Rosetta's human form. Ignore the wings and wreath.
Rosetta's human form. Ignore the wings and wreath.1

General Information

Full Name: Rosetta
Faction: Union
Rank: A-Ally
Function: Sanctuary Owner
Series: (Original) Dragon Genesis-1
Species: Dragon Human

"This is a sanctuary. If you wish to fight, take it somewhere else. I will not permit it here!"

Profile: Rosetta Miani was once a priestess of the divine church in the capital of the Soterian Empire. That was, until she died. She was then reborn as the Crystal Tianlong Rosetta, one of the oldest dragons in the world of Ophion. Rosetta constructed a sanctuary from the ruins of an ancient temple, a site she is tasked to protect or she will lose her immortality. Her sanctuary now acts as refuge for all dragons who seek it. Using her abilities as a dragon to manipulate the weather and form whatever she needs out of crystal, Rosetta is willing to take any action in order to protect those under her care. When not driving off human dragon hunters or other aggressive dragons, Rosetta is a kind woman with a strong spiritual belief. However, part of her wonders why dragons have begun to come into existence in the world and just what it is that her readings of the future are warning her about.

The Crystal Tianlong dragon, Rosetta
The Crystal Tianlong dragon, Rosetta.2



Rosetta is a dragon, one of those beings in the world of Ophion who have the ability to change between a human and dragon form. Specifically, she is a Tianlong, the longest dragons in the world. There are a number of natural benefits of being a dragon: A considerable amount of strength, the ability to fly, impressive eyesight, and many natural weapons such as spikes, claws and big, sharp teeth. As a dragon, Rosetta is not much of a physical fighter, preferring to attack through her other skills.

Storm Whisperer

One of the natural traits of the Tianlong is their ability to manipulate the weather. The scope of this weather control varies based on the age and experience of the dragon. Having trained her control, Rosetta is capable of summoning or dismissing storms ranging from a mild shower to dangerous cyclones, along with more focused effects such as tornadoes. However, the larger the effect, the longer it takes to create and the more focus it requires to maintain.


The other natural trait of the Tianlong is they have a stronger connection to the divine, the dragon goddess Thalassa, than other dragons. With this Rosetta can read the stars to search for signs and portents of what's to come in the future. The accuracy of these readings depends heavily on the importance of the event and the dragon doing the reading. Given her age and experience, Rosetta's ability with the skill is fairly good, but not up to the levels of other, more dedicated Tianlong.


Each dragon has a 'colour' which defines some of their abilities. Rosetta is a Crystal dragon. She doesn't have scales like a regular dragon, instead she is covered in a crystal shell. Weaker to physical damage, this shell is stronger than normal scales against energy attacks. Additionally, Rosetta is capable of breathing out a cloud of particulate dust, which causes crystal growth and can be shaped at her will. When other beings are pierced by a weapon grown from these crystals, their body will suffer internal crystallization of varying degree that does not fade on its own, but can be removed. Beyond simple weapons, Rosetta has trained her skill with this ability to create other items and tools from the crystal.


Dragons are immortal, for the most part. The effects of age do not touch Rosetta and she is resistant to sickness, disease and other forms of degradation. She can still be affected by these things in the short term, but they will always fade quickly.

Unnatural weather.
Unnatural weather.3


When created, dragons are given an aspect. An aspect governs how the average person will respond to and be influenced by Rosetta. Rosetta's aspect is referred to as Sagacious. To people she meets, Rosetta appears to be a wise and compassionate dragon. This makes them less likely to see her as a threat or attack her, preferring instead to befriend her. This is most effective on first contact.


Dragons have three forms they can transform between:

Dragon: The first is their true form, their dragon form. In this form, Rosetta has access to all the traits of her dragon heritage. She is also capable of taking one trait from her human form into her dragon form, such as the ability to speak. (PL 32)

Partial: A partial transformation looks like a more draconic form of the human form. In this form Rosetta gains increased strength and endurance (relative to her human form), while also being able to include one additional trait from her dragon form, such as claws. (PL 26)

Human: The final form, this is the dragon as a full human. Apart from her immortality, Rosetta is completely human in this form and mostly indistinguishable from a regular human. (PL 19)

Anonymous Donations

To Rosetta's surprise, someone has been leaving small boxes of gold on the steps of her sanctuary. She doesn't know who is doing it, but she has been using it to fund her work there.


Difficult Readings

Reading the stars for signs of the future is not an easy thing to accomplish. It requires that Rosetta be either high in the atmosphere, or in the Void proper. She must also be in her dragon form. Finally, these readings can take some time, both to determine the initial signs and then ponder their implications and arrive at a reasonably accurate conclusion. These requirements make it essentially impossible for use during combat.

The Sanctuary.
The Sanctuary.4

False Futures

Even with the possibility of alternate futures appearing in a Tianlong's readings, there is also the chance of completely false futures showing. There is no way to differentiate these false futures from true ones, making readings even more dangerous for Rosetta.


For dragons, immortality comes at a price. Each dragon is expected to perform some kind of duty or task in order to maintain their immortality. If they fail to accomplish it, their immortality fades and becomes weaker until they do manage to complete it. To be a Guardian is Rosetta's task. Namely she must ensure that a specific monumental site is kept in good condition and protected from destruction. Rosetta's Guardian site is an ancient temple, the very same temple she has rebuilt and expanded into her sanctuary. Should the sanctuary be damaged, Rosetta will lose her immortality as time passes until it is repaired. Should it be completely destroyed, Rosetta will become mortal with no way to regain her immortal strength.


Transformations to and from dragon form can be a large strain both on the body and psyche. After such transformations a dragon must stay in that form for an extended period of time before risking another. As one of the larger dragons in the world, Rosetta has to wait around twelve hours before she can attempt another such transformation. She could transform more quickly, but there is serious risk involved. Additionally, remaining in a partial transform for too long can be dangerous to her health, unlike the other two forms which can be maintained indefinitely.

The Human Condition

In human forms, dragons have practically none of the strength or endurance of their other two forms. In fact the only trait they do have is their immortality. This makes Rosetta extremely vulnerable if she is caught by surprise before she is able to transform.


Not all dragons are bad, in fact many of them are good. However, as is typical of people, they remember the bad ones more than the good ones. This has resulted in the world's human populace generally viewing dragons as bad. While Rosetta doesn't get as much of this due to her Sagacious aspect, she is still at risk of harsh reactions from the humans of her world. This is especially true of the anti-dragon fanatics that exist.


Rosetta has taken a number of young dragons, who are unable to completely protect themselves, into her care. While not actually a part of her Guardian immortality, Rosetta still feels a strong responsibility to protect and care for them. She is willing to do anything to ensure their safety, which presents a considerable weakness should someone manage to capture one or more of them.


Finally, Rosetta Miani opened her eyes. Her first sight? Her father, a rough man but with a soft smile on his face. Rosetta was cradled in her mother's arms, barely aware of the world around her or the lives that awaited her.

Situated on the continent of Soteria, inland from the sea, was the town of Livia. Part of the Soterian Empire, it was never much of an interesting town. Still, it was a nice place to live. Rosetta spent much of her childhood in this town. Born to a pair farmers, her life wasn't exactly extravagant, but she had everything she wanted. A comfortable bed, plenty of food, kind parents, a number of friends… Okay, almost everything she wanted. Rosetta had sometimes wished for a brother or sister, but was destined to remain an only child.

It was a small thing, but Rosetta's first memory was of a parade through the streets of her home town. The Empress had come for a visit. Rosetta sat on the shoulders of her father, looking over the crowd at the Empress in her carriage. Sitting beside the regal ruler, her daughter, the princess and heir to the throne. Such a sight enthralled Rosetta, creating a desire within her to be a princess. But over time this typical childhood fantasy faded. However, it did instil a sense of loyalty to the throne in her, as well as an interest to learn more about the royal bloodline and their connection to the divine.

She had to find a path for herself… At first she asked her parents, but they encouraged her to find her own path. So after much thought, Rosetta settled on becoming a priestess of the divine church. Having always been a person of strong faith, a person of kind spirit, and fascinated by the religion of the church, it seemed like a good fit. At the age of fourteen, Rosetta left her parents and her home town behind, travelling to the empire's capital city to begin her training as an acolyte.

It was time to begin anew, a life as an acolyte. Simple, probably even more simple than the life of a farmer's daughter. However, it was just as much hard work. But eventually Rosetta had achieved her goal, finding herself a priestess of the church. She fulfilled her duties and her oath with enthusiasm, grateful to be given the chance to serve the divine like that and to help her fellow people. For years, Rosetta was a faithful follower and completed the tasks given to her as a priestess, until one fateful day.

On this fateful day, Rosetta was making her way back from a trip to the outskirts of the capital. The sky suddenly changed, rainbow lights shimmered across it as far as the eye could see. It was unclear what was causing it, as no one had seen anything like it before. It captivated many, including some children that had been playing near to Rosetta on a bridge. Losing his footing, one of them fell into the fast flowing river. Unable to fight the strong waters, he was in danger.

Without hesitation, Rosetta placed herself in harms way to save the child. She was able to get him back to the safety of the shore, but the effort of fighting the river had taken its toll on her strength. Before she could save herself, she was swept away by the flowing waters.

The story of Rosetta Miani ended twelve years ago.

At first there is nothing but darkness… No pain, no concern, no fear, only contentment. Then, a blinding light, bathing a figure in front of her. The figure reaches out to her with a hand. She reaches out, taking hold. There's a flash and sudden feeling of life flowing into her once more, then…

The story of the Crystal Tianlong Rosetta began twelve years ago.

Without hesitation, Rosetta opened her eyes and looked around. The priestess found herself lying on the ground at the bottom of a waterfall. But something was different about her, she could tell. A voice entered her head and said only three words, 'You are reborn.' A simple fact was known to her… She was a dragon.

On this fateful day, Rosetta's old life had ended and her new one had started. The realization of her new existence frightened her and for hours she ran. No destination in mind, she simply wanted to get as far away as she could from the truth. It took her much longer than she expected, but fatigue finally overcame her and she collapsed. There, staring up into the night sky, she calmed and realised what had happened. She had been touched by the divine and given a new chance at life. Whatever she was now, it was by the making of the Goddess. Rosetta had faith and right now it was the only thing keeping her sane.

It was time to begin anew, to seek out the reason for her change. The only lead Rosetta had was a longing to travel somewhere. She couldn't understand it, but she believed and so followed her instinct. Weeks passed during her travels, but finally she arrived at her destination: A worn down temple. Upon entering, knowledge flooded her mind. Suddenly Rosetta knew what it was to be a dragon, how she could transform, the abilities at her command, and the task she must fulfil. Relying on her faith, Rosetta began to rebuild the temple.

She had to find a path for herself… Maintaining the temple was not enough. There HAD to be a reason why she, of all people, had been chosen to be reborn as a dragon. It wasn't until she stumbled upon the first dragon other than herself that she realized that path. That dragon turned out to be a young girl, forced from her village for being a 'monster'. Rosetta took the young girl in, giving her food and a place to stay within her temple. It was obvious… She would seek out the more helpless creations of the Goddess and offer them her care. They were her people now and she felt she had a responsibility to protect them. The idea of her sanctuary was born.

It was a small thing, at first, Rosetta unable to build a true place of refuge with what little she had. But it was a home for those who needed it and they made do with what they could, until something miraculous happened. Small boxes of gold coins started appearing on the steps of the temple. Someone was donating anonymously to the sanctuary. Although she never found out who, Rosetta was able to finish rebuilding the temple and expand it even further. Soon, it was complete.

Situated on the continent of Soteria, standing on a peak within a mountain range, Rosetta's sanctuary grew. More and more dragons joined either as permanent residents or occasional guests. Rosetta divided her time between caring for the younger dragons that were already there, and searching for newer ones. More dragons were being created as the years passed, and not all of them were ready or able to protect themselves from other dragons or the human dragon hunters. Those that agreed to the simple rules of the sanctuary were granted refuge there, regardless of their species, colour or immortality. All the while, Rosetta trained herself in her powers. There was a reason that dragons were being created in this world and she had a feeling it was not a good thing. The stars had revealed to her that a time of strife was coming, and she knew she would have to be ready to face it.

Finally, the world of Ophion unified, an event which would forever change the future of all dragons and finally bring to light the role that Rosetta would have to play in the events of her world.

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