chance that if we get too big we may take it down.
  • Please do not start sticking up 1 MB 1000x1000 pixel images on the server (just as an example) - they are NOT necessary.
  • Please do not link to non-image media that automatically plays or runs without warning the user. If you need to link to this, please do not upload the file to the Wiki itself.
  • While it is not going to get you in trouble if you don't, if you can, we ask that you try to make your pages look similarly to others. This makes the wiki look much neater.
  • On a similar note - Please set your parent pages in the Wiki! These can be accessed by the Options menu at the bottom of the screen. They should be set to the page that you're coming from - for instance, a character profile should have its parent be the page named "Character".


Consequences of rule violation can include, but are not limited to…

  • Temporary or permanent removal from the wiki's membership roles (and with that editing privileges).
  • Modification or deletion of offending content.
  • Punishment on the MUSH itself. The exact punishment depends on the seriousness, frequency and intent of the offense.

None of this is here to scare you - but we want to be perfectly clear as to what's going on here.

By posting to this Wiki you give Multiverse Crisis MUSH an unlimited world-wide right to use all custom text/images however they see fit, and gurrantee all text/images taken from other sources are protected under copyright fair use and are thus legal to post on this Wiki. More info on MCM MUSH.