n the Holy Empire (set sometime in the Renaissance era), there exists those with the gift of Magi which allows them to effortlessly utilize magical power. 1000 years ago, the fear of these Magi Wielders led to a tragedy known as the Holy War, countless Magi Wielders perished in the flames of this war. In the end however, peace was finally reached, and Magi Wielders were believed to have been accepted, even joining the Holy Empire and its Orthodox Church as members. One such group of Magi Wielders consisted of 9 girls who were part of the Church's Magi Wielder division erka:es. The nine girls themselves were known as the Rosenkreuzstillete.

…However, the flames of war were not so easily forgotten by many within erka:es, and soon the group broke away from the Church and Empire, intent on beginning the second Holy War in which they would claim their dominance over the world and right the wrongs of humanity. All of erka:es had betrayed the Empire…save one member of the Rosenkreuzstilette:Spiritia Rosenburg. Now branded a traitor to erka:es and the Rosenkreuzstilette, erka:es' leader, Michael Graf Sepperin, a powerful vampire…Has charged the other 8 members of RKS to hunt her down.

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