Rena (Retired)

General Information

Rena is a dothacker, Heavy Blade, and Pokemon Trainer with the Union.


Full Name: Rena Kunisaki
Faction: Union
Rank: Ally
Function: Heavy Blade
Series: dothack-1
Species: Digital Being

"A hero is someone who will risk everything to protect what he or she loves!"

Profile: As a member of the Multiverse, Rena Kunisaki was a happy go lucky teen who believed in saving the world (both of them, as she knows is.) She is still the energetic, fiercely protective young woman she was, and she still believes that there are heroes out there - they just have to be found. A Heavy Blade member of The World, and a digital being, Rena is in the last form she ever inhabitied, which is her version of BlackRose's outfit. However, over her time in the Multiverse, Rena's acquired new tricks and hints that keep her safe and alive in the world.

Vital Statistics

** Age:** Multiversial time differences make this a wonky factor for Rena because she is a game avatar. Mature-wise, she's more like 18-19 years old, but SHE LOOKS like she's 15-16.
** Gender:** Female
** Height:** 5'5 (roughly)
** Weight:** Not Telling

Major NPCs

  • Nera - Nera is a digital being created to be used by Rena only in the World. Capable of feeling emotions, Nera lacks the ability to form outside of the The World


  • Armor - Rena's armor is a version of Blackrose's- therefore, it is very special (if skimpy!)
  • Heavy Blade - Rena is a Heavy Blade in The World- that is, she bears/wields a two-handed sword.
  • Pokemon Gear - This is Rena's PokeDex, PokeBalls, and so forth.
  • Pokemon - She currently only has one. Pichu.

Skills and Abilities

  • SKILLS AND MAGIC: Rena can use a large list of different attack skills and up to the third tier of magic abilities including elemental attacks, buffs/debuffs, healing spells, and some formidable summons. The skills she uses are granted by her equipment, so in order to change what skills she can use and his role in combat, she must change her equipment which takes a single turn in the combat system.
  • HEAVY BLADE: Rena is character data from an online game, not a being of flesh and blood. She can travel through computer networks as a program/avatar and inhabit the digital world, or leave the digital world and manifest in the real world with a body that looks, feels, and acts just like an adult human's with an astounding capacity for great physical feats. She is a Heavy Blade, wielding a sword larger than she is while wearing heavy armor, thus making her monstrously strong and able to take a good hit and keep moving, but, not very fast. She's been playing hard, and has reached level 99 at this point.
  • EQUIPMENT: Rena has an inventory for item storage that only she can access, which acts like a sort of subspace, or hammerspace if you care to call it that. She typically has a few sets of combat equipment and a decent supply of restorative and magic attack spell scrolls from The World with her, but it can also store simple things like food.
  • POKEMON TRAINER: As a Pokemon Trainer, Rena has the right to use the gear and equipment that comes with the Post- her Pokemon fight with her, train with her, and learn with her. All she currently has is a Pichu.
  • MARTIAL ARTS: Although not exactly up to black belt levels, Rena has been practicing hard (and in private) on her martial arts skills. She can't take someone out, but she can knock them around a bit in battle.


**Goggles: Both teacher and student, friend, and confidante, Goggles is one of the only non-real dothackers or non-Pokemon people that know her talents and where they lie. Rumors have it on both ends that the relationship is more than teacher/student, but Rena surprisingly hasn't wanted to give into the rumors… or squash them, so who really knows?


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