Rhode Kal'Daka (Retired)

General Information

Full Name: Rhodenas Kal'Daka
Faction: Confederacy
Rank: Lieutenant
Function: Dark Knight
Series: Original
Species: Shinigami (Wolf)

"A weapon is what it's user wishes it to be. Vhid Mortath was created to kill, destroy, and end the Chapel Wars. … But in my hands, it is a weapon for the Confederacy"

Profile: Born a Dark Knight, raised a killer, and forged into a loyal soldier. Rhode Kal'Daka started his life in the multiverse as a being bent on watching blood flow out of bodies. Now, with his past behind him, and a future to look forward to, Rhode Kal'Daka rises from his bloody history to evolve into a loyal and dark warrior of the Confederacy. A commanding, loyal, and upstanding gentlemen of sorts, his attitude suggests a sense of deep loyality and obidence to those he serves and protects. Working his way up in the Confederacy, his goals continue to shift and sway, unsure of what kind of future he may want to lead. But regardless: The fact remains is that he feels at home with the Confederacy, gladly heading headfirst into the war to serve in anyway he can.

Vital Statistics

Age: 20
Gender: Male
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 194 lbs.

Major NPCs

  • Vhid Mortath - Vhid Mortath is a living entity, created from the bones and used swords of the dead that attacked Deathwind Chapel during the great Chapel Wars. Rhode has control over the weapon, thus it will obey his every command. Although it cannot talk, it won't hesitate to poke someone with it's hilt to grab their attention.


  • Streea Ky'ostal Armor - The Streea Ky'ostal Armor was forged and designed by the finest craftsmen in the Confederacy. It's name, in Rhode's language, means 'Death Bringer'. This huge bulking armor is what makes Rhode so hard to take down, as it is not easily penetrated with many weapons.
  • Vhid Mortath - The weapon that was created to win the Chapel Wars, sealed away by a great and holy Shinigami during the wars, so that no one would draw it's powers. Until, Rhode broke the seal on the weapon, nearly loosing his life in the process.

Skills and Abilities

  • Guitar Player - In order to keep his 'beast' at ease, Rhode Kal'Daka took up the guitar to drive it away and out of his head. It disliked hard rock music, forcing it to face into the back of his mind. He's been playing for well over a year now, and even after getting rid of his alternate self, he still plays the guitar.
  • Shadow Meld - Your general ability of all shinigami creatures: Shadow Melding is an art of sinking into the shadows themselves, and using it as a form of transportation, or as a form of hiding.


Rhode Kal'Daka first unified as a kill-best intent on destruction and watching blood flow in mass quanities. He was ruthless, untamed, and was easy to insult, thus, he was assigned the rank of Cadet. His first rivalry began with a woman named Seras Victoria, and sense then has lost to her multiple times, only to give her a sense of respect. However, after finally succumbing to his hate of Raven DeVanos, he left on his own to kill her, and instead, ended up killing her fiancee, Jack. Many occupants of the Multiverse were furious, and in the confusion of Rhode's growing madness, insulted and threatened the higher ups in the chain of command. A hunt was put out for Rhode Kal'Daka, only to bring him in by force if he resisted. However, he soon submitted, and gave himself up willingly, being tortured by Dr. Xiang for his lack of respect.

He faded into the background of the Confederacy, taking time off with more active training, until he became more of a loyal upstanding soldier. He followed orders, attacked target zones, did everything he could to gain respect and do what he could for the Confederacy. And slowly, he was getting promoted.

He built a small relationship with Taro, and soon ended up becoming his personal body guard. In time, he continued to attack and conquer in the Confederacy's name, soon taking a position as Master Sergeant.

He became more sane, and now wished to be rid of what's holding him back, the previous self that killed Raven's love, the previous self that got him in so much trouble… after a talk with Taro, he was promoted to the officer levels of Ensign, proving his worth that he was well indeed worthy for the position. He took part as an assault team in Operation Doomsday, commanding over several elites and taking point in an attack to keep the Union forces busy while other things hatched. Due to his acts, he was awarded with a medal, and was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant.

Shortly after, he enlisted the aid of Taro and Loros, where's they created a cloned body, and managed to draw out Rhode's killer personality into the body. He gave the body Eton-Hated, and released him from the Confederacy, only to be killed by Sephiroth an hour later, who was actually hired by the sane-Rhode to take down his clone body. The grudge between Sephiroth and Rhode ended, and Rhode could continue to push his efforts to the Confederacy.

He currently resides in Neo Arcadia, needing to stay close to Taro as a body guard. He also befriended and protects Penny Little, a Child of Wrath whom Rhode has taken a personal interest in. Not so much as a father, or as a possible love relation, more rather, a very protective older brother and guardian.

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