Rena Sayers
Rena (left) and her friends, Raquel and Shion

General Information

Full Name: Rena Sayers
Faction: Union
Rank: 1-Ensign
Function: Meister Otome
Series: Mai-Otome Sifr-1
Species: Human

"Everyone. I'm sorry, but please bear with me. If you look away, you'll die."

Profile: Otome are young women of great power who carry the burden of the forgotten technology that nearly destroyed the world. They represent the measureable military strength of a nation. Rena Sayers is one of those women. Not only that, she is one of the most powerful Otome to be seen since the time of the very first. Having graduated from the Otome academy of Garderobe, Rena has admirably served the Windbloom royal family, as their Meister Otome, for several years. The contract established between herself and her master connects their lifeforces, giving Rena the power to fight. The robes provided by her GEMs give her incredible speed, strength and the ability to survive powerful attacks and to counter in kind. Cautious of the power she wields, Rena is a force to be reckoned with when she is forced to unleash it. To those she likes Rena is a kind, friendly, loyal person. She is willing to sacrifice herself to save another. To those she doesn't like Rena is a serious and dangerous threat. Though only in dire situations does she seek the death of another.


Artemis partially materializes to protect Rena

Otome, women of great power. Trained at the school known as Garderobe Academy, they represent the military strength of the world's nations. Using the considerable power provided by their GEMs, Otome are taught both to serve and fight for their masters. Rena Sayers is one such woman… More than that, she is one of the most powerful to ever live. Like most other Otome, nanomachines flow through Rena's body. They access Rena's magical abilities, allowing her to bring them forth in order to fight. In addition to being an Otome's main source of power, they also provide a variety of other functions, such as increased speed and strength, regeneration and protection from biological contaminants.

Since entering the Multiverse and joining Mobile Section Six, Rena has learned to adapt her magic as an Otome to make her attacks non-lethal.


Not only is Rena an Otome, but she is also a true HiME. The legend of the HiME goes back several centuries, most of the information about them lost to war and time. What is known is that they were not unlike Otome, using their great ability with magic to fight. However, where the Otome require the GEMs and nanomachines to access their power, the HiME were able to do so on their own. No HiME has been seen in over three hundred years, until Rena was revealed to be one.

The final proof of Rena's power as a HiME comes from her Child. A Child is a creature summoned by a HiME to fight for her. While Rena has yet to learn how to consciously summon her Child, named Artemis, she can tap into Artemis' power in order to enhance her own abilities as an Otome. Artemis has also proven to come to Rena's aid when she is unable to protect herself, even going so far as to attack Rena's enemies to keep them distracted until Rena can recover.

Rena's Crimson Robe

GEMs & Robes

GEMs are small devices, appearing as a gem worn on an Otome's ear, called Lost Technology. They are named as such because the technology they use is beyond the full understanding of anyone currently alive. Most of the information about Lost Technologies, how to build them, how to use them, was destroyed during the War of the Twelve Kings. It is these devices which allow an Otome to access her power. They control the nanomachines in the Otome's body, making them perform the necessary tasks to follow their user's mental commands. Part of their function is to direct the nanomachines to create an armored suit for their user. Known as Robes, they provide a considerable amount of protection for an Otome. Additionally, they give their user the ability to fly, increase their speed considerably, and also contain built-in weapons in the shape of ribbons.

Rena is unique, in that she is one of the only known Otome to wear two GEMs at once. The first is the Lofty Crimson Jade. Given to Rena as she graduated from Garderobe Academy, this GEM is the property of the Windbloom Royal Family. Being the greatest Otome in the academy at the time, Rena was chosen to be the Meister Otome of the current King of Windbloom. With Bruce Blan de Windbloom II as her master, it was believed that the Lofty Crimson Jade, as a Meister GEM, would be able to withstand Rena's great power. Unfortunately it did not.

During Rena's initial confrontation with the combat android known as M-9, Rena was forced to push her powers beyond the Lofty Crimson Jade's abilities to handle. Towards the end of the fight, Rena's Robe began to fail as her GEM started to overload. During Rena's final attack against M-9, the Lofty Crimson Jade cracked, leaving Rena vulnerable with her Otome powers gone. However, with the help of another version of Garderobe, the Lofty Crimson Jade was repaired and returned to Rena to act as a secondary GEM.

Rena's Sapphire Robe

Rena's primary GEM is the Blue Sky Sapphire. Given to Rena by her mother while the Lofty Crimson Jade was broken, it allowed Rena to regain her power as an Otome and fight again. The Blue Sky Sapphire is a Super Meister GEM. More powerful than the normal Meister GEMs (such as the Lofty Crimson Jade) it is capable of withstanding Rena's full power. It is also one of the only Super Meister GEMs known to still exist (the Pure White Diamond having been recently discovered). Where the Lofty Crimson Jade is focused towards defense through a high ability to take damage, the Blue Sky Sapphire is a more balanced GEM, providing Rena with increased speed and offensive power, at a loss of damage endurance.

Once again proving Rena's uniqueness as an Otome, Rena's Blue Sky Sapphire has an additional Robe. It was initially discovered during her fight against four of the five Columns (Garderobe's high ranking Otome), Rena can use her power as a HiME to alter the GEM's original Robe. By calling upon Artemis' power, Rena can either alter her existing Sapphire Robe, or materialize the new Robe without authorization from her master (a feat no other Otome can match). Rena's Artemis Robe is the ultimate form of her power and is used sparingly. Using the incredible speed of the Robe, Rena was able to defeat the four Columns in less than a minute, while receiving no hits. The sheer destructive power of the Robe is also unmatched by any of the others Rena uses.

Rena uses her Artemis Robe to block the attacks of two Columns without moving an inch


Where an Otome's Robes represent the majority of their defensive power, the offensive power comes from their Elements. Elements are the unique weapons connected to each Meister GEM and are stored in a subspace pocket until called for by the Otome. The majority of GEMs only have the one Element, but the rarest of them are known to have more. Naturally, the Blue Sky Sapphire is one example of this. Some Elements have also shown the ability to alter their size, sometimes even changing their entire function during the change.

Lofty Crimson Jade

The Lofty Crimson Jade has just the one element, though considering the huge difference between its sizes, it is often referred to as two. Known as the Crimson Fang (or Crimson Fangs when talking of both), the Lofty Crimson Jade's Element is an exotic bow in its smaller, personal form. When its bowstring is pulled, an arrow made entirely of energy appears, ready to be fired. If wished, additional arrows can be summoned around the Element in order to launch a large volley in one shot.

The Crimson Fang's large form

When the Crimson Fang is altered to its much larger size, it turns into an exotic lance that dwarfs Rena considerably. Its most dangerous use is during a head-on charge, where Rena unleashes all the thrust her Robe can provide to launch herself forward. Gathering energy into the weapon, the result explosion can be devastating. When used again the M-9 android, their combined attacks result in a massive blast of light that lit up the sky for miles.

Blue Sky Sapphire

As mentioned, the Blue Sky Sapphire is one of those GEMs which has more than one Element. The first is known as the Fang of the Blue Sky. This dual-bladed blue crystal lance has both a small personal size and a much larger size. In its smaller size, the weapon is agile and quick, often used for brief cuts or stabs and to parry an opponent's weapon. Combined with Rena's ability to create duplicates of herself, it can be used for devastating flurries and combos.

The Fang of the Blue Sky's large form

In its larger form, the Fang of the Blue Sky is a considerably heavy weapon. Its large crystal blades weigh more than several cars and yet Rena can still swing the weapon with ease. But in this form the Element is best used in a full on charge. Much like the Crimson Fang, the Fang of the Blue Sky is capable of being charged with energy for highly explosive results.

The Blue Sky Sapphire's second Element is known as the Claymore of Akatsuki. In its personal form, Akatsuki is a large weapon, its blue crystal blade more solid than the Fang of the Blue Sky. While Rena's Otome strength allows her to wield Akatsuki more freely than one might expect from a claymore, it still remains a heavy weapon and so is used for slower, strong strike, and as a shield against attacks.

However, the Claymore of Akatsuki's true power lies in its larger form. While the Fang of the Blue Sky is certainly large, it is nothing compared to Akatsuki. The Element is so massive that wielding it at her normal size is effectively a practical impossibility for Rena. In order to wield Akatsuki successfully, Rena uses her Robe's ability to create duplicates to make one that is much larger than her and more on scale with Akatsuki. Wielding the massive weapon, Rena has been known to cut through huge asteroids with one swing.

The Claymore of Akatsuki's large form

Persons of Note

Sifr Blan de Windbloom

Known as Sifr Fran for most of her life, she was nothing but a regular schoolgirl… That is until she met Rena. When the two first met, Sifr had just been kidnapped by the organisation known as Schwarz. She was quickly rescued by Rena and her then master, Bruce Blan de Windbloom II. Though at the time, Sifr was not aware of either of their true identities. Tasked with protecting the young girl, Rena quickly became good friends with Sifr. Unfortunately this just made things difficult when Schwarz once again kidnapped her, this time with more success. Separated from Rena and the others, Sifr learned the truth of her heritage. She was a Princess of Windbloom.

The events that followed were stressful for Sifr. Schwarz attempted to use her unique ability, an ability to reactive Lost Technology that only existed in those born into the Windbloom Royal Line, in order to kill thousands and start a war. Thankfully, Rena was able to stop Schwarz and rescue Sifr with help from Union. The subsequent encounter with and attempted murder by the four Columns opened Sifr's eyes to her destiny as a Princess of Windbloom.

Rena and Sifr leave for a new adventure!

After being welcomed into the Windbloom Royal Family, Sifr was assigned as Windbloom's representative to the Union. There Rena joined her as her Meister Otome and the two have been together ever since. Sifr has joined Rena on most missions that they've performed for the Union. Feeling helpless in those situations, Sifr has since begun training with Mobile Section Six as a field information support officer.

Bruce Blan de Windbloom II

Rena's first master as a Meister Otome, Bruce Blan de Windbloom II is the current King of the Kingdom of Windbloom. For over two years, Rena served Bruce as his protector. While one might call them good friends, they always maintained a relatively professional relationship as master and Otome. Bruce isn't your typical King and is instead more down to earth than your average royal. He often confesses his disinterest in politics, though he understands their necessity and his role in them.

Bruce is known for taking off on adventures, leaving the capital city of Windbloom to perform missions of vital importance for his Kingdom. When the young Sifr was captured by Schwarz, he led the rescue, facing down a group of them and participating in a firefight on the roof of a fast moving train. Even without Rena there to protect him, he continued the chase for Schwarz and Sifr, once again confronting them in an attempt to save Sifr and prevent Schwarz from achieving their goals.

Bruce in his awesome disguise

Now that Rena has become Sifr's Meister Otome, Bruce has found himself forced to stay in Windbloom, performing his duties as King. However, he has found that said duties are not as boring as he once believed, now that Windbloom is an ally of the Union and exists in a world as diverse, and dangerous, as the Multiverse.

Arika Yumemiya

Rena was surprised to find out she had a daughter, despite never getting pregnant or giving birth. However, soon after learning about who Arika was, Rena quickly became fond of the daughter from her future. Despite being still so young, and being essentially the same age as her daughter, Rena has accepted the role as Arika's mother and has taken to it quite well. She feels very protective of Arika and has been known to confront those who cause her serious harm.

Miyu (Merciful Intelligential Yggdrasil Unit)

Miyu and Alyssa

An android who has lived for a very, very long time, Miyu is a long time friend and mysterious protector of Rena. She has been keeping an eye on Rena's family line going back for centuries. Miyu spends most of her time wandering the world, watching and only occasionally participating in events. She is also never seen without her travelling companion, the small yellow bird named Alyssa. Whenever Rena asks about Miyu's past, or her reasons for looking after Rena, Miyu either changes the subject, or just doesn't respond. Though every now and then, Rena catches Miyu looking at her with an expression on her face that Rena just can't identify.

As a combat android, Miyu is particularly powerful, to the point that she can face off against and defeat most Otome. She has a wide variety of weapons built into her android body, and is capable of switching them out for others. She has also proven to contain detailed knowledge about the world's history and the Lost Technologies, particularly those relating to Otome. However, she is extremely reluctant to reveal the information, unless it will prove to help Rena.


At the time of Rena Sayer's birth, the world of Earl was rather bleak. The Dragon King War was reaching its final stages. Various countries were feeling the effects of the war, towns were lacking in needed supplies, and many, many people had died.

One of those killed during the final skirmishes of the war was Rena's father. At a very young age, Rena did not have the chance to know her father. All she knew is that she was deprived of that opportunity because of the war.

The loss of her father during the war became the driving force for Rena to enter Garderobe. She wished to become an Otome so that she could help prevent anyone else from feeling the pain she had. Rena was unaware of exactly what an Otome represented, something her mother knew quite well. This created friction between the two as Rena's mother opposed her wishes to enter the Garderobe Academy and become an Otome. Rena ignored her mother's warnings, leaving her home town to travel to the city of Windbloom.

Passing the entrance exams with flying colours, Rena proceeded to quickly rise through the ranks of the Corals. Early on in her courses, Rena was flagged as the number one Coral in Garderobe, easily out-classing the next in line. At just three months Rena broke her Coral GEM during a training exercise. Up until this point, such an event had never occured within the Academy. Rena was not initially aware of this, believing the event to be common.

As the months passed, Rena's power continued to grow considerably. As it did, she began to notice that her birthmark, which had initially been quite faint, was getting darker. Rena was breaking many of the school's previous records. She was also starting to become aware of just how unusual she was. The power she was displaying was practically unheard of for someone at her level of training.

On passing into the Pearl ranks, Rena was immediately chosen as the leader of the new Trias, the student governing council. It was there that she really established her relationship with her two closest friends. The first, Elliot, who would later become one of the five Columns, was Pearl number two. The second was Raquel, who was Pearl number three. Both served on the Trias alongside Rena, with all three quickly becoming best friends.

As Rena's power continued to grow… As she continued to break school records… And as she continued to notice not only her fellow students, but also her teachers, treating her oddly… She began to fear the power that she was displaying. Her studies had taught her about the wars, where Otome once friends were forced to fight and even kill each other. She was quickly becoming aware of just what being an Otome meant… And she didn't like it.

Rena had considered leaving Garderobe, turning away from the path of an Otome and the responsibility of all that power. And the fear of it all. But Rena was even more afraid of what would happen to her should she not learn to fully control her power. Great power is a great responsibility, while great power in the hands of someone untrained is a great disaster waiting to happen. So Rena attempted to bury her fears and focus on her training.

Finally the Pearl graduation arrived. Rena was already strong enough to hold her own one on one against a Column. There was even talk that Rena herself would become one, but as it was there were already five Columns. However, rumours spread that a new Meister Otome would be chosen for the Windbloom Royal Family. When the rumours proved true, there was no surprise when Rena was chosen for the position. Bruce Blan de Windbloom the second himself annouced the choice at the graduation ceremony, where he also presented Rena with her Meister GEM, the Lofty Crimson Jade, and formed the contract with her.

Ever cautious of her own power, Rena now found herself rather busy. Being an actual Meister Otome was nothing like being in Garderobe. Her duties were split between protecting her master and performing missions for him. The world was still at peace, recovering from the Dragon King War still. While there were several matters that required the attention of Rena and her master, Rena spent most of her time in the city of Windbloom, serving her master without the need to fight. Rena was grateful for this.

As the years passed, Rena noticed that her power was still growing. During training sessions she began to feel restricted, as if something was holding her back. Her birthmark was still getting darker; it was much more noticeable than it had been in the past. But Rena pushed the strange feelings aside and focused on her duties as a Meister Otome.

At twenty years old, Rena proceeded with her master on a mission to retrieve Sifr Fran. Rena was briefed about the girl's true identity and that there may be outside forces seeking her. This turned out to be true, as they quickly received word that Sifr had been kidnapped. Moving to rescue her, it was at this time that they first discovered their world had unified with the Multiverse.

Their first encounter with Multiverse elites came during the attempt to rescue Sifr Fran. The mission was a success and they whisked the girl away to a desert resort until they could get her back to Windbloom. The next day, something incredible happened. Rena's Lofty Crimson Jade GEM overloaded, breaking. During a rather stressful moment when Sifr's life was in jeopardy, Rena pushed herself to her limit. It was a limit that the Meister GEM couldn't handle. Never before had a Meister GEM overloaded as Rena's did. Thankfully the damage was not permanent, but it did reveal a distinct flaw in the GEM. It also increased Rena's concern about her power. It was clear that it was reaching levels that had not been seen since the first Otome.

Despite Rena's attempts the faction known as Schwarz, led by the mysterious Smith, managed to capture Sifr. Attempts to rescue her again failed. Rena was beginning to realize that the flaw in her GEM may very well cost Sifr her freedom, as well as start a new war on Earl. However, in a very convenient twist, Rena's friend Miyu presented her with the Blue Sky Sapphire GEM. A Super Meister GEM, it was the only one that could fully unleash Rena's power. Having gone missing for quite some time, the GEM had found its way into the hands of Rena's mother. Along with the GEM was a note from Rena's mother, who had been keeping an eye on Rena thanks to Miyu. In the letter she told Rena about how proud she was, how she wished to see Rena again, and how she hoped that the Blue Sky Sapphire GEM would protect her until that day.

With the ability to now fully unleash her power, Rena pushed away her concern. Using the Blue Sky Sapphire, and with help from the Union, Rena was able to stop Schwarz's plans and assist in Sifr's rescue. Unfortunately, that was not the end. Four of the five Columns ambushed the group with the intent to kill Sifr. Unwilling to let them harm her new friend, Rena fully realized her potential as a true HiME. She unleashed her child, Artemis, and proceeded to overwhelm the four Columns in an incredible display of power.

After these events it was decided that Rena would take up a new master, Sifr, in order to protect her as the new Princess of Windbloom. Bruce Blan de Windbloom the second also annouched that Windbloom would follow in the footsteps of its twin sister city and form an alliance with the Union.

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