General Information

Full Name: Richard Kaspbrak
Faction: Confederate (SA-Senior Ally)
Group: Team Rocket (Force Commander)
Series: Pokemon-6
Species: Human
Quote: "Never squander a second chance."

Profile: RICHARD KASPBRAK could easily be described by a number of words. 'Cold', 'Calculating', 'Psycho', and 'mean little ass' come to mind. Highly erratic and occasionally known to go rogue, he prefers to play mind games to sate his own boredom than achieve specific objectives, sometimes to the detriment of major goals. An abnormally powerful psion, he believes that his gifts give him the right to rule and briefly opposed the collective powers of the Pokemon Islands before being forced to join Team Rocket to ensure his own survival. Richie is adept both with Pokemon and his own body; but his most dangerous abilities are his telekinesis and telepathy, both of which significantly outstrip that of other psions of his world. His starter and constant companion is Sparky, a Pikachu who matches Ash's Pikachu in electrical output. Because of the insights his telepathy provides into others' minds, he does not trust those whose minds he cannot read… and considers most people beneath him besides. In spite of all this, Richie is generally quite straightforward and while not "honest", it is well-known that he would sooner lie by omission than to somebody else's face. Though he is a traitor, he retains unusual respect - or at least, fondness - for a number of Professor Oak's Trainers, and would sooner see them join him than die.

Vital Statistics

Age: 17 (Multiverse Aging Factor: In Effect)
Gender: Male
Height: 5ft 3in
Weight: 140lbs
Occupation: Team Rocket - Second in Command
Past Occupations: Pokemon Trainer


Psionics (Telekinesis & Telepathy): Richie is a powerful psion, capable of manipulating objects with his mind and projecting telekinetic force in a variety of ways. He can fly, form defensive barriers, imprison others, and lift far more telekinetically than he can physically. He is also a powerful telepath, able to read the thoughts and memories of others, communicate without speaking, and establish mindlinks with the willing. Those who submit themselves to him may have their minds, perceptions, and memories tampered with. (Consent-only where applicable.)

Hyperlinker: Richie is capable of linking mentally to Pokemon; This allows him full telepathic access to them, permitting fast tactics to be developed and mutual sharing of power, boosting his and his pokemon's abilities greatly. Richie is a Hyperlinker, a special class of Trainer, and so his talents at linking to Pokemon are so high that he often literally shares pain with his pokemon. Beneficially however, their power is mutually higher than that of even a Superlinker. Additionally, being a Hyperlinker grants Richie practical immunity to mind control and other invasive psionic powers, as well as heavy resistance to psionic attacks.

Pokemon Powers: Richie is highly capable of capturing, befriending, and Training Pokemon; he has no exacting specialty and is quite flexible in his choices. This gives him access, via his Pokemon, to a wide variety of attacks and abilities, as well as a limited selection of psionic powers and paranormal abilities. Most are weaker than a "full" version, however.

Sparky (Pikachu): Richie's most powerful Pokemon and starter. Sparky is capable of producing staggering amounts of electricity before tiring out, and is abnormally powerful even without Hyperlinking.

North Wind (Suicune): Arguably Richie's second most powerful Pokemon, this Shadow Suicune was caught at Mount Silver. It has intelligence roughly equivalent to that of a dog and will heed Richie's commands, despite its corrupt state of being. Once it is purified and links with Richie, it will most likely be the only Pokemon he has which rivals Sparky in combat ability.

Martial Arts & Ki: Richie is highly proficient in a modest variety of martial arts styles, including Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Krav Maga, and Kalarippayattu. He is not a master of any one style, but combined proficiency in several makes him a troublesome opponent indeed. Subsequently he does have the ability to manipulate "ki" or "life energy" - though this is largely unused in favor of telekinetics.

Survival: Richie has knowledge on how to survive in harsh conditions. If pressed he could survive indefinitely with little more than Sparky and some of his equipment, and would probably be okay on his own.

Infiltration: Richie has a knack for infiltration, and is able to bypass security, including digital mediums, with relatively little difficulty.

Equipment: Richie has equipment for training Pokemon, survival, etc. Such as a Pokedex (an AI/Scanner system) and Pokeballs, which can be used in unusual ways.

Resources - Team Rocket: Richie is the XO of his world's Team Rocket, and maintains considerable influence with their members; They are generally at his disposal. The pay and equipment available is pretty good, too.



Richie's starter Pokemon and the one who is guaranteed to be with him at any given time, Sparky is a Pikachu of remarkable combat ability. Capable of generating enough electricity to put a Raichu to shame, he is a force to be reckoned with whether or not his trainer is at hand, and does not need support from his trainer to wreak havoc and cause trouble.

North Wind

A Shadow Suicune caught with the help of Prince Lotor and Krezentia_Einjager, North Wind is Richie's second most powerful Pokemon. Though it has not yet been purified, it will be the only Pokemon in Richie's team that could compare to Sparky when it is purified enough to be safe to link with.


One of Richie's earliest Pokemon, Zippo is a Charizard with a great love for setting things on fire. Exactly where Richie came across him nobody is quite sure, but Zippo rarely speaks in anything but roars. A formidable Fire-type pokemon, Zippo isn't the sharpest tack in the box and relies heavily on brute force - any tactical moves on his part are either pure accident, or Richie's doing.


One of the few pokemon that Richie rarely parts with due to her valuable ability to utilize "Mirror Move", Rose is a Swellow who has been a part of Richie's pokemon line-up since anyone can remember. She is loosely related to Ash's Pidgeot, and like the other makes heavy use of Mirror Move on the battlefield.


Yet another member of Richie's mainstay team since his early days with Professor Oak's Pokemon Trainers, Happy was first caught as a Caterpie and eventually evolved into the Butterfree it is today. Happy, as his name indicates, is always happy. No matter what is going on, no matter how horrible it's injuries, it is always perfectly content with the world around it. While formidable as a combatant, he's kind of flimsy by the standards of Richie's team and is usually held in reserve so that he can Teleport Richie in case of an emergency.

Other Pokemon

Richie owns a Tyranitar, and has a secondary line-up containing a Gardevoir named Ariana, a Steelix named Tremor, and a Haunter named Hessian.



Krezentia_Einjager: I owe this one. Not too crazy for a Confederate, either. Hmm…

Aurel Kastellan: Polite, good to have on your side in a fight, and gives good advice. Krezentia's brother. Kind of weird to think that they're related, though…

Lotor: This guy is respectful to everyone, even the people he's taunting openly. Overall, I like him. I owe him too.

Kaede: Why would you let a deranged asshole like that reconfigure your mind? Oh well. To each their own.

Iris Sepperin: Why would you build your medicine cabinet into a giant snake? Krezentia's "mother". Seems moderately deranged by local standards.

Lute: I wish my operatives wouldn't sell their soul for beer, loose women, and unlimited supply of nachos.

John Darke: Deranged lunatic, even by local standards. At least he's calmed down a bit, and he's pretty good at what he does. Which is mostly killing people.

Alain O'Sullivan: Poor drunken irish bastard.

Loros: I am staying the hell away from this one.

Giovanni: You'd better not have done what I think you did.


Ash Ketchum: I would really rather not have to kill you, but one day that's what it will come to, isn't it?

Gary Oak: Hmph. You're almost as bad as I am sometimes. I suppose not being a turncoat makes all the difference.

Green: I wish she was on our side. She's a good scam artist, a pretty formidable fighter, and not bad-looking either.

Alexis: This bitch caught Entei? Really?

Sharlena: Legs.

Maylene: Why are you always there whenever Oak's brats are messing with my plans? When was the last time you were well enough to entertain a badge challenge? Piss off, little Gym Leader.

Noteworthy Traits

  • Richie and Sparky make up one of three Trainer/Pokemon teams capable of performing extremely advanced techniques - in this particular case, the move in question is "Volt Tackle", a high-yield electrical/physical assault that may be performed by the Pokemon alone, or by both Pokemon and Trainer alike.
  • Richie's appearance is very similar to that of Ash Ketchum's, and by appearance alone they could well be brothers.
  • Richie actually likes the Team Rocket uniform, and wears it (complete with gatsby cap) as often as not.
  • The strength of Richie's psionic powers are almost entirely unheard of outside of powerful Psychic Pokemon in his world, and even then it is attributed more often to Legendary Pokemon than to humans of any sort. The only other human to even come close is the Saffron City Gym Leader, Sabrina.
  • Pokemon-1 Richie is mentally frail, and a Hyperlinker through artificial means - on top of that his life is sustained through medication that essentially acts as a glue to genetically hold him together. Pokemon-6 Richie is not mentally frail, not held together by medication, and largely joined the Rocket Gang of his own accord. While he does have some issues (chiefly an entitlement streak derived largely from his vast powers) he isn't the gibbering lunatic his other self is.
  • Once fused to his Pokemon-1 counterpart, the considerably stronger Pokmeon-6 Richie psionically clubbed his other self over the head and separated from him, leaving him to his own insane devices.
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