Rick Taylor (Retired)

(This character is currently retired)

General Information

Full Name: Rick Taylor
Faction: Unaffiliated
Rank: X-None
Group: Devil May Cry
Function: Doctor of Parapsychology, Paranormalist, and scary thing.
Group Function: The Doc, paper worker, general tanking and destroying of walls
Series: Splatterhouse-2
Species: altered human

"I learned a long time ago, just because you don't believe in something, doesn't mean it can't kill you."

Profile: Doctor of parapsychology, paranormalist, husband, father, killer… Killer? Dr. Rick Taylor seems like the average man at first. He works in an office, and as far as the general public knows, the most brutality and excitement he's gotten was some time working Wall Street and earning his family a mansion in the woods. However, that's quite far from being the case. Rick was thrice the victim of the dreaded terror mask. Having gone to the mansion of Dr. West to check things out with his girlfriend, Jennifer, Rick was trapped in a cycle of horror and gore. The mask empowered Rick, giving him a monstrous form that he used to gorily mow down monster after hellish monster that stood between himself and the kidnapped Jennifer. Eventually, years later, Rick managed to destroy the mask, partially because of his love for his family. Rick is a very mentally strong guy, or he wouldn't still be alive to this day and he wouldn't have defeated the mask. Some of the mask's power and taint has stayed with Rick, allowing him to still transform as well as giving him a hidden desire to destroy more. Thank goodness he's a good sort of guy.

Additional Details

Family - While in general his family isn't really a power or huge advantage, in a deeper sense they actually empower Rick. Were it not for Jennifer, and later David as well, Rick wouldn't have had a reason to be strong willed enough to resist the terror mask. He especially wouldn't have been able to defeat the terror mask in the end. It's Rick's love for Jennifer and David that kept him from simply succumbing to the mask's temptations. On a more obvious scale of use, David has psychic abilities that were awakened by the Evil One, which is VERY useful, given who his father is.
Known Friends or Associates:

  • Dante Sparda - Leader/Owner of Devil May Cry
  • Millia Rage, Aragan, Gaeriel, and Shinku - Fellow members/co-workers of Devil May Cry
  • Noh Body - Partner during the Reaper's game. Rick grew protective of her during the game, and has loosened up a little on his distaste for super natural beings thanks to being her partner. This was the point of his lesson from being in the Reaper's Game.
  • Atria - Felt she was delt a bad hand in the Reaper's Game, gave her his winnings of one wish from wining the Reaper's Game. She used this to regain her humanity.
  • Leon Kennedy - Rick has now worked anti-zombie operations several times over with Leon. He finds Leon to be a trustworthy ally on the destroying zombies front.

'Kill' Chart

  • The Spirit of Doctor Herbert West: Rick's first victory against the paranormal.
  • The Evil One: A very LARGE being capable of reforming into something more human sized. Responsible for plaguing Rick's mansion with tons of monstrosities, having Jennifer held hostage, and attempting to sacrifice David for the sake of earning the power of the Power Stones.
  • Nyarlethotep: The Terror Mask, a Cthuluian outer god. The last thing Rick took on solo.
  • Tons of Paranormal Entities: zombies, vampires, ghosts, werewolves, demons, etc
  • Cerebus: One of the early victories of Devil May Cry performed as a group.
  • Jiton: Ancient Ninja supported by an evil necklace that was defeated by Devil May Cry under the hire of Shadow Man. Defeat of this man freed the spirits of the Red Mist ninja tribe, which got all the present Devil May Cry members honorary Red Mist Ninja Clan membership.


Major NPCs

  • Jennifer Taylor - Rick's wife. There's not much to say about her, other than the fact that she's the whole reason Rick ever ended up into this mess. If it hadn't been for her he likely wouldn't have survived his first encounter with the horrors of Splatterhouse.
  • David Taylor - Rick and Jen's son, who is, of course, the other part of Rick's strength against the power of Nyarlathotep. He was born with ESP and became a target of The Evil One. The Evil One wished to use him as a key to unlock stones of great power that would help him in his quest to obtain the world. However, this did not come to be thanks to Rick's success in saving David, despite The Evil One's attempt to stall him by having kidnapped Jennifer as well. David is a typical ten year old boy… However, he's surprisingly well mannered and well behaved, for a rich child who likely gets spoiled like crazy. He's also well adjusted given his past run in with The Evil One. Though he was subjected to a fraction of the horrors of Splatterhouse, he has come out of it a rather nice, enthusiastic boy with hero worshiping tendencies toward his father. Aside from the fact he'd be the perfect person to kidnap for a night in Vegas, you'd never suspect the things the young boy's gone through.
  • Nyarlathotep - Not traditionally an NPC but a character connected to Rick of great importance in the past. Nyarlathotep is (in MCM, due to decision by the player of The Terror Mask) the true form of the Terror Mask who'd existed for centuries and drove civilizations to downfalls of madness. The Terror Mask (in canon) was a mysterious object with a background sounding oddly similar to Nyarlathotep's, which was likely purposeful given Lovecraftian ties in Splatterhouse, such as Splatterhouse itself being the mansion of the deceased Dr. Herbert West. As such, the mask that Rick donned, absorbed the power of, and eventually destroyed was a form of Cthulhuian Outter God. Due to being a thing of such emence power, this is why the taint from the absorbed power of the mask is still such a dangerous thing for Rick.

Skills and Abilities

  • Mask Taint - Rick's one major weakness is tied directly to his strength. When the mask was destroyed it left Rick with some of it's power. However, with that power also lies some of the evil blood thirst of the mask. Rick will find now and then, to his own horror, that, that part of him is excited by the idea of the blood and violence he'd been forced to partake in.
  • Transformation - Due to having been subjected to the terror mask for so long, some of the abilities it held over him have become permanent ones for Rick. After having defeated the terror mask, some of it's power was involuntarily absorbed into Rick's body. This allows him to transform from his normal self into the forms the mask gave him. Thus, he goes from seemingly normal, harmless paranormalist to hulking destroyer of the undead. This allows him to just change his appearance in general as well, but that tends to go completely unused.
  • Powered Rick (Aura Flare-32) - Using the power drained from the mask, Rick can turn into the muscular nightmare he'd been when the mask had been manipulating him. This on it's own gives him frightening strength, and it's only worse when partnered with weapons. He's easily capable of rending apart most of the monsters he fought with back then with a sliding kick or a well placed punch. With weapons he's literally capable of splattering the monsters he used to battle. Of course, that wouldn't be so simple against the major fighters of the multi-verse, but the point is, Rick always packs some HEAVY hits. On top of this he has an amazingly high endurance, going on without hesitation after even some of the nastiest of wounds.
  • Mutant Rick (Aura Flare 34) - Using further power drained from the mask, rick can turn into even more of a monster. His body can bend and stretch chaotically, usually in the form of tons of things coming out of his chest and back all at once. He's still mostly human in shape, but possesses impossible muscle as well as what used to be the mask completely covering his head and stretching down to his neck. In this form he was capable of doing massive harm to even the most powerful of his enemies. Of course the people of the multi-verse are more powerful than the monsters he'd faced, so while the effect is still quite powerful, but not as deadly as it had been in his own world. He still has unbelievably high endurance in this form as well.


Rick started out as an average enough guy. However, due to great danger and strife he has shown his true colors. Rick is a highly devoted and selfless man, having put himself through great amounts of danger and unbelievable horrors for the sake of saving Jennifer and David. It stretches beyond family, given how Jennifer hadn't always been his wife. He's a man who's literally faced death for others, and isn't afraid to face it again.

Despite being a very good sort of person, Rick is currently against joining the union, and DEFFINETLY against joining the confederacy. There is large difference in fighting evil mindless monsters bent on complete destruction, and fighting in the same brutal manner Rick's transformed body has with a living person that may very well just have the wrong ideas instead of being evil. Rick finds it a great deal more difficult to bring harm to a person.

Due to the mask taint Rick does not trust himself on some level of acting like a hero. This may change in time, but for now, he reserves his fighting for those obviously beyond reasoning. Willingly, at least. There's the chance he could be mislead or snap, or some other horrible thing in connection to his mask taint.

Having admitted to himself that he cannot defy the paranormal forever, Rick stopped trying to forget his issues with the mask, the Evil One, and West Mansion. This was partially because it seemed hopeless to think that it was REALLY over this time, but also because Rick realized he'd been faced with something that could have destroyed life as he knew it. Thinking others might have the world put upon their shoulders as he had when he fought the Evil One and the Terror Mask, Rick took on work with the paranormal. He's attempting to help others who come to him with complaints of paranormal activities. It tends to be nothing, but he's sure that if /he/ went through such things, someone else must be experiencing unimaginable horrors as well.

Being a father, especially a father who's son's already been in grave danger once, Rick is sensitive to issues involving children in danger or being in dangered. One of the easiest ways to get one's self beaten to near death (if not death) would be to let Rick on to the fact that one's self has beaten a child. In fact, the same applies to women. Do NOT beat women and children on an unfair level and let Rick hear of it. It's a VERY bad idea.

Even though Rick's gone into work dealing with them, for obvious reasons, Rick is rather prejudiced and hateful about paranormal beings. Having only been introduced to the worst kinds of ghosts, zombies, werewolves, vampires, and so on, he has been given a VERY bad impression of them (after all such things were standing between himself and his family). If one is such a thing, one should try as quickly and determinedly as possible to impress Rick with one's non-evil, non-mindlessness before he decides to kill.


Rick was a normal man until the day he and his girlfriend Jennifer, both being parapsychology majors, went to look into the mansion of one Dr. West. They'd come to investigate different things such as reported hauntings. However, not long after they entered a super natural force took over, separating the two of them and knocking Rick unconscious.

Rick had been nearly killed in attempt to prevent his ability to fight back, as this was the will of the terror mask. The terror mask began it's attempts to completely possess Rick from this point on. The mask led Rick through West Mansion,leading him to take on many unspeakable horrors. Rick was even forced to kill a monster who'd been made to mimic the look of Jennifer. As much as it killed him to do so, she appeared to be in great pain and he didn't know what else he could do. Thinking he had failed, Rick made his escape, though he had to defeat more horrors along the way.

He spent the next three months in sorrow. Constantly thinking he'd had to murder Jennifer, he was easy prey when the mask returned for him. The mask told him of how Jennifer was still alive and claimed that Rick could save her…with it's help. Rick dove right back into danger, returning to the mansion. He'd do anything if it meant he could save Jennifer, and the mask was making him prove it. Thankfully, this time Rick was able to succeed. He was freed from the mask a second time. This time, however, he had Jennifer back and safe.

Over the next few years, Jennifer and Rick married and had a child named David. David, possibly due to the unnoticed connection Rick still had with the mask, was born with psychic powers. Despite Rick's good luck, as he'd even managed to get them a mansion in the woods by working wall street for a while, his past wasn't done with him yet.
The force known as the Evil One, who he'd accidentally unleashed upon the world in his rescue of Jennifer, needed to unleash the abilities of a specific stone. The Evil One was the most powerful force of darkness from Rick's world, but to unleash the powers of the stone, he needed a psychic child. Thus, the evil one invaded Rick's home and imprisoned Jennifer to distract Rick, as well as taking David for his own uses. The mask again joined with Rick.

However, as Rick successfully saved Jennifer and David, and then defeated the Evil One, his latest nightmare was not yet finished. With the Evil One defeated, an essence came forth from the mask and possessed the broken body of the powerful force of darkness. The terror mask revealed that it had been using Rick to gain power. Now that the only beings more powerful than itself had been destroyed, it could take the world for it's own.

Thus, Rick was locked in battle with the mask. While that would normally be the end for Rick, he had somehow retained the mask and it's powers in spite of this. The mask was set on either killing or entirely corrupting Rick. However, Rick's ultimate selflessness and the power he still held from the mask was enough to ultimately defeat the terror mask, supposedly saving Rick and his family from the influence of the mask forever.

However, realizing after what he'd been through, that it was unlikely paranormal phenomenons were truly finished with himself or others, Rick took it upon himself to finish his parapsychology, becoming a doctor in the field. He would have continued the wall street work, however his home and family appeared in the multiverse. Now he looks into trying to help others with their own super natural hells, having taken up studies in the paranormal. He figured he knew enough by now to be fairly skilled in the field. Eventually he was welcomed into the newly forming group of Devil May Cry, and has been having a few adventures in the supernatural sense.

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